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Posted on Jul 28, 2014

Comic-Con Recap + 25 More Awesome Photos

Comic-Con Recap + 25 More Awesome Photos

San Diego Comic-Con International is officially in the books for 2014! For this final update, we’re showing off Dotty’s best photos from the weekend. (If you haven’t already, check out our past posts to see what she saw at Comic-Con on Thursday and Friday.) Amazing displays and elaborate costumes were everywhere, so keep on reading to check ’em out!

Adam incognito.

adam savages alien suit

Every year, special effects master and MythBuster Adam Savage attends Comic-Con in one of his painstakingly detailed, handmade cosplay costumes. This year, he wore a spacesuit out of Alien that he had been building for 10 years, and we were lucky enough to find him walking around!

Actual masks used in the Batman films.

batman masks 2

On display were tons of props used in all the different movies. These two masks are from Batman Forever and Batman (1989).

The full Bat Suits were available for viewing as well.


Clockwise from the top left, these were worn by Christian Bale, George Clooney, Val Kilmer, and Michael Keaton in their respective films.

Dotty tried her hand at some taxidermy.

bates motel taxidermy

This interactive exhibit was courtesy of the Bates Motel show on A&E. (No, there was no actual taxidermy involved.)

This Bane cosplayer was spot-on.

BANE + batman statue

He even had a photo of Harvey Dent and posed next to a Dark Knight statue. How more perfect can you get? That coat must have been crazy hot inside the convention center, though.

The Mario Bros. made a new friend.

mario bros

They must have bonded over their fondness for overalls.

The Lego area was totally amazing.

lego area

Seriously: there were Legos everywhere, and on everything. Not only were there tons of Lego bricks available for open play, but there were tons of epic, life-size Lego models. Here are four of our favorites. (A list within a list? Take that, BuzzFeed.)

Lord Business, from The Lego Movie.

lego lord business

If you haven’t seen The Lego Movie yet, you definitely should. It’s easily one of our favorite kids’ movies of all time – and we’re adults!

Shredder, sworn enemy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

lego shredder

This is the Shredder from the current Nickelodeon reboot of the cartoon. His Lego-based armor looked particularly impressive.

The dragon Smaug and his hoard.

lego dragon

This was one of the most detailed Lego models at Comic-Con. If you look closely, you can see a to-scale Hobbit sneaking around the base of the pillar.

Rocket Raccoon and Groot.

guardians of the galaxy legos

The most amazing movie promo we’ve ever seen – Guardians of the Galaxy comes out in the U.S. this Friday, August 1! (Yes, we have costumes.)

This giant Bumblebee from Transformers.

transformers display

It wasn’t made of Legos, but it was still epic.

This Cloud and his homemade sword looked great.

cloud cosplay ff7 advent children

Not everyone thinks Final Fantasy VII is the best game in the series, but everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Cloud definitely looked better in his Advent Children costume, though.

These troopers from Hunger Games: Catching Fire were super-realistic.

HG catching fire troopers

Dotty volunteered herself as tribute.

So was this shirtless Wolverine.

wolverine + dotty

Dotty volunteered just to stand next to him.

Hot Wheels created this giant Darth Vader-mobile.

hot wheels vadermobile 2

Complete with giant bright orange track, this oversized custom car was made to look like Darth Vader’s iconic helmet. All of a sudden, we’re wondering how a Star Wars and Fast and the Furious crossover would turn out.

The best Iron Man cosplay we’ve ever seen.

iron man 2

Between the glowing reactor core, full suit of armor, and metallic and rusted finishing effects, this guy had everything absolutely perfect.

This homemade Stormtrooper was fantastic, too.

homemade stormtrooper

All weekend long, we kept being blown away by people’s personal creations. The attention to detail in this one is simply phenomenal.

There was even an entire Stormtrooper army!

stormtroopers army 2

Okay, it was an army of action figures. Still, on such a massive scale, it was quite a sight.

One more Stormtrooper… Deadpool?

deadpool stormtrooper mashup

If any superhero would ever be likely to put on a costume from a different franchise over his own, it would be Deadpool. No fourth walls are ever safe around him.

More zombies from Walking Dead.

walking dead booth 1

These guys were out all weekend long – you couldn’t get away from them, even though zombies are usually supposed to be pretty slow.

These Pulp Fiction cosplayers.

pulp fiction cosplay

Vincent and Jules themselves made an appearance, straight from everyone’s favorite movie about biblical passages and foreign cheeseburger nomenclature.

The Sanrio Hello Kitty booth.

hello kitty booth girl

2014 marks the 40th anniversary of this cute character. Yuko Yamaguchi, her designer, was available for autographs.

Dotty made sure to pose for her favorite movie.

sharknado 2

Some movies are so bad they’re good. Last year’s Sharknado was so bad it was a masterpiece. The Syfy team was handing out foam chainsaws to passersby to build up more buzz for the sequel, which is airing this week.

What were your favorite photos from this year’s Comic-Con? Or, if you were able to make it to San Diego, what was the best thing you saw in person? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter @BuyCostumes, and visit our Pinterest boards to get even more costume inspiration.


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