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Posted on Sep 30, 2017

10 Easy Halloween Decorating Tips to Haunt Any House

10 Easy Halloween Decorating Tips to Haunt Any House


Of course, for some of us, every season is Halloween season.

If you can relate to that, and if you’re a hardcore Halloween decorator who always plans a party every year, then you know it’s never too early to start thinking about what kind of direction to take with your décor. Will it be classically scary, filled with monsters, blood, and gore? Or, are you taking a cuter, more family-friendly approach?



Whatever you’re looking to create, our huge collection of Halloween decorations will help your home accommodate any atmosphere. Here are a few basic Halloween decorating tips and ideas to get your creative juices flowing.



Old school is always cool (and creepy).


Hit up a local junk shop, thrift store, or your parents’ attic to find cool-looking vintage items to use as Halloween props and add to your creepy atmosphere. Old hardback books are especially great for this, and can be picked up very cheaply at secondhand bookstores.


Lanterns + candles = instant Halloween mood lighting.


Dim your lights and line your shelves and tables with flickering candles and rustic lanterns. Not only does this adhere to the old-school cool principle (see above), but it will help the rest of your decorations look extra spooky.


Use paint to get more out of your pumpkins.


A few pumpkins scattered around your home are great for Halloween décor, but they can do so much more for you if you decorate the pumpkins themselves. Spray painting a few fake pumpkins from the craft store in white, gold, or black can really help them bring together all sorts of themes. The best part? Re-paint the same pumpkin props in new shades year to year, and re-use them as parts of different decorations.


Keep your bases (and tables) covered.


There’s nothing wrong with using a regular tablecover, but gauzy fabric or spiderweb mesh like this does way more for a Halloween atmosphere. Weathered, distressed, or worn white cloth is another great option that makes even cartoon-y or family-friendly Halloween party supplies look a lot spookier.


You can never have too many cobwebs.


Unless, of course, they’re real ones. Then, you should probably break out the vacuum before your guests come over. Fake spiderwebs can look cheesy, especially if they’re on their own. But, as part of the backdrop to an entire décor theme, they can be amazing. Make sure you spread and stretch and feather them out as far they’ll go before you hang them, for maximum effect.


There’s no such thing as too many centerpieces, either.


Between Styrofoam tombstones and piles of skulls, to candelabras and jars of eyeballs, there are almost too many Halloween decorations to choose from. So, don’t. If it fits on the table, then it belongs on the table – there’s no right or wrong.


Make good use of posable props.


Skeletons, especially life-sized ones, are a classic Halloween decoration. To dress yours up, pose them in clever positions (like sitting at a banquet table) or give them props of their own (like a bouquet of black roses). Or, dress up a skeleton in a simple Halloween costume that matches your Halloween party theme.


Use interesting containers to dress up boring contents.


Apothecary jars, or other pieces of interesting glassware, can be used as part of props and decorations (like these fake brains) or as serving dishes for snacks and finger foods. Make handwritten labels with black ribbon, black paper, and white chalk to really sell it.


Decorate with the power of nature!


There aren’t many things that are more Halloween-ish than orange autumn leaves, and, if you live near a tree, they’re free, too.  A few leaves scattered around your decorations or a few twigs stuck into a vase make a great touch. Fake leaves can also be found at most craft stores to get the same effect, with a 100% bug-free guarantee.


Don’t just decorate the inside of your house.


Obviously, if you’re hosting a Halloween party, then you want the inside of your house to be as haunted as it possibly can, sans actual murder. But, you should decorate outside, too – your front door and lawn are the first things your guests will see, after all. First impressions make a big impact, especially on Halloween.


Are the Halloween gears starting to turn in your head? How do you decorate for Halloween every year? If you liked this post and want to see more like it, then share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter @BuyCostumes, and check us out on Pinterest for more Halloween ideas.


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