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Posted on Sep 29, 2014

Backyard Graveyard Halloween Decorating Tutorial

Backyard Graveyard Halloween Decorating Tutorial

We’ve almost made it to October! That means Halloween is nearly upon us, which means it’s time to start getting into the spirit of the season. Today, we’re sharing some Halloween decorating ideas that will help you do just that – what better way is there to channel the “spirit” of Halloween than to turn your boring backyard into a ghostly graveyard scene?

Whether you’re going to be haunting your whole house for an all-out bash on All Hallows’ Eve, or you just want to prepare for the incoming trick or treaters, this is an easy way to add some ambience to your abode. Read on for our tips!

What does any graveyard need? Tombstones, of course – without graves, it would just be a yard. As the undertaker, you’re in charge of selecting the styles to use. If you’re feeling crafty, there are countless ways to make them look creepier. Try splattering them in fake blood, or cloaking the ground with a fog machine.

Fence pieces really go a long way towards completing a graveyard scene, too. Much like the gravestones themselves, their sturdy spikes make them easy to install and easy to remove after Halloween. We also decorated with some fake rusty chains and an old fashioned lantern to add even more creep factor.


Is this skeleton simply unburied, or is he in the process of rising from the grave? Scattering skeletons and bones around the gravestones only adds to the atmosphere. You can also go for the gorier route and include some zombie props, clawing their way out of the ground.

Finishing touches like this black crow perched atop the gravestones are a great way to cap things off. Also consider using spiders with fake cobwebs, rats, mice, and other Halloween props.

You can bring the haunted feel of a ghastly graveyard indoors, too, with a backdrop of bones. Props like this meat hook garland (complete with impaled skeleton pieces, naturally) and this stone wall can also help turn your living room into a decrepit dungeon or terrifying torture chamber.

There’s no such thing as too many skulls when decorating for Halloween! Put a whole bunch of them in a bowl as shown, display a few on your shelves, or just scatter them around the party. You can even use these plastic skulls to create a cool DIY Halloween garland:

To make your own, you’ll need our bag of skulls, some black cheesecloth, a length of twine or string to connect everything, and a pair of sharp scissors. It’s as easy as it looks in the photo. Poke some holes in either side of each fake skull with the scissors, and cut the cloth into squares. String them together on the twine as shown and secure with knots on each ends.


Click inside this graphic to shop this look and create your very own backyard graveyard!

Are you going to be entertaining a group of friends for Halloween this year? What will you be dressing up as, and what will your theme be? What kind of Halloween decorating ideas do you want to see from us next? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter @BuyCostumes, or shoot us a quick email. Be sure to check out our Pinterest boards for more tips and Halloween costume ideas, too.

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