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Posted on Aug 11, 2014

Can’t-Miss Costume Events: August 11 Edition

Can’t-Miss Costume Events: August 11 Edition

Looking for the next big costume convention to attend? With Guardians of the Galaxy and the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies still fresh in theaters, it’s as prime of a time as ever for cosplay! We have five new events to talk about this week, and a few of them are positively massive – seriously, we’re talking truly can’t-miss. Keep on reading to see our rundown!

Plenty of Time to Plan: (August 24 – August 30)

Dragon Con (Atlanta, GA)

(Massive Event #1) From humble beginnings in 1987, Dragon Con has grown into one of the biggest and best cons in the country. Yearly attendance is in the tens of thousands, but the focus at the show has largely remained on costuming, cosplay, and pure fandom itself. Celebrity panels and big name exhibitors show up in full force, but more than anything, it’s always been about the fans. To learn more, there’s a great piece you can read about DC here – on the SDCC blog (that should tell you something).

Fan Expo Canada (Toronto, ON)

(Massive Event #2) From our friends north of the border comes the third largest convention on the continent. With yearly attendance approaching six digits, Fan Expo is in the top echelon of comic cons, right up there with Comic Con International. The guest list speaks for itself – Doctor Who, Drax the Destroyer, Captains Kirk and Picard, and dozens of other superstars from every genre under the sun.

Geek.Kon (Madison, WI)
We have to give a shout out to this local event based in our home state. It’s a few thousand strong and mostly gaming-focused, but costumes and cosplay are always involved, of course.

Kumoricon (Portland, OR)
The biggest anime convention in Portland sees over five thousand visitors descend upon the entire metro area. Aside from the standard cosplay and masquerade balls, there’s also live-action cosplay chess – costumed participants act out battles on the board, in character.

PAX Prime (and PAX Dev) (Seattle, WA)

(Massive Event #3) Penny Arcade Expo isn’t just one yearly event, it’s a whole series. Video games and gaming culture are what PAX is all about, with tournaments and LANs galore, but there are always more than enough cosplayers to go around – here’s a great gallery from The Escapist. Unfortunately, PAX events sell out quick, but the next PAX event to look forward to is PAX South in San Antonio, January 2015. Will you be there?

Check out our last post to read our write-ups of these great events!

Happening Next Week (August 17 – August 23)

Happening This Week! (August 11 – August 16)

What are your upcoming convention-going plans? Whatever they are, be sure to share your costume ideas and photos with on Twitter @BuyCostumes as well as Facebook. Check out the BuyCostumes Events page and our Pinterest boards too for even more costume inspiration.

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Header image (c) Pat Loika via Wikimedia Commons

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