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Posted on Jun 19, 2015

10 Minion Mashups That We Wish Were Real

10 Minion Mashups That We Wish Were Real

2015 marks the return of the Minions, who are finally starring in their own movie:

According to the trailer, Pirate Minions dressed like pirates, and Dracula’s Minions had capes and fangs. Since Minions always dress like their masters, here are a few ideas for the Minions’ costumes if they worked for some of our favorite villains. With a few costume accessories, you can use these ideas to make your Minions costumes more original, too!



Darth Vader


Basically, we’re picturing an army of Yodas, except cuter and more evil. If Vader had hundreds of Sith Minions at his command, he probably wouldn’t have had to rely on his poorly aiming Stormtroopers so much.

Get the look: Minion goggles + Star Wars Sith robe + Red Darth Vader light saber




Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, as well as the original Kingdom Hearts and the movie Maleficent, is one of the coolest Disney villains, period. She’s a powerful sorceress, and she can transform into an awesome dragon, which automatically ranks her above most other villains. This Maleficent Minion is actually inspired by her appearance in Descendants.

Get the look: Women’s Minion costume + Maleficent horns + Maleficent staff


The Joker


Since the Minions always to seem to be laughing, giggling, and joking around, this one seems like a match made in movie mashup heaven. We’re torn on whether Joker Minions are the cutest or the most terrifying things ever, but they have the perfect personalities to complement the Clown Prince of Crime.

Get the look: Minion jumpsuit + Joker wig and accessory kit + Joker makeup 


The Wicked Witch of the West


Sure, the Wicked Witch already had a bunch of Flying Monkeys to serve as her minions, but maybe they were the replacements. Maybe she had a bunch of green Minion apprentice witches first, and it just didn’t work out. According to the Minions movie, that does seem to happen to the Minions’ masters a lot.

Get the look: Minion jumpsuitWitch hat + Face paint




You can tell that you have loyal Minions when they start imitating your facial hair. Plus, to wear a hat that equals the volume of your entire body takes some real dedication.

Maybe if Jafar had had more minions by his side, other than just Iago, he would have been able to defeat Aladdin. Or, maybe they would have messed things up for Jafar even quicker.

Get the look: Minion jumpsuitJafar hat + Fake mustaches


The Shark from Jaws


Fun fact: the shark from the movie Jaws was played by a mechanical shark and a series of shark models all nicknamed “Bruce.” Bruce the Shark from Finding Nemo is named after the shark(s) from Jaws.

We’re not even sure if Minions can swim, but they seem like they would be pretty buoyant. The classic shark fin headband and snorkel combination seems exactly the sort of jerry-rigged thing a Minion would come up with, to help its boss scare some beachgoers.  It’s also totally adorable.

Get the look: Minion jumpsuitShark fin headband + snorkel, swim fins, or floaties


Lord Voldemort


You-Know-Who and Minions both have one thing in common: their relative lack of noses. Well, Voldemort does have those weird snake nostrils, but still. We made this Minion into a Death Eater, one of Voldemort’s minions. His arm is just a little too small for a proper Dark Mark brand, though.

Get the look: Minion goggles + Harry Potter Slytherin robe + Wand + body pencil / paint (to re-create Death Eater tattoo)




Bane and Minions both have one thing in common: it’s really hard to understand what they’re saying. Technically, Tom Hardy’s Bane in The Dark Knight Rises was already a minion to an even greater evil, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have Minions of his own. They could help him break other people’s spines in half, for example.

Get the look: Minion overalls + Bane mask


Al Capone (or any 1920s gangster)


You can’t gain control over the entire criminal underworld without a little help. And, if your little helpers happen to have tiny tommy guns and pinstriped overalls, even better.

Get the look: Minion goggles + 1920s gangster suit + Toy machine gun + Fedora


Tom Brady


For those who haven’t heard about the #Deflategate scandal, the whole thing stems from the New England Patriots playing with slightly deflated footballs during a 2015 playoff game, which is a big football no-no.

As it turned out, the NFL famously found in their investigative report that Patriots superstar quarterback Tom Brady was “more probably than not” aware of the tampered balls.  So, we’re not saying that Brady deflated the balls himself, but he might have had help from a Minion or two.

Get the look: Minion goggles + Patriots football jersey or shirt + deflated football + sports ball pump


If you were the commander of a legion of Minions, what would your Minions look like? If you have any ideas for Minions/Villains mashup that we didn’t think of, share them with us on Facebook or on Twitter @BuyCostumes.


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