Ugly Sweaters & Suit Costumes

Ugly Sweaters & Suits Costume Ideas

Ugly sweaters. They used to be a simple mistake or an embarrassing present from your unfashionable grandmother — something to be tucked away in the closet and taken out only when it came time to donate a pile of clothes. Now we look forward to ugly sweater parties every holiday season, and those hideously cheesy designs are a badge of honor. 

The uglier the better, and boy, do we have some ugly ones for you to celebrate in this holiday season. No matter how bad your sense of style is, it’s sure to get worse with our help; you'll no doubt have people wondering how any sane person could come up with such a design! The irony of these festive knits isn’t just for the adults, either. We’ve got absurd designs for teenagers, kids and even the baby. So instead of spending hours driving around town to scope out the musty thrift stores, settle in with a mug of eggnog, click around and do all of your ugly sweater shopping for the season with us.

Types of Ugly Sweaters & Suits

Light-Up Sweater

In the digital age, you expect your sweater to do more than just keep you warm. That’s what we thought, too, and what says high-tech like a light-up sweater? The colorful ornaments matched with the lights will make you look like the ugliest Christmas tree on the block.

Light-Up Fireplace

Install the latest update on the ugly sweater scene with this snazzy Christmas number. The unique front pocket fits iPhones and Android phones alike. Download the knit fire app, set it to play and you’ll have an animated fire crackling in your sweater. Cheesier than it is warm, this fire will melt even a scrooge’s heart.

Ugly Cardigan

Ugly winter wear comes in many various forms. From the ugly sweater come’s the ugly cardigan. This ugly cardigan with tie shirt is sure to be in the running for one of the ugliest Christmas looks this year. Decorated with pictures of gingerbread houses, robins and peppermint canes, this outfit puts the “aw” in “awful.”

Winter Penguin

These penguins can make even make even the ugliest sweaters look cute. Featuring penguins dressed up in their little Santa hats and set against a cool blue background, this sweater isn’t exactly a fashion statement. With its form-fitted cut and soft feel, though, you just might look so good that no one will consider it an ugly sweater!

Hanukkah Sweater

Who says only Christmas-themed sweaters can be ugly? Expand the possibilities of blundering knitted fashion with this Hanukkah sweater. The dual dreidels will have every one shouting “Gimel!” Suit up and get ready to bring an extra bottle of Manishewitz and a warm mazel tov to your next holiday party!  

Jingle Hell

Nothing expresses your lack of holiday cheer like the fazed face of this bummed-out cat. “Humbug” is such an outdated expression. This wearable meme lets others know how you feel and will get plenty of laughs along the way. Looks like you’re going to need a few extra glasses of eggnog to get through this evening.

DIY Ugly Sweater

Have you spent hours shuffling through the racks, trying to find the perfect ugly sweater to no avail? If so, then it might be time that you strike out on your own to make your own sweater. Full of holiday cheesiness, these six Christmas-themed characters will make the most boring sweater into an ugly masterpiece.

Toddler Cardigan

Kids don’t want to be left out of the fun, and ugly sweater parties are no exception. If Aunt Martha didn’t deliver one of her knitted masterpieces, this hideously designed cardigan will keep your little guy warm and looking ridiculous, just like his parents!

Baby Ugly Sweater

If you don’t think your little one can get any cuter, you haven’t seen him in this ugly-sweater-style romper yet. Posed for the family Christmas picture, he'll love being part of a family tradition. Start making those ugly holiday memories early with this unforgettable romper.

Dog Sweater

Even though he eats anything that touches the floor, you consider your pooch one of the family. As such, don’t you think he deserves an ugly sweater like everyone else gets to wear? He does, and we have it for you. This grotesque knit will turn your pet into an instant party favorite!

Ugly Sweater Group Costume Ideas

Christmas, a time for carols, church bells, huge roasts and family. Yes, yes, it’s all good and fun but maybe your family is cut from a slightly stranger cloth. If that’s the case, then we have the costumes and accessories to make your holiday traditions feel a little more, well, strange. Sure, there are the ugly sweater parties, and you'd better believe we have plenty of ugly sweaters for you. 

But if you’re looking to make things a little stranger, check out the Santa Morphsuit. This bizarre mock-up is light ages away from the plump, jolly man at the mall. In addition, we have plenty of odd Christmas costumes, including a bell-shaped dress, full-bodied Christmas tree and gift-box costumes, and even a whimsical elf. If you really want to impress high society, then we suggest the candy-cane suit. With so many options to choose from, you’ll be able to make this one a holiday for the books.

Friends & Couples Ugly Sweater Costume Ideas

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Nothing tells the world about the strong bond your family shares better than dressing up in ugly Christmas sweaters. Whether you’re off to a festive party or just stepping out to pick up some groceries, why not do it in one of these atrocious fashion statements? This is the kind of bonding the holidays are all about!

Ugly Sweater and Santa Suit

“Do you want to go out for a coffee?” “Sure, just let me put on my Santa suit.” Some variation of this conversation will happen regularly once you get our sweet Santa suit in the mail. And if your fella’s going out as the jolliest guy around, you had better match his cheer with a wonderfully ugly sweater.

Chanukah Sweater and Blue Santa Home

Add some of your personality to time-honored traditions with these unique twists on holiday classics. The amazing blue Santa suit is little more wild and a little more fun than the old-fashioned red suit every Santa at the mall is wearing. The menorah on the “Happy Chanukah” sweater lights up with 3 AA batteries.

Baby Sweater and Dog Sweater

Christmas is a time for all to celebrate, from the small to the furry. With this in mind, we’ve created the ultimate holiday wear for your little baby and your favorite canine friend. These sweaters are as ugly (maybe more so!) than the ones you and your friends will be wearing. A great way for everyone to join in on the fun!

Enhance Your Ugly Sweater Style

becoming quite the specimen with that light-up ugly sweater. But there’s more you can do. It’s all about the details, and those begin with the pants. 

We have the perfect, comfortable, ultra-square-looking pants to perfectly complement your sweater. Don’t be afraid to get a little sillier up top. For that, we have the Wally World hat, with protruding moose antlers, to perfectly express your attitude this holiday season. And for the final touch, who could go without a red foam Rudolph nose to help guide you through the festivities?

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