Women's Sexy Costumes

Become a memorable superheroine, a villain any hero would love to get captured by, an eye-catching historical figure, or a member of the military everyone will want to salute this Halloween when you shop in this collection of Sexy Costumes – your next costume party will only be the beginning of a night full of fun when you find the perfect look for all sorts of adventures!

Sexy Costume Ideas

How often do you get to dress as sexy as you feel? Consider your next costume party an opportunity to get all dolled up and go out on the town with one of our sexy costumes. Show off your curves in a Sleek N’ Sexy Bodysuit. Be a knockout diva in a Sexy Boxer Outfit. Get down and dirty in a Sexy Maid Dress. Sail the seven seas as a Vixen Pirate Wench or save the day as a seductive Supergirl. Men, sail along as a provocative Seafaring Sailor or steal the show in a Playboy Smoking Jacket.

Whichever sexy character you choose, you are bound to turn every head at the party. All eyes are on you as you work the room and have everyone wondering about your excellent taste in costumes. Have all your friends pick their favorite character and create your own sassy-themed costume party. The possibilities are endless when you have sexy on the brain!

Character Bios - Who Do You Want to Be?

Careers (Knockout! Sexy Boxer Outfit)

The Sexy Boxer is ready for a rocking good time. She’s one tough chick who will win every battle looking sexier than anyone else. She’s pumped up and ready to kick butt as a champion in her red robe and sequined sports bra.

“How bad do you want it?”

Decades (Funky Dancin' Fox Adult Costume)

This dancin’ lady is one sassy fox. She’ll bring back disco fever as she dances and grooves the night away, glittering and gleaming under that giant silver disco ball. No complicated ballroom or salsa dancing here, tonight this funky fox is all about the Hustle and the Discofox.

“Follow the call of the disco ball.”

Historical (Seafaring Sailor Male Adult Costume)

The Seafaring sailor doesn’t waste any time keeping his biceps covered up. He’s ready to get naughty…cal and party until the sun comes up. He’ll spare a salute and a wink as he walks on by, stealing the ladies’ hearts one by one.

“Sail away with me.”

Pirate (Sexy Swashbuckler Adult Costume)

The sassiest on the seas, this sexy swashbuckler is rated ARRR! She’ll party the night away as she leads the ship ashore, breaking every pirate's heart along the way. Let’s just hope she doesn’t end up having to walk the plank!

“Always be yourself, unless you can be a pirate. Then always be a pirate.”

Sports (Tight End Adult Costume)

Everyone’s cheering for this tight end as he makes his way to the end zone. He’s the MVP of the party in his game-winning jersey, number 69. Every football star exudes confidence and sex appeal and this tight end is no different. He’ll have a pack of cheerleaders around him all night.

“Hot, hot, hike!”

Superhero (Black Widow Elite Adult Costume)

Among the elite Avengers team, the Black Widow is an expert spy and assassin. With her strong athletic skills, strength and stamina, she’s rocking a body that’s ready to kill. But behind all the beauty she’s hiding the brains of a trained secret agent.

“Nothing will go wrong on my watch.”

TV & Movie (Female Darth Vader)

The Female Darth Vader brings an element of sex appeal to this classic villain character. She’ll strike fear among her enemies in a sassy black tight-fitting bodysuit with belt, armor and cape. She makes the perfect Sith Lord to take down the Galactic Empire in molded armor and Vader mask.

“There is no escape.”

Video Game (Assassin's Creed Ladies Connor Costume)

The lady version of Connor from Assassin’s Creed is on a quest to find the sexiest Halloween party. She’s always ready to kill in her hooded vest jacket, red belt and leg warmers. Assassination won’t be necessary, but she’s sure to intimidate and turn heads of other party-goers.

“My enemy is a notion, not a nation.”

Group Costumes

Female Superheroes Group

Girl power! These super heroines are all grown up and ready for some action. Get your friends together and have everyone don their favorite sexy female alter ego. You and your lady friends are sure to attract endless attention all night as you dance and flirt the night away. Whether you want to be a group of no-nonsense crime fighters or just save the day while looking great, you’ll find everything you need to make your super heroine dreams come true. Snug, tight-fighting bodysuits show off your curves and allow you to kick some bad-guy booty. Are you more of a Catwoman or a Spidergirl? Maybe you don’t even have to decide; get both! Let each girl in your group be who she wants to be with these stunning costume options. Your team will be unstoppable.

Seafaring Sailor Men's Costume and Pin Up Captain Adult Costume (couples)

Set sail on the seven seas together as a Seafaring Sailor and his beautiful Pin Up Captain. Watch those waves and have your sea legs ready because the boat is about to rock. Keep your saluting hand ready as you sizzle and steam up the costume party together.

Pleated Penalizer Referee Adult Costume and Tight End Adult Costume (couples)

This super-sexy referee keeps her tight end in line to make sure there’s no foul play. A classic couples costume combination, it's game on with this pair. If this football player plays the game right, he might just become MVP by the end of the night.

Maid for You Sexy Maid Dress Costume and Playboy Men's Smoking Jacket (couples)

Gear up to spend a comfy night in your pajamas when you put on the Playboy Smoking Jacket. Dressed as one wealthy and successful man, take your Playboy Bunny out on the town for a night of fabulous fun.

Enhance Your Style

Ultimate Costume - High Seas Treasure Adult Costume

The High Seas Treasure turns you into the sexy swashbuckler in the dreams of every pirate on the ship. You are the captain of the ship in a sassy black feather buccaneer hat and white lace, so show off in the maroon corseted brocade vest. And don’t forget to sway your hips under the attached hip sash. You’ll find a wealth of pirate’s booty in your white bodice dress, long lacy sleeves and a layered ruffled black skirt. This costume has everything you need to look the part of the most seductive treasure on board the ship.

Racy Robin Hood Elite Collection Adult Costume with Accessories

Steal the hearts of everyone as you lead your own band of merry men to the party. Are you ready for the occasion? You can’t leave without your bow and arrow set. You’ll also need something to hold all the riches you’ve stolen, and that’s where the money bag purse steps in. The Racy Robin Hood look isn’t complete without a sexy pair of lace-up brown boots that will get you noticed. You don’t even have to be in costume to rock these spiky-heeled masterpieces. A charming green hat with a red feather is the cherry on top of this sassy Robin Hood costume.

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