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Posted on Sep 30, 2015

A Closer Look at The Post-Apocalyptic Warrior

A Closer Look at The Post-Apocalyptic Warrior


After the world has ended, only horror remains.

One warrior leads a charging faction of more, as they prepare to storm their enemies under a blazing desert sun. Towering speakers blare a distorted war cry as the skeletal figure rides into battle atop a snarling, growling, mechanized terror of a motorcycle. 

From the ashes of one apocalypse, another nightmare arises.



How to Complete and Customize this Costume

The Post-Apocalyptic Warrior is a look that’s a little bit steampunk, a little bit Mad Max, and whole lot of awesome. Rusting, mechanized armor makes up the bulk of this oversized mask, complete with coppery conduits and pipes. A Hessian-inspired helmet caps off the Warrior’s sick, grinning skull, and his metallic breathing mask is fully detachable to provide a variety of looks.

Just all the other pieces of The Nightmare Collection, the Warrior is constructed of hand-painted and textured latex rubber, which means that no two are exactly alike. So, crank up some old school heavy metal and hit the road hard on Halloween night, knowing that everyone will be blown away by your costume.

To make this costume look even more amazing, though, keep on reading for ideas and inspiration. A few accessories and other items go a long way, and we’ll show you how to make the most of this style.




Costume Pieces and Accessories for the Post-Apocalyptic Warrior

To build a full-on Halloween costume around this mask, you’ll need a base outfit, a few weapons and pieces of armor (what’s a warrior without a sword?), and some other accessories to finish off the look. You probably already have a lot of the necessary items at home. Thrift stores can also be a great resources for last-minute Halloween costume items.


Building the Ensemble


The Post-Apocalyptic Warrior is a warrior on the road. Through harsh conditions and searing wastelands, he carries on. So, for his gear, we picture basics like leather jackets, black denim, and cargo pants. If you don’t already have items like this, they should be pretty easy to track down. You can also work tights into the mix – this pair is professional stage quality.

You’ll need a pair of good solid boots, too. Combat boots are always a step in the right direction, but we also like the straps and buckles of the Dark Lord boots. They’ve got a little bit more of a science-fiction-fantasy vibe, which is great for a costume like this.


Post-Apocalyptic Weapons


Every warrior needs a good weapon or ten on hand. If you plan on using real metal replica swords or weaponry as part of costume, keep in mind any local laws or restriction regarding them. Halloween parties at bars or other public places might have rules against them, too, so it’s usually better to err on the side of plastic.

Fortunately, plastic weapons can look amazing as part of a costume. This worn and rusted knight’s sword and halberd are post-apocalyptic reminders of a fallen era, and this skeletal blade was forged for the purpose of reaping souls in the night. A golden shield is not just a means by which to deflect enemy strikes and inflict bashing ones of its own, but a symbol of prestige and battle-tested honor in a lawless future.

Or, maybe you’re choosing to play a Mad Max-inspired character that lives in a world ruled by the power of gasoline. In that case, what could make a better weapon than a blood-splattered chainsaw?


Other Accessories


Use lots of leather belts along with leather or otherwise black gloves to build upon the road warrior look. Bike or motorcycle wallet chains and regular chains from the craft store can be used – wrap them around your boots and forearms, or use them like regular belts. Speaking of belts, this triple ringed belt has a great look, and this bullet belt is an absolute must for any heavy metal warrior.

As for armor pieces, Romanesque arm guards can be adapted into apocalyptic equipment. They’re made of black faux leather and brass rings, which fits a lot of different looks. You can also use old, beaten up, or outgrown shin guards and elbow pads to make your own armor. Thrift stores always have tons of these – break out the black spray paint and you’re all set.


Group Costume Ideas for the Post-Apocalyptic Warrior

Legions of skeletal warriors and dark knights at the Post-Apocalyptic Warrior’s side is a terrifying sight to behold, and a great way to build a scary group costume look. Here are a few costumes that work with this theme really well.


This dark medieval mercenary is always ready to do any master’s bidding, as is the dragon lord knight. Basic skeleton costumes are also fine choices. This one is actually a full-body Morphsuit style jumpsuit, so it completely covers the wearer’s body. Add some costume armor and weapons to make him into the Post-Apocalyptic Warrior’s ultimate minion.

For the ladies, we recommend the Coffin Bride and Lady Reaper. Each one is the perfect blend of scary and sexy, and is sure to be a hit at any Halloween party. To play up more of the warrior aesthetic, the Ancient Warrior Princess – another piece from the Nightmare Collection – is a great match.

Kids can get in on the fun, too. Matching costumes for families are always fun, and if you accompany your child on trick or treat with a Nightmare Collection costume, you’ll be the coolest parent on the block for sure. This child-sized skull and bones Morphsuit is a like a gruesome, graveyard demon, ready to attack at any time. Another great costume idea for kids costume that goes with this theme is the Metal Skull Biker – what’s not cool about metal skeletons and leather jackets?


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