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Posted on Sep 9, 2015

A Closer Look at The Amphibious Alien

A Closer Look at The Amphibious Alien


Dozens of the world’s finest special ops forces have gathered in a remote swamp, to investigate reports of a downed ship. Immediately, it’s clear that this is no airplane – the domed torus of a hull is like nothing anyone has ever seen. Just as soldiers start to approach, scanners detect a bio-signature coming from within. 

As the mysterious life form begins to slowly exit its craft, beams of moonlight scattering through the clouds illuminate a visage of horror.  Two – no, four – eyes come into focus as horns and hardened plates of skin emerge. It’s mouth opens, revealing a bundle of tangled and sinewy, mucous-covered tentacles. The minds of Geiger and Lovecraft together could not comprehend such a horrific beast. 

This amphibious alien has traversed endless space and time to arrive on this world. Now, the nightmare for all of humanity is only beginning.


How to Complete and Customize this Costume

The Amphibious Alien costume consists of an oversized mask and shoulder piece, sculpted in natural latex rubber and hand-painted for an otherworldly appearance. From his scaly carapace, to his glassy eyes, to the twisted tentacles protruding from his mouth, this alien is sure to bring nightmares to life on Halloween.


It’s a fine costume on its own, but here are a few easy way to accessorize and customize this look into something truly special.

Costume Armor


To build a sort of a cyberpunk-science-fantasy-looking space suit for this alien to wear, we used a few basic pieces that you might already have in your closet. When combined with a black long sleeve turtleneck T-shirt and some black gloves, a black leather jacket becomes a futuristic flight suit. Latex alien hands can be worn in lieu of gloves for added realism. Quilted items, or clothes with other unique textures like leather or vinyl are good options, too. Even thrifted wetsuits and scuba gear is an option – he’s amphibious, after all.

Also, even though our Alien is from another world, he (it?) is still a soldier. Belts, holsters, and other tactical gear make great additions to the look. To make your own, salvage the straps and plastic shackles from some old or thrifted kids’ backpacks, cut them to length, and assemble with hot glue. More DIY armor pieces can be made out of old elbow pads, knee pads, and other worn out or outgrown protective gear – again, thrift stores are your best friend. Use shiny black combat boots for an imposing look.


Costume Weapons


Everything about the Amphibious Alien bleeds sci-fi and futurism. Why not adapt a few classic sci-fi weapons into your character? This Stormtrooper Blaster and this Phaser Gun are from the universes of Star Wars and Star Trek, respectively, but they look right at home in this alien’s hands. Any other kind of fantasy weapons work, too, like this hi-tech pistol or green and glowing laser knife.

Or, to get into the DIY spirit of Halloween, hit your local thrift shop and raid their arsenal of toy weaponry. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find a couple of cool-looking toy guns or Nerf weapons, and with a quick custom paint job, you can easily make them fit your amphibious alien character. Remember: if you’re going out to a bar or another public space to party, make sure all of your fake firearms have orange-painted tips.


Group Costume Ideas for the Amphibious Alien


When imagining fantasy pairings for our Amphibious Alien, nothing matches better in our minds than one of the most iconic sci-fi aliens of all time, the Predator. After all, there is an entire spinoff series of films and games dedicated to the battles of Alien vs. Predator. What’s more, this Predator costume is the real deal in every way. Everything from the jumpsuit and armor to the hands and the mask are exactly as they appear in the movie.

Speaking of masks, these deluxe Predator masks include removable helmet faceplates, for added authenticity. Also, since they’re just the standalone masks, you can build your own costume around them. Take inspiration from the DIY costume armor ideas above, or just turn yourself into a half-alien hybrid monstrosity, like the Predalien.

You bring your entire family into the alien action, too. This alien costume for kids features a terrifying mask and a jumpsuit with “Property of Area 51” emblazoned. Maybe, the Amphibious Alien landed on earth to rescue his friend. Any sort of other alien costumes fit with the theme, too.



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