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Posted on Sep 16, 2015

A Closer Look at The Mammoth Chomping Spider

A Closer Look at The Mammoth Chomping Spider


As pairs of legs scramble down the city streets, fleeing in terror, a set of eight legs pursues. Some will escape, but the unlucky ones will soon find themselves cocooned in a silken web, unable to move – or scream for help.

The Mammoth Chomping Spider, by a dark incantation or demonic spell, has been released from its spellbound prison, free to wreak its havoc on Halloween night.

The only way to survive this nightmare is to embrace your deepest fear.



How to Complete and Customize this Costume

Arachnophobes: turn away now. This spider costume look is a little less Spider-Man, and a lot more Chaos Witch Quelaag.

As part of The Nightmare Collection, the Mammoth Chomping Spider is one of the most terrifying Halloween costumes around, period. It helps that the fear of spiders is one of the most common phobias, but the spring-hinged, quivering fangs of this massive arachnid put it way over the top.

Every spine on his latex body is hand-painted for maximum detail, and the faux fur covering his legs and body is more than real enough to make the whole thing genuinely unsettling.




Costume Pieces and Accessories for the Mammoth Chomping Spider


Since this mask is pretty much a self-contained costume all on its own, it’s perfectly alright to take the minimalist route with the rest of your outfit. By simply wearing all black clothing, you bring all the attention to the Mammoth Spider itself.

A black Morphsuit is light, breathable, and covers your whole body – leave your face unzipped to increase visibility, since you’ll be wearing the spider mask, anyway.

Or, you can choose to get a little more detailed. Use a thrifted fur vest to cover your abdomen and thorax (that’s a bug part, right?). For the rest of your top, any neutral-colored long sleeve shirt will do – we just used a grey Henley with a few faux-leather patches for extra texture and style.

Again, be sure to select something breathable, especially if you are going with the fur vest idea we mentioned.


Creating a Unique Character

The beauty of Halloween is being able to make your own mythology, and here’s an idea for accessorizing the Mammoth Chomping Spider that does just that. Instead of just being “the person that wore the awesome spider mask to the party,” you can turn yourself into a corrupted black warlock; a spider-headed demon character of your own creation.

To get this look, don the Chomping Spider mask with a wizard’s cloak. This mystical sorcerer costume is perfect, and a hooded black Sith robe adapted from Star Wars works, too. A flowing and feminine black cape is another great option. Then, equip your arachnid spellcaster with a +1 Wizard’s Staff of Awesome, armored black boots, and you’re all set.



Group Costume Ideas for the Mammoth Chomping Spider

The obvious joke here would be Black Widow costumes, but we’re not going to go there. The question to answer is: which kinds of creatures and dark associates would be seen at the side of this monstrous, mammoth spider?

Here are three ideas for Halloween costumes that match our Mammoth Chomping Spider as one-half of a couples costume or in a group.


The Evil Spider Queen


With a sinister enchantment controlling the mind of her precious arachnid pet, this malefic sorceress has the ultimate monstrosity of a minion to do her bidding.

For this costume idea, we envision a dark witch using the Mammoth Chomping Spider for evil deeds. Perhaps she conjured it with a spell, or summoned it from the underworld with a demonic ritual. Build off of a Renaissance or Medieval-inspired costume to get the look: we recommend styles such as the spectral Ghost LadyVictorian Vamp, or Vampiress of Versailles.

Then, accessorize with spider webs and spider-themed jewelry. Gauzy decorating fabric can be easily turned into a shawl of spider webs, and pieces like this spider necklace, spider bracelet, and spider crown are perfect. Black costume jewelry like this onyx tiara can be used to round everything out.

To create a simpler version of this look, combine the black dress that’s already in your closet with that amazing women’s cape, spider web fishnet stockings, and sheer spider web armlets.

The Mystical Sorceress, another stunning piece from The Nightmare Collection, is another fantastic starting point for building this character. So is the girls’ Spider Coffin Princess, which already includes plenty of great, goth-looking spider motifs.



Evil Tarantula Minions


Perhaps the evil spider demon has cast a bewitching curse that transformed an innocent bystander into a humanoid spider. This tarantula hoodie costume will easily turn anybody into one of those eight-legged freaks with a design that’s easy to slip on and take off.

The sleeves of the costume serve as two of the legs, while the other six are connected and supported by strings. A simple wave of the arms makes for an ultra-creepy undulating spider movement. It also comes in a children’s size, which can be perfect for trick-or-treating while mom or dad wears the mammoth.

Also, this tarantula dog is a funnier (and cuter) idea for a minion of our monstrous spider. Just strap the body piece snugly around your dog, ensuring that it’s secure, but not uncomfortably tight, and add the furry and fanged headpiece. If you’re interested in learning how to make your own DIY alternative to the spider dog costume, inspired by our favorite viral costume video ever, click here.


Mammoth Spider’s Prey


When the Mammoth Chomping Spider is on the hunt, few succeed in their escape.

If you or your costumed companion is dressing up as the Mammoth Chomping Spider for Halloween, then the other can be “the one that didn’t get away.” For those with potentially dark senses of humor, this can be a funny couples costume to come up with.

It’s an easy DIY costume idea to execute, too. All you need are some fake spider web decorations and an outfit that you won’t mind sacrificing for the greater good. Anything old or from the thrift store is perfect. Stretch your spider webs as thin as they will go, and use hot glue to attach them to the clothes. Wrap the webs around the outfit, so that the wearer looks like they’re caught up in the Mammoth Chomping Spider’s mammoth-sized web. (Caution: we do not recommend hot gluing spider webs to your clothes while you are wearing them. It’s called hot glue for a reason.)



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