Toy Story Costumes

Help them become wonderful colorful creations when you shop for looks from this fine collection of amazing Toy Story Costumes! They – and yourself as well – can become classic characters like Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie, and more for your next night of trick-or-treating, or going to fun costume parties! 

Toy Story Costume Ideas

Toy Story is revered as one of Disney's and Pixar’s best film franchises of all time. It showed everyone the secret lives toys lead when no one is watching, and it quickly became a hit for both children and adults. The movies follow the adventures of Woody, Buzz Lightyear and other toys as they get separated from Andy, their owner, and search for their way back home. The stories of Andy’s toys touched a special place in people’s hearts, reminding them of the incredible bond children have with their toys and making them nostalgic for their own childhood companions. Even though the first Toy Story movie came out over two decades ago, its characters have remained popular and continue to be some of Disney’s and Pixar’s finest creations. Because Toy Story has maintained its status as a cultural phenomenon, you’ll be instantly recognizable when you arrive to your next party in one of the Toy Story outfits from BuyCostumes.

Which One of Andy's Toys is Your Favorite?

Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear stole the show as everyone’s favorite space ranger on a mission to protect the galaxy from the evil Emperor Zurg. He may been in denial at first about his true nature as a toy, but he learned to accept it and became Woody’s best friend and second-in-command. With the Buzz Lightyear Prestige Adult Costume, you’ll be well on your way to infinity and beyond.

“I’m Buzz Lightyear. I come in peace.”


He’s the rootinest, tootinest cowboy in the wild, wild west and the loyal leader of Andy’s toys. He also holds the coveted spot as Andy’s very favorite toy. Complete with Woody’s famous hat, red handkerchief and attached boot covers, the Woody Deluxe Adult Costume has everything you need to transform into Toy Story’s beloved sheriff for your next party.

“There’s a snake in my boot!”


An original member of Woody’s Roundup, Jessie is the rambunctious yodeling cowgirl who helps Woody save the day in Toy Story 2. The Glam Jessie Costume includes a dress, attached petticoat, collar, belt and a pair of gauntlets to give you a truly rocking cowgirl look. Strap on a pair of boots and a hat, and you’ll be sure to turn heads in this outfit.


Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

Dressed as Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head, you won’t only be embodying characters from Toy Story. You’ll also be one of the most famous toys in history. The ensemble comes with a brown tunic to give you the proper potato shape and detachable body parts to arrange however you like, just like the real Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head toys.

“You’ve gotta keep ‘em together ‘cause they’re madly in love.”

Group Costumes

Toy Story Woody and Jessie Family Group 

Disney and Pixar movies are always a great source of inspiration when searching for a group costume theme that the whole family can participate in and enjoy. Loved by both adults and children, Toy Story is the perfect theme choice for your family’s event, whether it's a birthday, holiday or other special occasion. With BuyCostumes’s collection of Woody and Jessie outfits, you and your family can create your own version of Woody’s Roundup. The costumes are available in all sizes and for all ages so every member of your family can have a rootin’ tootin’ time as their favorite Toy Story characters. Adults can channel their inner cowboy or cowgirl with the Woody Deluxe or Glam Jessie costumes, and the little ones can choose from Jessie Deluxe Toddler, Woody Classic Toddler, Woody Infant and more. With selections perfect for everyone, your family can giddyup to the next event in style.

Woody and Buzz

A space ranger and a cowboy may seem like an odd combination, but that didn’t stop Toy Story’s main characters from becoming best buds. As a team, Woody and Buzz are an unbeatable force and are always prepared to save the day. The two have become one of cinema’s most iconic friendships, making them the perfect dynamic duo for best friends or brothers to imitate at a party.

Jessie and Woody

Cowgirl and cowboy costumes have always been popular choices for couples, but you don’t want to be just any cowgirl and cowboy. With the Woody and Jessie costumes, you and your partner will be an instant hit as Toy Story’s loyal sheriff and yee-hawing cowgirl. Saddle up and get ready to have the rootinest, tootinest time at your special event.

Mom Jessie and Baby Jessie

You and your daughter will be the center of attention when you arrive to the party in these matching Jessie costumes from BuyCostumes. Known for her energetic, lovable spirit, Toy Story’s yodeling cowgirl is the perfect costume inspiration for you and your bouncing bundle of joy.

Enhance Your Style

With accessories from BuyCostumes, you can take your child’s Buzz Lightyear costume to infinity and beyond. Start with the Buzz Lightyear Jet Pack, an essential accessory for every space ranger. With Buzz’s signature purple retractable wings strapped on, your child will be prepared to fly through space and protect the galaxy from Emperor Zurg and his evil minions. Next, add the Buzz Lightyear Child Gloves. The gloves allow Buzz to contact Star Command and receive details for his next mission. They also contain his famous red laser weapon, which is the best line of defense against Emperor Zurg. Finally, top off the look with black boots, and your child will become Buzz Lightyear from head to toe. With the complete costume and accessories, your child will be more than excited to jet off to the party and show guests his cool space gear. He’ll never forget the time he got to be the infamous Buzz Lightyear, and you’ll never forget how happy it made him.

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