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Posted on May 22, 2018

A Closer Look at the Mystical Sorceress

A Closer Look at the Mystical Sorceress


Glowing orbs and cryptic runes surround the mystical sorceress, as she finds her way through the cobblestoned catacombs beneath the city streets. Magic missiles and acid arrows leap forth from her fingertips, as other sorceries and dark illusions leave enemies entranced and spellbound.

In a place where the most evil of magicks of every sort abound, protection from evil may only be found by embracing the nightmare yourself.



How to Complete and Customize this Costume


The Mystical Sorceress costume itself consists of a leather-textured set of studded pauldrons and a matching pieces, complete with dragon-like wings and descending skeletal tendrils. Constructed from the highest quality materials available, and hand-painted for a unique look, each piece is certainly striking on it’s own.

To make this costume look even more amazing, read on to discover our tips for building a full-on Halloween look around the Mystical Sorceress.



Costume Pieces and Accessories for the Mystical Sorceress


The Mystical Sorceress’ headpiece and shoulder pauldrons are not only an impressive sight to the behold, but can be accessorized countless different ways with additional pieces of clothing and costumes.

For example, out model made use a glimmering golden dress to get that magical appearance, but garments in black or deep shades of red and purple will also match nicely. Try using the Mystical Sorcess costumes to give an enchanting twist to items that are already in your closet at home.

Also, a basic black cape can enhance the supernatural qualities of any costume. This one features sheer layers as well as an adjustable hood piece that fits the whole look very well.




Black or gold? Not only are they both great Halloween colors in general, but they’re both great colors for this look, and there are plenty of options for each. You may, of course, choose to wear a pair that you already own, but here are some of our favorite picks to get the inspiration flowing.

Black high heel boots definitely work to create an evil sorceress image, but can also be improved upon with straps and buckles added to the design. Try on a pair of Victorian-inspired witch boots for a more classical sorceress look.


Costume Jewelry and Other Accessories


Every costume needs a few finishing touches to really shine. For the Mystical Sorceress, we recommend lots of jewels and gemstones. These fake eyelashes are a good start; they have black glimmering rhinestones lined up along the lids.

Then, go for the gold. Golden accessories like this chain belt, arm cuff, and basic bangle bracelets work great.

You’ll also need a wand to cast your spells, naturally. Appropriate one from your favorite Harry Potter character, or, if you’re feeling extra crafty, use wire and faux gems from your local craft store to create your own. You can always upgrade to an awesomely powerful wizard staff, too.


Group Costume Ideas for the Mystical Sorceress


Amplify your spellcasting powers with a legion of other witches and warlocks at your side!

This Maleficent-inspired dark sorceress, this classic witch with a Gothic twist, and this demonic robed wizard are three ideas that all pair nicely with the Mystical Sorceress costume. Together, summon dragons and sing spells from your circle of magic, and rule Halloween night as a frightful force of solidarity.



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