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Posted on Nov 7, 2014

Big Hero 6: 6 Big Differences Between the Movie and the Comics

Big Hero 6: 6 Big Differences Between the Movie and the Comics

Today’s the day – Big Hero 6, the first official feature film collaboration between Disney and Marvel since the former bought the latter in 2009, is hitting theaters in North America.

Early reviews are great too; at the time of this writing, Big Hero 6 has notched an impressive 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with 105 critic reviews counted.

Though based on the Marvel Comics series of the same name, the movie depart from the source material quite a bit. To quote John Lasseter of Pixar Studios, “Without question, [Big Hero 6]was made 100 percent [by Disney]. They’d forgotten the books existed.” (Source)

So, how different is it, exactly (and what is Big Hero 6 in the first place)? Hopefully this blog is spoiler-free – we haven’t seen it yet, either (it did just come out today, after all). But, here are the 6 Biggest Differences we found between Big Hero 6 the movie and the comics.

Big Difference 1: Baymax’s Design

Baymax from Big Hero 6. Property of Disney Marvel.Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Baymax is Hiro’s robot, the lovable, puffy, squishy guy you’ve seen in the trailers. He’s an inflatable hospital service robot, built for the purpose of helping those around him, who acts as Hiro’s best friend. He’s also voiced by Scott Adsit, a.k.a.  Pete Hornberger from 30 Rock.

In the comics, though, Baymax is a genetically mutated creature that Hiro created for a science fair project at school. His main ability is the power to “synthform,” or transform his body into different shapes. Most of the time, he takes the form of a human to disguise himself (a la Nightcrawler and Mystique from X-Men), but during battle his most common form is that of a dragon, occasionally with battle mech armor.

Marvel Comics

Yeah, that frickin’ rules.

Big Difference 2: The Cast

bh6-comic-coverMarvel Comics

The phrase “Big Hero 6” refers to the team of superheroes featured in the comic series, and not, as one might assume from a first viewing of the trailer, Baymax’s full-bodied figure. Many of the characters from the source material were kept for the movie: there’s Hiro and Baymax, naturally, along with Honey Lemon, GoGo Tomago, Wasabi, and Fredzilla.

But, there were a few extra members of the team in the comic books that didn’t quite make the cut for the big screen. Silver Samurai and Sunfire (and their alternate universe counterparts, Ebon Samurai and Sunpyre) were in Big Hero 6, but they belong to the X-Men universe, too. Thus, 20th Century Fox Studios, who owns the filmmaking rights to that franchise, also owns the rights to those characters

Big Difference 3: Hiro’s and Baymax’s Roles

hiro-and-baymaxWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

In the movie, Hiro and Baymax are far and away the main characters. In the Big Hero comics, everything was really about the team itself. It was structured a lot like other “superhero team” styles of comic book storytelling, like The Avengers or Teen Titans, with Silver Samurai in the leadership role for the majority of the books’ run.

Big Difference 4: The Setting

san-fransokyoWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Hiro in the comics is a proud resident of Yoga, Setagaya, a suburb of Tokyo, Japan. The entire superhero team was based out of Tokyo, too, with a base of operations headquartered in the Cool World Amusement Park. In the film though, everything happens in a completely fictional city called San Fransokyo – a combination of San Francisco and Tokyo to go along with the film’s stylistic influences from both Eastern and Western culture. Why did Disney decide to avoid a perfectly good (and totally real) city? Well, that brings us to…

Big Difference 5: Interaction with the Marvel Universe

The_Marvel_Universe5Marvel Comics


It’s fair to assume that Big Hero 6 the movie was going to be more or less in its own, self-contained world, given that San Fransokyo is, you know, not a real place. The comics took place in Marvel-616, which is the mainstream Marvel Universe and essentially the “real” world. In fact, the BH6 comics actually had some pretty explicit connections with other franchises. As mentioned earlier, Silver Samurai and Sunfire were part of the X-Men, but the Big Hero 6 team has also joined forces with the likes of Spider-Man and Elektra.

To confirm the separation of the movie universe though, director Don Hall said in an interview, “The universe we’re creating is not tied to the Marvel Universe … there’s no Iron man or anybody like that. It’s a world of our own design.” (Source) Perhaps Big Hero 6 is the first installment in what’s going to turn into a much broader Marvel Animated Universe? We’d be okay with that.

Big Difference 6: At the end of the day, Big Hero 6 is still a kids’ movie.

bh6-baymax-ssWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

We’re not saying that that’s a bad thing by any means whatsoever – Disney’s last two animated films, Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen, were totally awesome. But, the darker, more adult-oriented themes of the comics are definitely out. For example, part of Hiro’s hero origin story is that his mother is taken away from him by the being known as the Everwraith. What is the Everwraith? It’s a supernatural evil creature created from the astral collective of souls of the victims of the World War II atomic bomb attacks. Yeah, we definitely aren’t going to blame Disney for censoring that one.

So, are you as pumped as Baymax’s inflatable body to see Big Hero 6? What’s your favorite superhero movie of all-time – and how do you think Hero is going to stack up? If you liked this post and want to see more like it, let us know! Follow us on Facebook or on Twitter @BuyCostumes to share your thoughts, or send us a quick email. Check out our boards on Pinterest, too, for some awesome costume ideas and photos.

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