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Posted on Oct 20, 2015

A Closer Look at the Nightmare Dragons

A Closer Look at the Nightmare Dragons


As blackened clouds break on a late October evening, twisting skies and howling winds reveal the three engines of apocalypse that will dominate the night.

Ember the Red Dragon scorches all that stand his way with searing blasts of dragon breath. Cinder the White Dragon leaves his adversaries frozen to the core with a presence that radiates cold. Smolder the Black Dragon is the embodiment of the shadows themselves, as the one he casts with his mighty wings envelop those that flee in vain.

Darkness is descending on Halloween, as are the three dragons of nightmare.



As the three centerpieces of The Nightmare Collection, each of these dragon costumes – Cinder the White, Ember the Red, and Smolder the Black – blurs the line between between Haloween costumes and wearable art. Each one is hand painted and sculpted in stunning detail, with individually molded scales and spines. When wearing one of the dragons, the wearer see through two concealed eyepieces in the dragon’s neck, and can control movement of the dragon head with wired handles in the arms.

It’s all a little bit of costuming, a little bit of puppetry, and a whole lot of awesome. If you aren’t considering a dragon costume for Halloween this year, consider this counter-argument:


That’s exactly right, Suzanne. Dragons are cool.

Plus, with Halloween coming on a weekend this year, this is your chance to blow everyone away with the most elaborate and amazing Halloween costume ever.



How to Complete and Customize These Costumes

These dragon costumes do a great job at completely transforming their wearers – there’s not much of a need for accessories to complete the look.

However, attention should be paid to the rest of your wardrobe. A scaly, horned, fire-breathing dragon of darkness and destruction might look a little silly wearing an old T-shirt and raggedy jeans.

Quilted fabrics and leather (or faux leather) make for great surrogate dragon hide. Just match the color to your costume, and you’re good to go.

We also definitely need to mention this Kold Kollar. It’s the same kind of accessory that professional mascot-wearers use to keep cool in their heavy costumes. Freeze the core before wearing your costume, then slip it inside the collar once it’s frozen to keep your dragon scales from overheating. The Kold-Vest is the same idea. In a pinch, you can even MacGyver a similar device with gel ice packs, towels, and duct tape.


Group and Couples Costume Ideas for the Dragons

Halloween is more fun in numbers! Here are a few ideas to make your Nightmare Collection Dragon part of an equally stunning group costume.


Maleficent’s Dragon Form


Remember the scene from the classic animated version of Sleeping Beauty in which Maleficent, determined to stop Prince Philip from reaching Aurora, transforms into a freaking awesome dragon? That’s our inspiration for this couples costume idea. Plus, thanks to both Descendants and the recent Angelina Jolie movie, Maleficent is one of the most popular Halloween costumes for women this year anyways, so that works out perfectly.


Dragon-Summoning Sorcerers


In a similar vein to the Maleficent, why not create your own dragon-summoning enchantress to pair with Smolder, Cinder, or Ember.

This sexy dragon costume can be a great starting point. Add an evil black cape and some costume jewelry to build your look. The Mystical Sorceress, another piece of the Nightmare Collection, is wonderful for playing this role, too. Her leathery winged headpiece and shoulder spikes are already draconic in appearance.

For the guys, this dark wizard robe can be used to create a similar look.


Dragon Warriors, Ninjas, and Knights


These fighters don’t summon the Nightmare Dragons to their sides like the sorcerers above, but they all use the dragons’ power to conquer their enemies.

Clad in golden-scaled armor, the Dragon Lord is a fearsome warrior from a faraway land. Inspired by ancient Greek and Roman armor designs, this costume includes stunning sculpted dragon motifs throughout. Brandish your blade and ride into battle. For a more medieval or Game of Thrones-inspired look, try the fur and faux leather cloak of this brave dragon knight.

Women’s costume options for this group costume theme include this red dragon ninja: add some dual-wielded katana swords for a fabulous and fierce look. Or, go with this “Striking Viking” and lead your dragon ally into the Scandinavian frost and snow – Cinder might appreciate that one the most.


Nightmare Dragons vs. Godzilla vs. Indominus Rex


You’d watch that movie, right? We would. What better way is there to create a group costume around a realistic dragon costume than to add even more giant reptiles into the mix?

Godzilla is the original kaiju, and one of the most epic movie monsters of all time. This Godzilla costume is epic, too – it’s an inflatable costume, powered by a small battery-operated fan. Much like the inflatable T-Rex costume that’s been blowing up social media this year, it’s great for a good laugh.

Speaking of Jurassic World, the big boss from that movie, the Indominus Rex super-dinosaur, has a costume all its own as well. The massive mask is incredibly detailed, and perfect for any fan of the Jurassic Park series.


Dragon Costumes for Kids


Maybe your kids want to be dragons for trick or treat, and maybe you’re the kind of awesome mom or dad who wants to dress up with them. Parent of the year award? We think so.

This black dragon hoodie is comfy and easy to wear for boys and girls of all ages. It’s just like a regular zip-up hooded sweatshirt, but with scaly texture on the outside and attached wings, horns, and tail.

Meanwhile, the Sully dragon kids costume features just the dragon hood, wings, and tail. It can easily be worn with a jacket or coat, making it a great idea for cold weather.

As for baby costumes, it doesn’t get more adorable than this fuzzy green and blue dragon costume, complete with dragon hat, wings, and booties.




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