Zombie Costumes

One of the most famous kinds of creepy monsters are always a great choice for dressing up on Halloween! The Zombies Costumes you can see here help you spread the living dead around the neighborhood while you're trick-or-treating, or take over a costume party! Find costumes for kids, costumes for adults, and cool accessories!

Zombie Costume Ideas

Their numbers are spreading! They're everywhere you look—on TV, in movies, at parties, on the street where you live and crawling all over your local pub. It’s evident that the zombies have invaded, and they’re not leaving any time soon. Maybe you’ve decided to come out from behind your barricade. Yes, the time has come to give in and join the legions of the undead.

Just because you might lose a little flesh in the process and develop a taste for brains, doesn’t mean you can’t be picky about your style. Whatever your personality, we have the costume to match your inner zombie. In fact, we've got costumes for your whole family—after all, the zombie apocalypse isn’t choosey. So gather up your toddler, your partner, 'tweens and teens alike, and experience the joys of being an undead family.

Types of Zombie Costumes

Burnt Zombie

If you want to show up to a gala event looking like you just crawled out from a heap of fire and flesh, this just might be the designer suit you’ve been looking for. It includes a shredded top, faux burnt pants, long fingered gloves and a zombie mask.

“I don’t negotiate with the undead” – David Wellington

Ninja Zombie

This costume involves simple math: what are two things your kid loves? Zombies and ninjas? Well, we went ahead and combined them into what may be the coolest costume your kid ever saw: A ninja zombie. The stealthy, undead ninja comes with a tunic, pants, tabard, mask and belt.

“I expect a zombie to show up on Sesame Street soon, teaching kids to count” – George Romero

Pajama Zombie

Is that daddy’s little sweetheart walking down the hall so late at night? What does she want? Milk? Cookies? Nope. Turns out her mind is on one thing: Brains! This might be one of our creepiest costumes yet, so it's perfect for when she’s ready to scare some candy out of someone! Costume includes jumpsuit, booties and decapitated bear.

“All right, you deadly little ghostlings,” I muttered. “Mama says go back to bed!” Jeaniene Frost

Punk Zombie

Who said punk rock is dead? Maybe undead is the better word for it. With this gruesome costume, your kid will be ready to create a whole new brand of mischief among polite society! This costume comes with an authentic punk rock jacket with torn-up chest, Mohawk half-mask and studded gloves.

“Zombies can't believe the energy we waste on non-food pursuits.” – Patton Oswalt

Skeleton Zombie

Being a zombie isn’t all fun and brains. Some have an easier time at it than others, but others just don’t feed themselves well enough. Like this one who looks like he just crawled out of the ground and hasn’t had a decent meal in centuries. Hopefully that brains joint is still open! Costume includes mask, shirt, pants and gloves.

“When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.” – Dawn of the Dead


In a world overwhelmed by zombies, we're in serious need of a hero—a living hero. They say dynamite comes in small packages, and hopefully that's the case for your little guy because we need some serious muscle to take out the legions of the undead. This zombie hunter costume includes trench coat, shirt, belt, axe and hat.

Zombie Group Costume Ideas

Some of the most exciting innovations in costume design in the past few years have been with Morphsuits. These full-body outfits are printed with gruesome details and fit tight to your body for an appallingly realistic appearance. We have an entire collection of monstrous designs that you just step into, zip up the back and transform into a creature of the dark.

For those of you planning a night out on the town as part of a zombie pub crawl or otherwise, we have the proper undead attire for you to really “live” it up. And for the more traditional monster fans, there’s the Red and Green Orc (bashing club not included) and the grotesque Boil Monster, whose folded skin and boils are sure to terrify. There are other creepy designs, too, such as the Viral Internet Legend, so if you're ready to step into some new skin, check out our wide selection of creepy Morphsuits!

Couples & Friends Zombie Costume Ideas


There's no better way to bond with your daughter than to dig yourselves out of a grave and go wreak havoc on the humans and snatch up their candy. These gruesomely cute costumes are a sure way to unearth the magical horror or Halloween. Both costumes include leggings and torn dress.

Zombie and Zombie Hunter

Even the best of friends have their problems. But when one develops a taste for brains and the other develops a zombie-hunting hobby, a whole new problem comes to the surface. The zombie suit includes a skeleton with pants, shirt and mask. The zombie hunter costume includes a trench coat, shirt, belt, axe and hat.

Enhance Your Zombie Costume Style

You don’t just crawl your way out from the grave and expect to be ready for a night out on the town. For all the grime and guts smeared on them, even the undead have to take some time in front of the mirror to get that perfect, rotting look. It starts with the right clothes.

Our Zombie Girl Costume is the perfect dress for your little one, coming tattered, frayed and complete with exposed guts. To keep her decomposing legs intact, check out our Tattered Child Tights. To do away with that rosy, human-colored flesh, pick up the Zombie Grey Makeup Tube to paint any semblance of life off their face and leave them with a creepy, undead look. For the fine details, our Zombie Make Up Kit allows you to add blood and putrid colors in all the right places. Once competed, you’ll see your lovely child as a true riches-to-rags nightmare of a zombie princess!

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