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Posted on Apr 23, 2017

A Closer Look at The Grim Jester

A Closer Look at The Grim Jester


Beneath a full moon, rasping cackles pierce the foggy night air, before erupting into raucous, maniacal laughter.

Darkness is the domain of the Grim Jester, and the world is his stage. Singing sorceries and casting enchantments with every word, villagers are left spellbound in his wake. Entranced by his sinister performance, their souls remain possessed for eternity.

Not every storybook has a happy ending. This fairy tale is nothing short of a nightmare.



How to Complete and Customize this Costume

Sometimes, there’s nothing more terrifying than a laugh. Just check out our list of Top 10 Scary Clowns if you don’t believe us.

The Grim Jester, one of the starring characters of The Nightmare Collection on, is this very idea taken to the extreme. Soulless eyes and a twisted grin emerge from underneath a weathered and worn jester’s cap, with skulls in place of bells.

Completely hand-painted and crafted from natural latex rubber, this oversized mask sits on top of the wearer’s head instead of in front of it – vision is afforded by a see-through mesh in the collar. The result is a wobbling, bobbling, unsettingly realistic appearance. If you really want to make this costume even more amazing, keep on reading for more ideas and inspiration.




Costume Pieces and Accessories for the Grim Jester

There are three main things to focus on when assembling a costume look around the Grim Jester mask. You might already have access to a lot of items like these at home, too.

First, the base outfit: if you were a demonic jester, what would you wear? Second, large accessories: big pieces like capes and cloaks will draw plenty of attention. Finally, small accessories: these are the finishing touches that will put your costume over the top.


Building the Ensemble


We envision a medieval (and just plain evil) court jester when picturing the Grim Jester, so medieval and Renaissance inspired clothing is the way to go. This ruffled shirt is one idea that wouldn’t look out place in ye olde tymes. This medieval style blouse adds some lacy fringe and other embellishments, and a basic peasant top is another great idea for ladies looking to rock this costume.

Once you’ve settled on a shirt, add some tights to keep the Renaissance theme going. We used gold ones on our model, for a magical and mystical sort of look, but black tights or any neutral color will be perfect. These men’s tights are professional stage quality, and women can wear leggings for this look. Skeleton leggings, striped tights, or Harley Quinn stockings may be used to add a little extra frightful flair.

Finally, you’ll need a pair of jester shoes. These jester shoes are unisex and one-size-fits-all; you may even be able to slip them on over a pair of regular shoes. Otherwise, pointy witch shoes or Renaissance boots make fine alternate choices.


Capes and Cloaks


The Grim Jester is a look that just begs for a billowing cape to complete the look, and it’s an easy addition make. In a pinch, it’s not too difficult to create your own with some material from the fabric store.

This plain black hooded cape is perfect. At 68 inches long, it should work for people of just about any height. Plus, since there aren’t any frills or embellishments tying it to a particular character, it makes a great D.I.Y. costume staple that you can use over and over.

Also, this Mardi Gras cape is full of vibrant greens, golds, and purples. It’s perfect for any jester, even an evil one. If anything, the contrast between the brightly colored cape and the grim visage of your mask will make the costume even creepier.


Costume Jewelry and other Accessories


This skull-topped jester staff is the ultimate accessory for this costume. With its stripes on the staff and sculpted resin skull on top, it’s a scepter that any king of the night can appreciate.

Leather belts work great with this costume, too. Criss-cross a couple around your waist for a unique look, or even wrap some around your forearms or lower legs. This three-ringed belt has a cool Renaissance look that fits the costume well.

Finally, look for Gothic-inspired jewelry or pieces with skull motifs, like this pewter skull ring. A fistful of these looks amazing. You can also hit up the jewelry section of your local thrift store for more silver or brass-looking pieces.


Group Costume Ideas for the Grim Jester

Here are three group or couples Halloween costume ideas that match the Grim Jester look.


A Motley Crew


For the Grim Jester to wreak his special brand of havoc on Halloween night, he needs an entire troupe of horrifying harlequins to do his bidding.

These black and white evil jester costumes make perfect minions to pair with the Grim Jester character. The sickening smiles on their skull masks and tattered motley costumes give them an imposing appearance on their own, even when not led by their grim supervillain master.

Each of these jester costumes can also be accessorized with the ideas listed above for the main Grim Jester costume, such as the skull scepter or evil black robe.


Medieval Madness


We can’t help but keep coming back to the idea of Renaissance inspired costumes to pair with the Grim Jester. The idea for this group costume is to create a cast of characters with an eternal look of horror, corrupted by this court jester’s sickening sense of humor.

Combine Renaissance costumes – anything you like, from princes and princesses to townspeople and commoners – with skull masks to make it look like the Grim Jester’s maddening spell has spread over the whole group. They can be a simple, basic mask, or something detailed like the latex-molded cave demon.


Reapers to be Feared


Since the Grim Jester is a re-imagining of the classic grim reaper character, ghouls and ghosts like the Reaper himself make more than suitable costumed companions.

The classic grim reaper costume includes a hooded black robe, complete with skeleton gloves and a full-face cover that lends an otherworldly appearance. For something just a little bit scarier, “Mr. Grim” features a tattered shroud, hanging chains, and a molded skull mask.

For ladies seeking a Halloween costume with killer looks that still invokes the horror vibe, this female grim reaper costume is perfect mix of sexy and scary. A black halter dress with translucent shawl and skeletal detail combine in blood-chilling beauty.

Finally, and also from the Nightmare Collection, the Demon Knight perfectly complements the Grim Jester. Intertwine their twisted tales of terror and make Halloween more horrifying than ever before.


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