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Posted on Oct 13, 2014

Beauty and the Beast Makeup Tutorial

Beauty and the Beast Makeup Tutorial

Kat Sketch has come up with one of the most creative Halloween makeup looks we’ve ever seen. We challenged her to make a Beauty and the Beast makeup tutorial for our Belle costume. She literally made a Beauty and the Beast makeup tutorial!

Her half-Belle, half-Beast creation is complete with scraggly fake Beast hair and is perfect for those looking to take a new angle on a Disney classic this Halloween. Watch her video below:

To see more of Kat’s work, visit her pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Etsy.

Follow along with the transcript of this video:

Hi everyone! Welcome to a new makeup look for Halloween, or any time of the year, depending on who you are. My name is Kat Sketch, and I make some crazy, wild makeup transformations, tutorials for the Internet over at YouTube on the channel The Real Kat Sketch. Usually I’ll create my face and do something very crazy and wild and strange, or do a crazy illustration or whatever pops into my brain that’s creative, but today, I thought we’d take an old Disney classic such as The Beauty and the Beast and put a twist on it.

That twist will take Princess Belle and transform her into half Belle and half Beast. So come along on this journey with me to see if I can do this.

Let me switch into a Belle beauty makeup and her outfit. So now that we are in this makeup you can tell that we’re Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Just a simple sultry eye and red lip, as you can tell. The dress I’m wearing today of Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is from They have a great shipping service and beautiful costumes. Make sure that you get one in your size because sometimes the costumes run small. This costume also comes with this gorgeous headband of a rose.

First we are going to take away half of our makeup using a makeup remover wipe. Put some pins in your hair just stick it next to that headband but you don’t have to do the full makeup you can just do half of it and do the other half of what we’re going to do next.

Now that our makeup is removed from half of our face, I’m going to seal my eyebrow with wax. This is Ben Nye’s Nose and Scar Wax. Then I’m going to take Cosmetic Gray Bondo. Please do not get your Bondo from the hardware store – and I would not use Bondo for this transformation, even though I am here. I would use Ben Nye’s nose and scar wax instead on top of the one we were using before because it is so much easier to work with.

I am using a spatula to form it onto my eyebrow where I want it. For my tear eyebrow shape, you kind of want sad, huge, manly type caveman eyebrow with the Bondo or what you’re going to be using. Nose and Scar Wax is so much easier to use and it doesn’t take hours to dry like this one did. Then I’m going to take some more Bondo and put that on my chin below my lip, making some sort of pocket. Taking this plastic piece, this is going to be the tooth of the beast – his bottom tooth.

I did not have fake nails so I took the plastic container that your eyelashes come in and just shape it into whatever tooth size you want with the scissors. Once that’s in there and smooth we are going to do another line on our bottom cheek pocket (is what I call it) to make a sagging, sad beast like frown. You can do one on your lower eye using nose and scar wax instead of this Bondo in a triangle shape to make him look more old and sad and angry.

Then put this on my nose – if doing an animalistic type of nose you want to have it flared out a little bit. You can put some wrinkles in it, its going to look a cross between a dog and a werewolf type of nose. What seems like four or five hours later once all the Bondo is dry but yours is going to be a lot quicker using Nose and Scar Wax you’re going to get some sealer I am using Kryolans Sealer or you can use Spirit Gum if you don’t have this and powder your spirit gum down to seal the wax so that we can put paint on it later and it won’t melt into your skin and react with whatever paint you’re going to put on next.

Now we’re going to color this side of you face I am taking Wolfe Brothers Aqua Paints now this is super expensive so if you do not have this you can use whatever Halloween makeup you get from Halloween or Party Supply store or you can use Kryolan’s Aqua Paints or Ben Nye Aqua Paints which is a lot cheaper than these ones. I’m just getting a beauty blender dupe that I saved specifically for Aqua Paints for more makeup transformations like these. You want to make sure you get an even layer as best as you can and not to get that tooth colored and leave it white.  Getting that brown color and stamping it in and blending it all over my face, forehead, neck, shoulders and chest. You don’t want it too splotchy so you want to let it dry maybe and do another layer.

Taking the Yellow Aqua paint from the same brand that you are using, you’re going to do on the high points of the face usually where our wax or Bondo is. Blending in with a little bit of yellow then flipping over using that same sponge with that brown. Then you can get another sponge or use the same one and flip it over. I would suggest using another sponge you do not need to use these Beauty Blender Dupes or beauty blenders in general you can use a regular disposable cosmetic sponge and dampen it a little bit and probably do this if you cut off the corners of this.

