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Posted on Sep 17, 2014

Cruella De Vil Makeup Tutorial

Cruella De Vil Makeup Tutorial

We sent a few different costumes to our friend Bethany and challenged her to come up with a Halloween makeup look for each one. In this video, she gives our Cruella De Vil wig some style right out of the original animated movie! Check out her tutorial below:

More of Bethany’s makeup tutorials can be found in our makeup ideas section, and you can view the rest of her work on her YouTube channel and Instagram.

Follow along with the transcript for this video:

Hey everyone so this is the next villain in my Disney villain series Cruella De Vil. I teamed up with BuyCostumes to put out a tutorial every day this week from Monday through Friday. In this tutorial I’m wearing the Leg Avenue by Disney’s Cruella De Vil Wig. So I’ll link all the information down below you can check out BuyCostumes and there social media sites. Now let’s begin this tutorial.

First use a black face paint to outline your nose, your nostrils. You need to paint on your eyebrows, eyelid, along your lash line, paint on your mouth and use it to make your cheekbones appear more like Cruella’s by painting on your desired face shape and then blackening out anything that isn’t inside of this new painted on face shape. You have to bring that face paint down onto the neck to help the face shape look more believable. You can wear even a black turtle neck to get away with this and when you’re painting on the nostrils make sure they’re a bit pointier than usual.

Now it’s time to start painting the features. Right now I’m painting the eyelid green using Wolfe’s Green Face Paint and then I go ahead and use Wolfe’s Red Face Paint as the lipstick color. You don’t have to paint on the skin but I went ahead and did so using Wolfe’s Ivory Face Paint, which is kind of like a skin tone color, and I did a bunch of strokes with it so that it kind of looks like a painting. So, more like a cartoon rather than like a human, human Cruella. I wanted it to look like a cartoon; that’s what I was going for. And it’s a little bit harder to do once you got all the features painted but it’s easier at the same time because you don’t have to end up mixing the black face paint with the ivory face paint and then it mixes together and creates like a muddy color. It’s easier to do it the way I did for it to look better.

To give more dimension to the look, I used BH Cosmetics 120 Eyeshadow Palette to shade the eyeshadow and lipstick. I just used some green eyeshadow and some red eyeshadow that were in the palette, and just shaded around mostly the edges of the look. This brings dimension to the look. I went back with the black face paint and started painting on Cruella De Vil’s chin just because I wanted it to look more like her chin. Then I used a black eyeshadow to start shading the look and creating bags and wrinkles.

So I mainly shaded around the mouth, below the eyes and the cheek bones and this is just going to bring some depth to the look and it’s not going to look as harsh as it would using like a black face paint. Then I go ahead and use a bronzer just a few shades darker than the face paint that I used as a skin color and use it to shade the look a little bit so more so around the nose to slim it up and around the cheek bones to really make them stand out.

Finally, I decided to paint on her earrings, and I painted them right below her cheek bone because that’s kind of how she has it in the cartoon (you know, the cartoon movie). I just used Wolfe’s Aqua and Green Face Paints, mixed them together, and then just painted on the earring and I thought it looked really cool. It looks better with the earring than without.

That’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial. Please give it a thumbs up, and I will see you guys tomorrow with a very special Frozen tutorial with the cutest girl ever, so you’re really going to want to make sure you check in tomorrow. So I’ll see you, take care, bye!


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