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Posted on Sep 25, 2014

3 Amazing Haunted Houses in Wisconsin

3 Amazing Haunted Houses in Wisconsin

As aficionados of everything Halloween, we love a good haunted house – the Halloween experience just isn’t complete unless you get that firsthand horror experience.

Here are 3 amazing haunted houses in our home state of Wisconsin. Be sure to pay them a visit this October if you’re in the area!

Mars Haunted House

Location: Milwaukee, WI (map)

mars 4

Mars Haunted House is the number one truly haunted house in Milwaukee – we say “truly,” given that the story behind it is truly chilling. The house itself occupies a former apartment space on the second level of an 1880s-era retail building in historic downtown Milwaukee. As the legend goes, the family residing in that apartment was killed on an October afternoon in 1943.

The property became impossible to lease, as witnesses reported countless paranormal occurrences. Furniture pieces would move on their own, items would mysteriously go missing, and the floor plan of the building itself seemed to shift at random.

Today, the ground floor of the building is still home to a small shop, but the second floor has been a terrifying haunted house attraction since 1993. Like many houses, Mars features elaborately costumed actors and stunning visuals, but some guests say the scariest part about the whole experience is being able to sense the spirits of the deceased that lay within.

A more detailed investigation of Mars Haunted House was conducted in September 2009 by a team of five paranormal experts. What they found was truly shocking – read more about their discoveries and the history of the house on Mars’ website.


Abandoned Haunted House Complex

Location: Mt. Pleasant, WI (map)


Located approximately half an hour north of Chicago, the Abandoned Haunted House Complex is a doubly delightful haunted experience that features two massive haunted attractions back-to-back. First, guests must test the limits of their own sanity as they proceed through the Hysteria Haunted House. Psychological horror is the name of the game, as “visual and audible scares… as well as confusion, misdirection, and illusions” dominate the attraction.

After making their way through Hysteria, guests proceed directly into the Ambush Haunted House. If Hysteria stirs up deep-seated fears within, Ambush is where they come to life. The sensory impact of light and sound is simply incredible: terror lies around every corner in this place, as everything (and everyone) comes jumping out in all directions with the sole goal of scaring you half to death.

Both feature fantastic interactions with amazing costumed characters, and mind-blowing visual effects. As two separate experiences that enhance each other wonderfully, AHHC is not to be missed this Halloween.

Click here to receive special deals and discounts at the Abandoned Haunted House storefront at BuyCostumes! The Abandoned Haunted House Complex is also donating a portion of sales to the American Cancer Society.


Burial Chamber Haunted House

Location: Neenah, WI (map)


The Abandoned Haunted House Complex was two attractions in one, but the Burial Chamber boasts four. Take a trip through any or all of them during your visit to get the ultimate Halloween experience.

The Adrenaline Haunted House delivers exactly what it promises: a relentless surge of adrenaline is what’s going to keep you moving through this haunt. The house is industrial and military themed, complete with simulated gunfire, strobe light bursts, pitch-dark mazes, and even a smattering of zombies.

The Insanity Haunted House, also referred to as “A Haunted House on Crack” on Burial Chamber’s website, is an interactive attraction loaded with crooked rooms and crazy scenes. It’ll disorient your mind and get your heart pumping for sure.

Phobia Haunted Woods is the third and final haunted house attraction at Burial Chamber, and it might just be the creepiest of the three. The adventure winds its way through a darkened, wooded set (ever seen Blair Witch? Oh yeah.) as sinister characters lay in wait at every turn. You’re not just getting through a haunt, you’re surviving a hunt.

Finally are “The LAST Ride” Burial Simulators. In case you’ve ever wanted to feel what it would be like to be buried alive, this ride lets you step inside a real casket and experience it firsthand. This one is definitely not for the claustrophobic.

Click here to receive special deals and discounts at the Burial Chamber Haunted House storefront at BuyCostumes! Burial Chamber is also donating a portion of sales to the American Diabetes Association.

phobia 2

Are you as much of a fan of haunted houses as we are? Where should we look for more? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook or on Twitter @BuyCostumes! You can always email us, too. Be sure to check out our Pinterest boards for amazing Halloween costume ideas and decorating ideas.

Photos in this blog post used courtesy of Mars Haunted House, Abandoned Haunted House Complex, and Burial Chamber Haunted House.


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