Vampire Costumes

When they knock, don't let them in! With this collection of Vampires Costumes, you and your children of the night can become classic Halloween characters that are perfect attending a spooky costume party, or gathering lots of great candy and treats out in the neighborhood! There are plenty of styles to choose from, and accessories to help your costume look perfect!

Vampire Costume Ideas

Terrifying vampire looks you can really sink your teeth into

Like the creatures themselves, the popularity of vampires is eternal. The word vampire dates back to the early 1700s, but notion of the blood-sucking nocturnal beings gained popularity with the release of Bram Stoker’s Dracula in 1897. Since then, vampires have remained one of society’s most beloved monsters, whether they’re residing in tall, spooky towers, battling werewolves or dealing with teen angst and a case of the sparkles at the local high school. Part of the popularity of vampires is their varied looks and wardrobes that provide the perfect mix of elegance and horror. At BuyCostumes, we have everything you need to create your own unique vampire persona that will keep the legend going for hundreds of years to come.

Choose Your Fashion


Of all the vampires who have ever stalked the living, none is more iconic than Dracula. From his home in Transylvania, the Prince of Darkness feasts on the living and battles Abraham Van Helsing. This costume features everything you need to make the Count rise again for any party. Just make sure you’re home by sunrise.

“I am Dracula.”

Vampiress of Versailles Elite Adult Costume

Ever wonder where the iconic female vampires are? Create your own with this amazing look. With the puffy shoulders, gray lace and black collar, you'll have everything you need to create your own legendary vampire look that mortals will write stories about for generations.

“Your body’s dying. Pay no attention, it happens to us all.”

Vampire of Versailles Elite Adult Costume

Step out into the night in the signature style vampires are known for with this one-of-a-kind look. The top hat, cane and suit will make you the most stylish undead nobleman at any event, whether you arrive by carriage or some more unspeakable means.

“Evilness is not the vampire itself but what the vampire makes of itself.”

Sexy Vampire Costume

Seduction is one of the vampire’s most dangerous weapons. Prove it with a look that will have mortals lining up to bare their necks as your willing sacrifice. This look is one people won’t forget if they live to be 100 or 1,000.

“Nothing beautiful can last forever.”

Dracula Jr. Costume

Unlife’s youngest bloodsuckers need a dashing look, too, and this costume certainly delivers. The sleeves, the cape, the dickie and the medallion—it has everything your child needs to truly become a creature of the night, at least until it’s time for you to pick them up.

“Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make.”

Girl’s Ombre Vampire Costume

Transylvania’s loveliest little ladies will look glamorous in this costume. This black Ombre dress and flared sleeves create a unique gothic elegance that's  perfect for those vampires who are just too adorable for hunters to pursue.

“Have you ever seen a vampire?”

Baron Von Bloodshed Costume

Looking for a more modern vampire look? Perhaps one that says dark night clubs instead of creepy castles, or roaring motorcycles instead of horse-drawn carriages? If so, the Baron Von Bloodshed costume is for you. This faux leather trench coat and vest will pair perfectly with your best motorcycle boots to bring new life to an old monster.

“For 600 years I have fed on your kind at will.”

Vampire Dog Costume

Classic vampires like Dracula had the ability to turn into a wolf whenever trouble drew near, so why not return the favor by turning your dog into a vampire. This costume is the perfect choice for turning any pooch into a creature of the night, and best of all, they already have the fangs.

“There are far worse things awaiting man than death.”

Group Costume Ideas

Vampire Family

The family that flies together stays together. Make your vampire exploits a family affair with these costumes from BuyCostumes. We have everything you need to put the fangs in your family and make events a horrifyingly good time. For the head vampire of the household, try our Male Gothic Vampire Elite costume. For his bloodless bride, the Vampiress of Versailles costume is perfect. Smaller vampires won’t be able to stay in their coffins if it means passing up the chance to wear our Gothic Vampire Elite Child, Gothic Vampira Elite Child, Miss Vampire Child or Vampire Toddler Boy costumes. And finally, turn man’s best friend into vampire’s best friend as well, with the Vampire Dog costume. Ghastly looks for the whole family are guaranteed, so get yours today before the sun rises.

