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Posted on Jul 26, 2014

17 More Awesome Things From Comic-Con

17 More Awesome Things From Comic-Con

Ready for Round 2 of what Dotty found at Comic-Con?
Click here to see our last post and check out her adventure up till this point.

This replica drift suit from Pacific Rim.

pacific rim armor

Pacific Rim was, in our opinion, the action movie epic of last summer – a delicious compendium of fight scenes with awesome giant robots beating up awesome giant aliens. It’s Godzilla with more monsters, and Neon Genesis without the pretension. What more could you ask for?

This Fifth Element statue.

5th element

This was right next to the armor from Rim, and it’s appropriately enough from another action movie about battling aliens. Works for us.

A couple of Connors from Assassin’s Creed.

ac cosplay couple

Connor, Ratonhnhaké:ton, tomayto, tomahto. It seems that Assassin’s Creed has been more popular than ever at this year’s CCI. Anticipation for the new game is running wild!

Another Assassin’s Creed trio.

ac cosplay group

These costumes definitely have a more unique style to them – the black hood is really cool. Arno from the upcoming Unity title is going to have an all-black costume as well.

This green body paint girl.

body paint 2

Dotty told us she wasn’t sure who this character was, but that’s okay. After all, all you really need to become a successful cosplayer at Comic-Con is a skimpy outfit and copious amounts of body paint.

The Headless Horseman himself.

sleepy hollow headless horseman

Straight out of Sleepy Hollow, the Horseman showed up at Comic-Con to terrorize passersby. Well, he really just danced with them, but that’s pretty close.

These Frozen costumes.

frozen cosplay group

It’s pretty crazy that we’re almost into August and a movie about ice and snow is still so popular. Oh well, the cold never bothered us, anyway. Find your own Frozen costumes here!

Wonder Woman stopping to pose for photos.

wonder woman

Diana’s also going to have a huge part in DC Comics’ new wave of superhero movies. She’ll be in the Justice League movie that’s slated for 2017, and she’ll be getting her own standalone film later that same year.

An amazing movie makeup showcase.

cinema makeup

Cinema Makeup School is the real deal when it comes to Hollywood makeup effects. In front of a live audience at their booth, they showed off how it’s done on a real actor.

This homemade yet elaborate Star Wars costume.

darth vader homemade

This guy had the look nailed, right down to the Imperial insignia. The mask and chest piece looked amazing in person – it just goes to show that a little ingenuity goes a long way when it comes to cosplay!

Gandalf. ‘Nuff said.

hobbit booth gandalf 2

Thou shall not pass! Actually, an endless stream of people walked right by him all day. Oh well.

The SyFy building showed off a great display for Defiance.

syfy building 2

This setup definitely had an awe-inspiring look to it.

This group of Disney Villains outside the convention center’s Starbucks.

disney cosplayers by starbucks

Even the bad guys need a caffeine boost in the morning. Cruella is one of our favorites of all time, but we were also happy to see characters like Hercules’ Hades and The Emperor’s New Groove’s Yzma getting some well-deserved recognition.

Of course, the classics are the classics.

evil queen

That’s one of the best Evil Queens from Snow White we’ve ever seen! The poison apple is a nice touch, too. (Fun fact – the Evil Queen was originally named Queen Grimhilde, so there’s one to keep in mind for the pub quiz.)

This dragon and dragonslayer couple.

dragon lady or something

A match made in heaven? We really dig the steampunk-ish flair put into the dragon costume, with pseudo-Victorian flourishes and mechanical wings. No word on whether those wings actually worked, but they looked totally awesome.

This amazing Megaman cosplayer.

megaman cosplay

His armor was among the most accurate we’ve ever seen! We’re also way excited to see Megaman in the next generation of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. titles.

These Walking Dead zombies.

walking dead 2

Zombies: last in alphabetical order, first in our hearts.



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