Putting that in the black and putting it on our nose taking that black and putting the areas of the eye socket in around the contours of our face and on our hairline and blending it into the colors we just laid which is mainly the cheek bone. Some suck it into our collar bone and near our shoulders. Then getting that black and doing the bottom contour of that wolf tooth pocket of the mouth that we did with the nose and scar wax earlier. On our lips well that half of that side anyways more around the contours of the mouth.  Defining it more around that tooth with the black, doing that frown mark with the black as well and on our brow area. You want the brow to be very heavy and look sad and angry.

Taking the black paint and just blending it more around the muzzle of the beast around his mouth area. You can take more of the yellow and do more of the highlight points and take the black and do more contour. Put as much detail wrinkles lines as you want into this look, you can make it your own. You can put some black on the upper eyebrow area to make it stand out more. You can put more black around your eye kind of like a eyeliner, eyeshadow thing. With some kind of crow’s feet under the eye to define around it more and above your brow bone of the beast nose and scar wax or bondo area that we did so that he looks more angry and it looks more heavy set.

You can get more of that black aqua paint and do more tones to your shoulder and chest. Then taking my Makeup Forever Flash Palette of course if you do not have this you could also use a great dupe which is Halloween regular store tooth paints or black lipstick and do some texturizing around your face in these areas as shown. Getting a Flash Tone Concealer Color and tapping that on the high points of the face on your cheek, and your brow bone area, on other parts of the face like the forehead and areas you think that need to stand out a little bit more that will make the contours look more deep set and everything just more contrast so it looks a little bit more like a beast. On that little pocket above the tooth and on your nose of that beast and on the bottom pocket where the tooth is stuck in. You also do that on the under eye to make a pocket like affect get some black and do an area on your cupids bow and around your mouth. This is going to help transition from the human side to the beast side.

Now it’s time to put on a fake beard. I am going to lay my own hair with this Spirit Gum. I am getting a matte adhesive type spirit gum from Ben Nye and just putting that on the areas where I want my beard to go. I lay it like shingles. This is going to be complicated so I would suggest you get a fake beard from a Halloween store and cut it in half. You can have multiple pieces this way and lay it wherever you want on your face. Semi the same steps, but less amounts of them, ’cause like I said, this is going to be laid like shingles on a roof of a house, which means it’s going to be in steps – a lot of them.

I am laying my own hair but its a lot easier to get a fake beard. Because this fake beard material is crepe wool and if you are allergic to wool this is going to be very terrible for your skin, but I already know that I am not allergic and I blended it to match my hair color kind of. We’re going to do one strip and then another strip and another just with scissors just make sure you don’t get them too close to your face where you chop bits of your face apart because that’s not that type of Halloween video.

I’m going to go even further and get that spirit gum and put it in that brow area that we made to lay an eyebrow, a crazy thick eyebrow. Now this looks very big but we’re going to comb it through, twirl it out, cut it down, fix our beard. Now I’m going to get this thing called Whisker Fixer by Real Creations. If you’re laying your own hair. you might want to have this to form the hair together. It will just make it easier to style, but if you have no clue on how to lay hair, or no training in it, I would get the fake beards like I’ve been saying. Form it, cut it to however thin or big or curly you want.

Get the yellow paint and coloring in a little bit of that tooth, cause it’s too stark white and too fake looking. Now I’m just arranging my hair now that the beard and eyebrow are situated, because I don’t want to fully curl that beard as you can tell, because it won’t blend into the hair as well. Putting some of my real hair behind that beard because I made it a little sparse (because beards are not that full, thick and crazy in real life).

Now that you have your beard laid and everything, that is our finished makeup look! I hope you guys enjoyed this and have so much fun this Halloween and have fun searching at where I got this awesome costume from. They have such a great variety of outfits this Halloween that inspired me to do this makeup transformation.

Now taking this makeup off was pretty interesting. Ripping the hairs of the fake beard off is always a weird feeling. If it hurts a little bit don’t go too crazy. Get some really good makeup remover. On my YouTube videos of each entire makeup look, I put in the description box of all the products that I used in the video – to take off the makeup, and everything that I used to make it.

If you’re careful and use a really strong and good makeup remover for the Ben Nye Scar Wax you should be using (instead of this Bondo) everything should be coming out fine, and don’t pull your skin too hard. This was so much fun to create for you guys I hope you guys enjoy and check out all the other makeup transformations to come in the future and older ones. I hope I can spark some inspiration for your guys Halloween look I hope you have a safe and awesome Halloween and I hope to see you guys soon all on the internets. Have a great day and I appreciate you all for watching. Bye!


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