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Posted on Dec 23, 2015

3 Important Things About Star Wars Costumes

3 Important Things About Star Wars Costumes


Have you seen Star Wars VII yet? It’s been out for a week – we’re sure some die-hards out there have already logged a double-digit view count.

As for us, we grabbed some Star Wars costumes and headed to our local movie theater to have a little fun. The result? A trilogy of clips featuring our favorite characters from Episode VII as well as the classic films. They might not have Lucasfilm’s production value, but we hope you’ll enjoy, nevertheless.



Guys, don’t make the same mistake that our Trooper does. Stormtroopers might be infamous for their terrible aim, but it’s hard to miss a swift backhand to the face.



Trends move fast. You can be on top of the galaxy one minute, and forgotten and cast aside the next. Think about it – The Force Awakens began a new trilogy in 2015, smashing pretty much every box office opening record on the books. The original Star Wars was followed up by The Empire Strikes Back, which many people believe is the greatest sequel movie ever. The prequel movies were… well, they were pretty, at least.

The point we’re trying to make is: Stormtroopers and Darth Vader will be cool forever, but Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma are off to an iconic start in their own rights. Along with Finn, Rey, and BB-8, we can’t wait to see which other new characters the sequels have in store.



Only a Sith deals in absolutes, such as “You may absolutely not share my popcorn.”

If your friends are the types that tend to get handsy when it comes to theater snacks, this one’s for you. We’d advise against the casual maiming in real life, but anything is possible in the movies. The roles of Luke and Vader here are reversed, compared to Return of the Jedi, but snack-stealing is far more serious than the fate of the galaxy, in our eyes.


Browse all the Star Wars costumes featured in these videos:


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Let us know what you thought of this post, or tell us what kind of costume ideas we should show off next, by leaving a comment below or visiting our Twitter and Facebook pages. Check us out on Pinterest, too, for more infographics and costume ideas.



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