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Posted on Apr 20, 2016

A Closer Look at the Schnoz Goblin

A Closer Look at the Schnoz Goblin


Inside an old and musty tavern, orcs, ogres, and trolls laugh along with this goblin’s stories as well as his appearance. They aren’t exactly known for their personal hygiene, and no one knows them better than this goblin does. Well accustomed to the odors of death and decay, he is more than happy to guide wary travelers on their journeys through their nightmare.

As a Schnoz Goblin of your own design, you’ll be guaranteed to attract just as much attention.



How to Complete and Customize this Costume

With a grotesque complexion, yet goofy expression, this big-nosed creature will leave everyone in its wake scared silly. As is the case with the other  Nightmare Collection pieces, the Schnoz Goblin is one part costume, and one piece art when someone wears it.

Made completely out of high-quality natural rubber latex, this mask sits on the shoulders of those who wear it, allowing the oversized character head to transform them completely into the Schnoz Goblin. The drawstring cape around the creature’s neck helps to enhance the look of the overall costume, too, adding to the Renaissance fair-inspired style.

There are plenty of easy ways that you can enhance this costume look, too. To make this costume look even more amazing, read on to discover our tips for building a full-on Halloween look around the Schnoz Goblin.




Costume Pieces and Accessories for the Schnoz Goblin


We envision a Renaissance theme for this character, so when choosing costume accessory pieces, aim to get into the mind of someone living in that era. The feel of this mask fits perfectly in that time period and would frighten the mightiest of brigands or prettiest of maidens.

For starters, a frilly white shirt is perfect. Puffy sleeves will be seen from beneath the Schnoz Goblin’s green tunic, so you can channel your inner medieval monster or pirate captain.

But I don’t wanna be a pirate!


Brown costume pants – or any neutral-colored pants that you already own – will complete the base outfit of the Schnoz Goblin wonderfully.

You’ll also need the right pair of boots for your ensemble: something that shows you are one with the Renaissance and will blend right in. This pair of Renaissance boots that lace up the back is a great choice, but if you want something a little bit more magical, a nice pair of Jester Shoes suits the look well too.



As for other costume accessories, every Schnoz Goblin needs a goblet to fill with the finest of mead. Ringed leather belts work with Renaissance-inspired looks like this, too, and accessories like this fencing sword and shepherd’s staff also fit the character well.


Group Costume Ideas for the Schnoz Goblin


If you want to incorporate your Schnoz Goblin character into a group outing, then the perfect theme to go with is a demonic twist on a classic Renaissance faire. That’s the main inspiration for the goblin himself, so it’ll really bring the whole group together too. Create a band of dark knights, corrupted kings, and malefic maidens by combining Renaissance costumes with skull masks and makeup.



The Schnoz Goblin’s pointy elf ears also makes him the perfect master for a group of elven warrior minions. Make your group costume theme into a mashup with Lord of the Rings characters like Legolas and Tauriel, or look to the land of Hyrule with Link from The Legend of Zelda.


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