Werewolf Costumes

Make your night of Halloween fun a little hairier this year when you take a look at the Werewolves Costumes you can see here! There are lots of fun accessories for the details, like gloves, wigs, nail kits, and more, and you can make everything from furry beasts to sultry outfits that are great for costume parties and more!

Werewolf Costume Ideas

HOWWWL! It doesn’t have to be a full moon for the werewolves to come out and play. These werewolf costumes will have everyone around you squealing in fear as the fur and fangs take over your otherwise sweet disposition. If the full moon tends to bring out a certain madness in your personality, a werewolf costume just might be the right choice for you.

Prowl the peaceful streets in search of your next unsuspecting prey or simply wait in the woods for Little Red Riding Hood to come merrily along. Whatever your hunting style, you’ll find a werewolf costume to perfectly fit your needs. Mom, Dad and even the kids can all tap into their scary side and let their inner beast spread to their outward appearance, so let the spooky metamorphosis begin. Watch out world, the wolves are running and they are on the prowl!

Types of Werewolf Costumes

Classic Werewolf

With a ragged plaid shirt and long, pointy claws, this brown werewolf will chase you up a tree. But you won’t be safe there because he can climb trees, too. He’ll be scaring little kids on the way to the party before he wins the costume contest and becomes the coolest canine on the block. But wait, is it really a costume? HOWWWL!

“Every time the moon shines, I become alive.”

Child Werewolf

The full moon may be pretty as it lights up the dark, night sky, but watch out for that vicious werewolf behind you! The full moon signals to this frightening mythical beast that it's time to come out of hiding, but once he transforms, there’s no telling when and where he might strike! He may not be a teen wolf or a full Wolfman just yet, but listen to his howl and it will send a chill up and down your spine.

“In a dream I was a werewolf.”

Grey Child Werewolf

With a fierce, growling muzzle, this hungry werewolf shows off his innovative style! Plaid is in right now and his terrifying rips and tears make him even more fashionable. Curved claws and a swaggering stride make this guy a scary sight to see. He’ll prowl the streets in search of prey, or candy, whichever he can get his claws on first. His fur might look soft, but you don’t want to pet this frightening beast!

“Keep calm because I’m a werewolf.”

Sexy Werewolf

Just because werewolves are scary doesn’t mean they can’t be sexy, too! Wick’d Wolfie was a nice school girl before the moon got full and bright. She still has on her school outfit, but now she’s a fuming wolf complete with fur boots, mitts and fuzzy ears! She’s ready for a howling good time as soon as she sets foot into the costume party scene.

“Sometimes I think you like me better as a werewolf.”

Werewolf Group Costume Ideas

Create a spine-chilling evening with costumes that bring out your inner terror. With costumes for both adults and children alike, you can transform your entire family into a ghastly, horrid crew. Whether you think you’ll turn into a monster at the first sign of a full moon or casting spells as a witch is more your style, you’ll find something to fit your desire to help you scare your friends.

Dress up as these powerful monsters, zombies and ghosts and your group is sure to win the costume contest, no matter what the occasion is! From werewolves to the Frankenstein family, witches and ghosts, the gang is all here and ready to rock. Don’t leave anyone out! Group costumes are the perfect way to include all of your family and friends in the fun.

Friends & Couples Werewolf Costume Ideas

Grey Werewolves

Pass on your howling characteristics to your own offspring when you dress up as a werewolf dynamic duo. Teach your little one how to cry to the moon and he’ll grow up to be just as scary as you! Let your inner beast run wild as the full moon madness takes over. Whether you’re out trick-or-treating in the neighborhood or passing out candy together at home, you two will be the talk of the town in your spooky ensembles!

Brown Werewolves

You don’t have to beware of the full moon when you’re a werewolf! In fact, you look forward to this momentous occasion where you can transform into your true self. But this time, you can teach your little one the ways of the wolves. When you’re out prowling for tricks and treats, don’t forget to let out your signature howl as neighbors and friends pass by! The eerie details in this costume will make any occasion a delight!

Girl Werewolves

Get ready for a whole new kind of girls' night. You could be out and about at a gathering of friends or having a relaxing evening in the comfort of your own home, but being a wolfwoman makes everything more fun! Paint your claws, curl your fur and don’t forget the wicked red lipstick. No boy werewolves allowed! Girls’ nights are already special, but everything is more fun when you’re a wolf.

Werewolf Couple

The couples costume contest is over the minute you two walk in the room because you’ve already won! The other costumes don’t stand a chance against your stylish furry paws and ears. No one will expect two howling wolves to show up at the party. Terrify your friends as bloodthirsty werewolves and you’ll be wishing it was always a full moon!

Enhance Your Werewolf Costume Style

Picture yourself walking into a costume party in a plaid dress. Everyone thinks you’re dressed as a little school girl until they see your furry mitts, ears and claws! You don’t need a dark and stormy night to channel your inner Wick’d Wolfie. You’re a horrifying wolf ready to tear up the town! But your costume won’t be complete without these details:

Plastic Fangs: You’re not a wolf without your sharp set of fangs! Surprise your fellow partygoers with these fancy fangs. They won’t be expecting such a cutting smile.

Claw Nails: You might be a sexy werewolf but that doesn’t mean your nails have to be neatly trimmed! Make everyone’s hair stand on end as you haunt them with your creepy glow-in-the-dark claws!

Black Boots: Complete your wolf vixen outfit with boots that let you walk on the wild side. Lace them up and walk out the door. Everyone had better watch out for you!

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