Thor Costumes

The god of thunder is ready to strike! There are lots of fun styles for you to choose from when you shop in this collection of Thor Costumes, including the Incredible Hulk, as well as fun accessories and great costume looks to help make your next Halloween costume party or night of trick-or-treating perfect!

Thor Costume Ideas

Son of Odin. Crown Prince of Asgard. Norse God of Thunder and Lightning. These are just a few of the many monikers bestowed upon you. But well you know your identity lies in your true name: Thor Odinson. With your long golden locks and blue Norwegian eyes, you are one of the mightiest warriors in this realm or any other. With strength, compassion and a pure heart, you lead your fellow Avengers into battle with your trusted hammer, Mjolnir, by your side. As you don these costumes, go forth and forever promote good and justice on this mortal planet.

Choose Your Fashion

Avengers 2 Style

Look like the Norse god himself from head to toe in the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Deluxe Adult Thor Costume. This new and improved version includes the muscle chest top, pants with attached boot tops and cape. Is that a cyborg? Nope. Just 640 lbs. of Asgardian goodness.

“We welcome you…to the ranks of the Avengers!” Thor, spoken to Captain America

Avengers Assemble Style

You don’t have to be six and a half feet tall to summon the mighty Avengers, especially when you’re rocking this Avengers Assemble Deluxe Thor Kids Costume. With the detailed jumpsuit, red cape and classic Thor headpiece, your epic crime-fighting crew is just a lightning strike away.

“Avengers! Assemble!!” –Thor


If the quintessential Marvel Thor look is your cup of Nordic tea, look no further than the Classic Marvel Deluxe Thor Costume. This bad boy comes complete with a molded jumpsuit, red cape and a whole lot of attitude. Buyer beware: You WILL be mistaken for the God of Thunder.

“For the love of Asgard!” – Thor


Defend the planet like a true Asgardian with THIS. The Avengers Thor Classic Muscle Chest Toddler Costume includes a sculpted full-body super suit and ruby-red cape. Show off your superhero spirit with these superhero muscles.

“By the will of the gods, I am alive! I am invincible! I am – Thor!” –Thor

Group Costume Ideas

Thor, a colossal Norse warrior, may be able to handle almost any enemy that dare cross his path. However, even he knows his strength and powers have limits. As an original member of the Avengers, Thor keeps very careful company knowing they can do more together than one superhero can do alone. Black Widow, Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Captain America and many others are perfect complements to Thor and his mighty hammer, Mjolnir. Peruse these pages to find the right combination for your next costumed outing and take the mortal realm by storm!

Friend and Couples Costumes

Adult Thor and Adult Ultron

What’s better than one Thor? Two Thors! Mixing up the classic Avengers Thor with the new Age of Ultron Thor is an awesome way to tell your friends that NOBODY loves the Avengers like you two. Join the old and the new with this powerful duo.

Bring the battle for the World to the party with these two costumes. Shake the walls with your strength as Thor. Or use your endless drones and superior intellect to bring destruction to everyone that tries to stop you from saving the World as Ultron.

Adult Thor and Adult Black Widow

This combo is the ultimate pairing of brains and brawn. Thor’s unearthly strength and Black Widow’s wit and sly spy intelligence make them an absolute force to be reckoned with. She’s a Russian beauty and he’s a Norse beast. No one would dare tango with this dynamic duo.

Kids' Thor and Kids' Hulk Costume

I hope you cleared the way because a wrecking crew is about to come through. The Kids' Thor and Kids' Hulk costume form a pair almost TOO mighty and strong for our own mortal good. These little giants are sure to make a big splash.

 Kid Thor and Captain America Dog Costume

Thor and Captain America represent the very best of the human and superhuman realms. Strength, leadership, courage and honor are traits these super studs carry in spades. In the Kid Thor and Captain America Dog Costume combo, your two favorites will have a one-way ticket to neighborhood fame!

Essential Features of the Outfit

1. Helmet –Thor’s long golden locks, though magnificent, cannot protect his noggin from his enemy’s advances. His helmet has been a staple of his costume since the very beginning.

2. Armor Suit – Thor’s incredible strength, endurance, and resistance to injury are his greatest superhuman assets. Though his skin and bones are dense enough to protect him from the slings and arrows of our realm, his armor suit protects him against those of his realm.

3. Cape – Does Thor need his flowing red cape to fight? Probably not. But does it help him fly back and forth to Asgard and look awesome in the process? You bet it does.

4. Hammer – The mighty hammer, Mjolnir, is the essence of Thor. His power, humility, and his entire story are inextricably tied to Mjolnir.

5. Boots – When you weigh in at 640 lbs., you need to make sure you’ve got some sturdy footwear underneath you.

Ultimate Costume

Some people cut corners when preparing a costume. Some draw a star on a t-shirt and say they’re Captain America. Others will tape some plastic knives to the backs of their hands and say they’re Wolverine.

But that’s not you. You want to make a statement.

If you really want to impress, then look no further. The Avengers Thor Elite Adult Costume is an officially licensed Marvel Avengers costume with the essentials you need to embody the Norse warrior. A detailed jumpsuit will have you looking like you just came down from Asgard to hang out with the lowly earth-dwellers. The highly detailed molded vinyl chest armor will have you looking as buff and tough and the god of thunder and lightning himself. And though we can’t guarantee it, with the signature red cape and molded gauntlets you might ACTUALLY be able to fight the evil nemesis S.H.I.E.L.D. and save the earth from almost certain peril.

Enhance Your Style

Here at BuyCostumes, we live by many mottos and hold many truths. But there’s only one saying that resonates most when putting a costume together: the devil is in the details. The key to pulling off a great costume, aside from a great character voice, lies in the right accessories. And we’ve got the gear to rocket your Thor look from here to Asgard.

1.The Wig - Though from a different realm, Thor was born here on Earth. This blonde Thor wig is sure to give you that trademark Norwegian flare.

2. The Hammer –Thor’s father, Odin, charged the elves of Asgard to forge the mighty hammer, Mjolnir. It is through this hammer that you can exercise your super powers, making it an essential accessory to your Thor costume.

3.Boots – Zipping around the galaxy requires a solid set of boots. In these bad boys, there is no foe too formidable.

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