Vampiress of Versailles and Vampire of Versailles

Who says monsters have to be all ghastly, full of muck and hideousness? Add a touch of style and elegance to your favorite creature feature with these couple’s costumes. The cane, the hat, the frills and the dress are all perfect for stepping out on the town and into some human’s nightmares.

Gothic Vampire Elite and Gothic Vampira Elite

No one does Goth better than vampires, and no one does Goth vampire costumes better than BuyCostumes. Our elite Gothic Vampire and Gothic Vampira costumes are the perfect couple's look for any pair looking to capture that iconic image. These costumes are a must for your next party, so long as your hosts remember to invite you in.

Gothic Vampira Elite Woman and Vampire Toddler Boy Costume

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and when it comes to vampires, who wants that apple anyway? Make vampirism a family affair with these mother and son costumes from BuyCostumes. You’ll both enjoy these great looks at any event; just don’t be surprised if your child’s newfound role as a vampire urges him to push for a later bedtime.

Vampire Child Girl and Vampire Dog Costume

This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase little monsters. This black dress and cape are sure to make any little girl feel like the vampire of their dreams, and the Vampire Dog costume makes your pet the perfect accessory to complete the look and share in the fun.

Essentials Features of the Outfit

The perfect vampire costume has several key components, without them you’re just another wannabe familiar. To truly be a creature of the night, you need:

·Fangs. It’s the bite that makes it right. Fangs are one of the most distinguishable features of the vampire, though your victims will never see them—until it’s too late.

·Cape with color. Whether you use your cape to conceal your transformation into a bat or block your face so humans focus on your mesmerizing eyes, the cape and color are essential tools of your vampiric trade.

·Vest with buttons. The oldest and wisest vampires still cherish the wardrobe that has served them well for centuries. The button-up vest is a perfect complement to your cape and wearable in any occasion.

·White shirt. Just because they call you a monster doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a clean look. Introduce a little sophistication into the fright with a nice clean white shirt. Keeping it clean as you hunt for blood may be more difficult than the hunt itself.

·Medallion. The vampire’s jewelry tells a story. Perhaps it is the key to your power, the token of some lost love, a memento or a grudge unforgotten. Whatever the medallion is to you, keep it close so you never forget.

Ultimate Costume – Vampiress of Versailles Costume

What makes the Vampiress of Versailles the ultimate vampire costume? It starts with the red and black collar and brooch, which shroud you in mystery and offer the distinctive fashion of the undead. The brooch tantalizes human curiosity—their first mistake. From there, your black velvet dress maintains the mystery, even if it does make your pale, bloodless skin look all the lighter. V-shaped inserts add a pop of contrast, however, and, go figure, they're red. That's your favorite color! Puffed sleeves and gray lace complete the look and give you a distinguished (perhaps eternal?) quality that other partygoers won’t be able to resist. Get to know them, and remember, it’s impolite to play with your food.

Enhance Your Style

Recreate the traditional vampire in your own image with costume accessories from BuyCostumes. If your hair is simply the wrong cut or color to match your vampire costume, our wigs are the perfect touch to complete the look from head to toe. Want to add a little more bite to your smile? We’ve got the big, long pearly whites you need for any evening feeding frenzy. Finally, if you find your look isn't just right, BuyCostumes vampire makeup accessories are just the ticket to get the right touch of color—or lack thereof—on your skin in no time at all.

Vampire Makeup Tutorial

If doing your makeup will be the undeath of you, we can help. BuyCostume’s Vampire Makeup Tutorial provides an easy step-by-step process for transforming yourself into a creature of the night. Set up your tools and follow along with each stage at your own pace. You’ll be as pleased by the results as your party guests are horrified by them.

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