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Posted on Dec 11, 2014

15 Stunningly Sexy Costume Ideas

15 Stunningly Sexy Costume Ideas

Whether you’re legitimately looking to heat up the holidays, or you want get a gag gift for someone as a Christmas prank, sexy costumes are the way to go.

Plus, there are only a couple months to get your plans in order for Valentine’s Day 2015. Mardi Gras is happening around that same time too, and you know people just want to get rowdy for that one anyways.

Sexy Superhero Costumes


Black Widow Costume

The original Black Widow in Marvel Comics (alter ego: Claire Voyant) that debuted in 1940 is actually regarded as being the first female with superpowers (and a sweet superhero costume) in comics. She’s also totally unrelated to the Avengers’ Black Widow (Natalia Romanova) – instead of a master assassin and combat specialist, she’s a medium who communicates with the dead, and harvests the souls of her enemies for Satan (yes, that Satan).

Catwoman Costume

“Sexy Catwoman costume” actually seems like quite the redundancy if you ask us. Channel your inner Anne Hathaway, as seen in The Dark Knight Rises, or take on a more retro look with this 1960s Catwoman costume, taken right from the classic Adam West TV show. We also actually have the Halle Berry Catwoman costume too, if you want to associate yourself with that movie for some reason. Or, as Halle Berry called it, that “piece-of-sh–, god-awful movie.”

Gamora Costume

From Marvel’s somewhat surprising box office smash from earlier this year, Guardians of the Galaxy (which is officially the highest-grossing domestic film of 2014, by the way), comes “The Most Dangerous Woman in the Universe,” Gamora. If you thought Zoe Saldana’s jumpsuit from the movie wasn’t hot enough, you should check out some of her art from the comics (possibly NSFW, if you work at a monastery). Between Gamora’s good looks and unparalleled fighting skills, she makes being green a hell of a lot easier than Kermit the Frog ever thought possible.



Wonder Woman Costume

Enough of Marvel for now – here’s the toughest chick on the DC roster. As an original member of the Justice League, Diana’s been taking care of her enemies on the battlefield for decades. Her official insignia also totally used to look like the old-school WWF logo, which is just awesome. Wonder Woman will be portrayed by the lovely Gal Gadot (Fast Five, Fast & Furious 6) in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is currently slated for a March 2016 release.

Supergirl Costume

Man of Steel who? Supergirl doesn’t need any help to handle bad guys, thanks. There have been a ton of Supergirls over the years – some have been fellow Kryptonians of Superman himself, like the multiple incarnations of Kara Zor-El, while some have been literally divine beings, like Matrix and Linda Danvers. As such, there are also plenty of sexy Supergirl costumes, ranging from the classic cape-and-skirt combo to this corseted crime fighter.

She-Ra Costume

As the twin sister of He-Man, She-Ra is the most powerful woman in the universe! (Take that, Wonder Woman.) Interestingly, even though she holds the mystical Sword of Protection, she and He-Man weren’t allowed to be shown using their swords as weapons in the cartoons. Apparently, smacking around baddies with broadswords is too violent for the kids.

Sexy Villain Costumes


Harley Quinn Costume

Harley was originally supposed to be a one-off sidekick of the Joker for an episode of the 90s cartoon, Batman: The Animated Series, but she proved so popular that she was written into the official comic books’ canon. Her origin story, in which Arkham Asylum psychiatrist Harleen Quinzell falls in love with the Joker, is often considered one of the best in comics, and she’s become a major DC Comics villain.

Poison Ivy Costume

Of course, the DC gallery of rogues isn’t complete without Poison Ivy, either. Even though she and Harley are often seen together, Poison Ivy actually debuted almost three decades earlier, in issue 181 of Batman. Unlike Harley, she’s been an on/off love interest of Bruce Wayne at times, too, with kisses that administer antidotes as well as poisons.

GI Joe Baroness Costume

Baroness is the second-in-command to Cobra Commander, the arch nemesis of G.I. Joe. She’s a masterful fighter and spy, but is also the leader of Cobra’s intelligence task force. In other words, picture a character like Black Widow, only evil.

Role Play Costumes


Sexy Maid Costume

Honestly – is there any costume theme more stereotypical than the classic sexy French maid costume? You know a subset of costumes is big when it has its own entire Wikipedia article. There are even entire theme restaurants (mostly in Japan) dedicated to maid costumes and cosplay. To quote the article:

“Increasingly, maid cafés offer grooming services, such as ear cleanings… Customers can also sometimes pay to play card or video games with maids.”

Ear cleanings and video games? Yeah, we are so there.

Sexy Nurse Costumes

Okay, maybe maid costumes aren’t alone in the “stereotypical” tier. Still, though, there’s plenty of ways to do a nurse costume and still have it be sexy. There’s always the classic version, complete with stethoscope, but you can also be a creepy, scary nurse (think Silent Hill). If you’re a 1940s fan, there’s the sexy pinup nurse route, and if you’re fan of recreational drug use and bad puns (we prefer the latter, but we aren’t making any judgments) there’s, well, this version.

Sexy Boxer Outfit

This foxy boxer mocks jocks, rocks socks, and knocks off blocks with well-timed clocks. She talks the talk and walks the walk as flocks of fans stop and gawk.

Sorry. We just wanted to think outside the box.

Sexy Historical Costumes


Sexy Pirate Costume

Nothing makes an impact quite like a sexy, swashbuckling, pirate wench costume. Take no quarter on the high seas in your quest for endless pillage and plunder (and, naturally, booty). Click here to see even more sexy pirate costumes.

Sexy Queen of Hearts Costume

Everyone knows about the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland and related movies and books, but this is more of a modern interpretation. Naturally, this one works tremendously well as a Valentine’s Day costume too.

Sexy Medusa Costume

Epic mythological tales require characters of epic proportions. This costume has those covered, and also not covered. Besides, if you want to stop someone in their tracks at a single glance, Medusa is the perfect character to do just that.


Sexy Costumes for Men’s official comprehensive guide to sexy costumes for guys:

  1. Be shirtless
  2. Don’t be not shirtless


If you liked this list and want to see more like it, let us know what kind of costume ideas we should come up with next! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or send us a quick email to share your thoughts.


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