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Posted on Aug 18, 2015

A Closer Look at The Demon Knight

A Closer Look at The Demon Knight


Sitting alone at the back of a musty underworld tavern is this demonic knight, fresh from the victory of another grim quest. Chest plate still buckled, helm still atop his head, his soulless eyes gaze through a yellowing mask of cursed bone toward the other warlocks and warriors gathered around, seeking their own tastes of glory.

Staring at his own grotesque reflection in a goblet of ale, he thinks only about his memories – marching into countless battles alongside skeletal hordes, locking horns with marauders and mercenaries, making a meal of Death itself – and how he can bring those dark dreams to life once more.

A toast to the thrill of the nightmare: raise the chalice! 



How to Complete and Customize this Costume

The Demon Knight costume consists of an imposing skeletal mask with a massive armored shoulder piece, but other accessories can be added before heading out to battle.


Costume Weapons

Every warrior needs a weapon to wield, and the armory of the Demon Knight is full of options to choose from. We used this soul-taking scythe to show off the knight’s battlefield prowess, but you can also make use of a skeletal sword for shedding blood.


This medieval-style halberd is another serious-looking pole arm that fits the look, and this dagger, held by Death himself, features a Gothic skull motif with a ruby-red accented hilt.


Costume Armor

Ideally, a proper knight shouldn’t go into battle without a full set of mail. A much easier way to simulate leg armor for costumes, though, is to look for materials like faux-leather pants and leggings. Quilted joggers, or other pants with texture, work well.


Then, layer smaller pieces of costume armor over your clothes to create a fake armor look that is not only light and mobile, but disguises your “normal” apparel underneath. For example, these arm guards are Roman-inspired, but they’re a fine fit with any type of mythical warrior costume. Studded with brass and strapped with faux leather, they can even be repurposed as matching greaves to shield the legs.

Even black denim will work for a costume like this, and adding a bunch of old, thrifted leather belts and buckles around the legs can improve the look greatly.

You may also choose to carry a shield. Inspired by the 300 films, this round shield has a simple aged bronze look that works well with the Demon Knight costume.




This brown faux-fur cape is perfect for the Demon Knight, and also works with any costume that has a medieval flair to it. If you’re looking to go the D.I.Y. route, though, capes are pretty easy to make on your own. Hit up the fabric store to find a color or pattern of your liking – you can even customize your costume with stitched or stenciled designs.

Either way, a long cape will also help to cover up anything that isn’t quite right with the back of your costume, like pants pockets.




This pair of thrice-buckled boots looks imposing indeed, and is a great choice for helping your fantasy demon step into reality. Or, lace up in true Renaissance style with a pair of boots more befitting of a journey to the ends of the earth than one through the depths of the underworld.


Other Costume Accessories


Use ordinary black gloves, either thrifted or from your own closet, to hide your human nature when wearing a costume like this. If they’re a little bit worn, even better. Withered, bony monster hands certainly fit with the look, too.

Plastic shackles give the impression that you’ve broken free from your unholy prison, ready to wreak havoc on the world. A huge hooked chain can be just as imposing of a weapon as anything else when in the hands of the Demon Knight.

Real metal chains from your local craft store can also be wrapped around boots and gloves or used to fashion criss-crossing belts.


Group costumes for the Demon Knight

Everyone knows that group costumes make Halloween more fun. Here are our top choices for other costumes and characters to accompany the Demon Knight on night out.


This cave demon is one of our favorite Halloween masks.  With grotesquely curving, twisting, ram-like horns emerging from a cracked, gnarled skull, this cave-dwelling demon makes the perfect minion for the Demon Knight. And, speaking of minions, a demonic, faceless ghoul is always ready to do the bidding of a villainous master.

Clad in dark robes, this knight is prepared to ride into battle with his demon master, as well. Wielding a powerful sword and carrying an emblazoned crest of the king, he looks like any other unassuming warrior – but the black magic of the Demon Knight has corrupted his mind.

Since the Demon Knight is a more twisted take on the classic grim reaper, this women’s reaper costume fits with it amazingly well and is a great way to create a couples costume. With a black spectral cape and silken shawl, she’s a vision of death that will take breaths away.



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