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Posted on Sep 15, 2014

Cute Clown Makeup Tutorial

Cute Clown Makeup Tutorial

We asked YouTuber Bethany to create a makeup look to go with this crazy and colorful clown costume. She did not disappoint! Watch her tutorial below to get your own clown look:

More of Bethany’s makeup tutorials can be found in our makeup ideas section, and you can view the rest of her work on her YouTube channel and Instagram.

Follow along with the transcript for this video:

Hi everyone! In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to recreate this easy, cute Halloween clown look. I teamed up with to put out a tutorial every day this week for you guys from Monday through Friday. The costume I’m wearing in this tutorial is the TuTu Lulu The Clown Adult costume with the Circus Sweetie Lollipop wig. Please look in the description box for a direct link to to check out this costume and plenty more. Well I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial and I will see you all tomorrow with another tutorial. Please give this video a thumbs up and I will promise to pie someone else in the face. Now let’s begin.

I’m starting off the look by using a white grease paint from my Makeup Forever Flash Palette. I apply that onto my forehead and bring it down to the tip of my nose. This will act as a eyeshadow base for the eyeshadows I will be applying, and also just added tint of that white clown makeup lots of clowns wear. A good alternative to this grease paint is Nyx Double Pencil and Milk, or even white face paint.

Now I’m going to start applying eyeshadows to my face. The first eyeshadow I apply is a hot pink eyeshadow and I use that to contour my cheekbones, and then directly above it I apply a pink eyeshadow and just blend that in. Then around the temple, I blend in a creamcicle orange eyeshadow, so it’s kind of like a pastel orange, and then right above the forehead, just around the edge of I,t I blend in a yellow eyeshadow. Then I go back with a purple eyeshadow and use that to really define my cheekbone and then I apply that same purple eyeshadow onto my eyelid.

Make sure you apply that purple eyeshadow along the lower lash line as well, and then directly into the crease I blended in Aqua eyeshadow and directly above that Aqua eyeshadow I blended in a pastel green eyeshadow that I bring all the way up toward my brow bone. Now all the eyeshadows I’m using are all from my 120 Eyeshadow Palette from BH Cosmetics.

Moving onto the face paint, I mix Wolfe’s white and purple face paint together to create a lilac color that I used to paint on some eye designs. So I create a triangle above each eye and then an upside down triangle below each eye. And then I also use that face paint to cover up my brows and create just another little design.

Now I paint a bunch of dots wherever I felt like it – so, mainly below my eyes, around my temples and above the brows. I mixed a bunch of face paints together to create the colors I wanted. All the paints I used are from my Wolfe’s 12 Hydrocolor appetizer Palette, and it’s the essential palette.

If you want to know exactly what face paints I mixed together to get which colors, just look in the description box below. There will be a complete list of that as well as a complete list of all the products that I used. But mainly the colors I mixed together were like pink with white, orange with white, green with white to get those light, pastel colors.

For the dots on the temple I just used Wolfe’s Blue, Red, Yellow and Green face paints. I didn’t do any mixing there. I chose to apply the darker colors to just the temple because I wanted the look to mainly be light colors but I wanted there to be colors in my makeup that matched the colors in my costume.

I chose to paint my nose pink to keep with the whole cute theme. I first painted a baby pink circle to the tip of my nose and then used a pink eyeshadow to shade around the nose. Then I just drew a little white line going around the nose to bring some dimension to the clown nose.

I wanted there to be a little bit of color on the bottom part of my face so I applied the orange eyeshadow. I applied it to my temple, onto my chin, and to the center of my forehead to balance it out.

And now I apply plenty of mascara to my top and bottom lashes. I use Nyx Two Timer liquid eyeliner to line my lash line, and to draw on some lower lashes, and I drew them a little clownish just on the outer corner. Then I apply fake eyelashes to give me those doll eyes – like big, bright doll eyes.

Now for the lips, I used Nyx Lip Liner and Doll Pink to outline and fill in my lips. You can just use face paint to do this. The problem is that if you drink anything, the face paint will run off. So it’s nice to have that lip liner as a base. If the face paint does run, there is still color on your lip. I then use the pink face paint to outline my lips. I drew outside of my natural lip line and extended a line passed the outer corner of each lip to give me the usual over exaggerated clown lip. I used the white face paint to draw a white line on the top and bottom lip. This gives it a cartoony effect and I made sure I blended the white out so it wasn’t so white. I did the same thing to the purple designs just added a few white strokes here and there.

And you’re finished! I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial – please give the video a thumbs up if you want to see more Halloween tutorials and remember to check out While you’re at it follow them on all their social media sites for sale updates and coupon codes, because it’s all free coupon codes. So I will let the tutorial end and I will see you guys tomorrow with another tutorial. Take care, bye!


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