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Posted on Oct 7, 2015

A Closer Look at the Snarling Werewolf

A Closer Look at the Snarling Werewolf


As the full moon emerges from behind a dark cloud, casting its gloomy light on the ground, you feel the transformation begin.

Tangled masses of fur cover your body and tear your clothes. Knotted, curved horns erupt from your scalp, and your teeth protrude into a jagged snarl. As a clawed fist wipes the foam from your mouth, it lets out the unmistakable, unholy howl of the werewolf.

It’s a wonderful night to have a curse, and an even better one for a nightmare.



How to Complete and Customize this Costume

The Snarling Werewolf mask and arms pack an amazing amount of handcrafted detail. Each individual tooth – drool and all – is hand-painted along with the rest of the piece, for a look that’s completely unique. Matted, dreadlocked hair and spiraling, twisted horns envelop the wearer to further the transformation.



Costume Pieces and Accessories for the Snarling Werewolf

You can easily enhance this werewolf costume and make it look even better with a few items that you probably already have. The grotesque mask and oversized arms definitely do the heavy lifting when it comes to the scare factor, but it’s the finishing touches that put any Halloween costume over the top.


Creating a DIY Werewolf Outfit

To style the Snarling Werewolf costume, start with an old or thrifted flannel button-down shirt. Use one that’s one or two sizes larger than what you would normally wear, since you’ll want to wear it over the Snarling Werewolf mask and arms. Tear the arm holes and neck hole of the shirt if you need to make it fit, and add some more tears to the chest and back of the shirt.

Basically, you’re going for a look that suggests a recent transformation, similar to how the Incredible Hulk always tore open his shirts. You can also make similar modifications to a long sleeve T-shirt in any color.

For pants, it’s the same deal. Wear an old pair of ripped and ragged jeans, or grab a pair from the thrift store and make them ripped and ragged yourself. A great way to distress denim is to take some course sandpaper to it and scuff it up. Also, any new holes that you tear in your jeans can be made to look older and more natural by scraping a razor blade along the cut, perpendicular to the fabric.


More Werewolf Costume Accessories


These werewolf gloves are another option to wear around a Halloween party. Constructed from latex and faux fur, they look just as realistic as the Snarling Werewolf, too.

For your lower half, these furry beast legs are way cooler than a pair of torn jeans. Sure, werewolves don’t have hooves, but that just means you can make a demonic monster of your own creation.

These werewolf shoe covers are also perfect for this costume. They slip on right over most shoe sizes, and they’re a lot more convincing for your costume than a dingy pair of Nikes.

Or, for all the DIYers out there, a cool way to make your own werewolf shoes does involve a dingy pair Nikes.  Grab that old pair of sneakers that you never wear anymore, and remove the tongues and laces. Use a box cutter to tear open some more seams if you like, but keep the toes intact. Then, patch the shoes up with pieces of faux fur from the craft store – it will look like mutant furry feet are bursting the shoes apart.


Group Costume Ideas for the Snarling Werewolf

The Werewolf first appeared in 1940s cinema with films like The Wolf Man, so why not bring other classic movie monsters to life and build the ultimate Halloween group costume? There are plenty of looks to choose from: the Mummy, Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula and other vampires, and countless zombies are all great choices. Here are some of our favorite ideas for each one.


Zombie Costumes


From classic movies like White Zombie George A. Romero’s Living Dead films, to newer shows and video games like The Walking Dead and The Last of Us, zombies have always been a dominating force in the horror scene. Just as countless works of fiction exist, there are countless ways to make zombies a very real part of your Halloween. Go for the classic look, with the tattered and torn flesh of this zombie costume, or with this charred and disfigured burnt zombie corpse. Make your Halloween costume a mix of sexy and scary as a zombie bride or zombie mummy. Whichever way you go, you can always add a little bit of fake blood to your zombie costume for some easy extra gore.


Frankenstein Costumes


We love a good Frankenstein, and this collector’s edition includes everything from the scars to the shoes for the ultimate look. Also, for those wanting to channel their inner Karloff, this Frankenstein mask is a perfect replica of the monster’s look from the black-and-white Universal film era. The Steampunk Frankenstein costume, also from the Nightmare Collection, is another movie-quality mask, but with a mechanized twist. Coppery pipes and valves replace the bolts in Frankie’s neck for a fresh re-imagining of a classic monster.


Vampire Costumes


Finally, as a bloodthirsty vampire, you can be the master or mistress of your Halloween night. The Victorian Vamp is a vampire costume that brings the perfect level of gorgeous Gothic style. Its red satin dress with black lace accents is stunningly detailed, and it pairs nicely with the Vampire of Versailles for an amazing couples costume. For something a little more classically inclined, go for this vampire cape and a simple black outfit, or a red and black vampiress dress. Neither would look out of place in an old Bela Lugosi film.



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