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Posted on Mar 20, 2019

6 Adorable Star Wars Costumes for Dogs

6 Adorable Star Wars Costumes for Dogs

Let’s be honest – Star Wars is never not popular when it comes to costumes for conventions and Halloween alike. Everyone’s familiar with the iconic status of Darth VaderStormtrooper, and Jedi costumes, but today, we’re talking about Star Wars costumes for your dog, because pets are people, too. Besides, if there are two things that most people on the Internet can agree upon, they are:

  • Star Wars is awesome.
  • Putting things on your pet is both cute and hilarious.

Also, keep in mind that even though all of our very cooperative models in these definitely un-edited photos are of the canine persuasion, these Star Wars pet costumes will work just as well with other pets, like cats, tortoises, or giant rabbits.

Ewok Dog Costume


Who doesn’t love those furry, cuddly creatures from the forests of Endor? Wicket cracked into the list of our Top 20 Star Wars characters (which is going to have to be re-done soon – thanks, George Lucas) because of his bravery, but he’s also completely adorable. Ewoks are naturally fuzzy and short in stature, which makes them a perfect idea for a dog costume.

Dewback Rider Dog Costume


Dewbacks are the big, lumbering, dinosaur-like reptiles that live in the desert climate of the Dune Sea. So, pretty much the complete opposite of Ewoks. They make for cute pet costumes, though, especially with a teeny tiny Stormtrooper rider to complete the illusion. Take to the sands of Tatooine (or the local beach, or your backyard) and you’re all set.

Bantha Rider Dog Costume


Here’s another Star Wars costume idea for dogs in the same vein as the last one. This time, instead of a Trooper riding a Dewback, it’s a mini Tusken Raider atop a mighty Bantha. Different sub-species of Bantha can be found on lots of different worlds all across the Star Wars universe. This includes Tatooine, so your dogs dressed up as Dewbacks and Banthas together won’t be breaking canon.

Darth Vader Dog Costume


He might look like an ordinary, happy dog, but we assure you that he’s actually a terrifying killer (sometimes, it’s hard to get a dog into character, so just go with it). In a way, dogs in costume do possess a certain level of the Force, since it’s impossible to not want to cuddle with them forever.

Yoda Dog Costume


From the Dark Side, to the Light – do or do not, there is no try. Jedi Master Yoda Dog makes the perfect companion to any Padawan on Halloween. You can also get just the Yoda ears by themselves if your dog is a little too finicky for a full costume.

Princess Leia Dog Costume


Some people like to treat their pets like princesses, and here’s a way to do just that. For reasons that we hope should be obvious, our Leia pet costume emulates Carrie Fisher’s classic double bun hairstyle and white robes from the original trilogy, and not that other costume she had that one time.

Are you a fan of dressing up your pets in costumes? What kind of costumes should we show off next? If you liked this post and want to see more like it, then tell us what you think on Twitter @BuyCostumes and on Facebook. Check out our Pinterest for more costume ideas too.

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