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Posted on Oct 16, 2015

Dark Angel Halloween Makeup Tutorial by Kelly Marie

Dark Angel Halloween Makeup Tutorial by Kelly Marie


Makeup artist and YouTuber Kelly Marie created this amazing Halloween makeup look to bring our dark angel costume to life. Complete with freaky contact lenses, it’s a devilish take on an angelic look that we’re absolutely in love with. If you’re interested in creating this kind of makeup for your Halloween costume, then watch Kelly’s video tutorial below:



To see more of Kelly’s work, visit her pages on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Follow along with the transcript of this video:


Going in and starting this dark angel makeup tutorial, I’m just going in and placing some tape on the outer corner of my eye, lining up with my eyebrow, just so I have a clean edge for my eyeshadow.

Then I’m going in with a small detail brush and just taking a matte black eyeshadow. I just taking this and dragging it along that tape that I just placed down, kind of like I was doing a really dramatic winged eye liner. That tape is just going to give me a clean edge to lead that eyeshadow all the way up.

I’m also taking this and blending it slightly into the outer V of my eye. Again, it’s just giving it the illusion of really dramatic winged eyeliner.

Then I’m taking a smaller pencil brush, and taking more of that black matte eyeshadow and placing it into the outer V of my eye, just to add a little bit more depth.

Then, I’m taking this ColorPop eye shadow in the color Liberty, and it’s just a really gorgeous silver metallic eyeshadow. I’m just packing that onto the lids of my eye. I’m using my finger because I find that that’s the easiest way to apply these ColorPop eye shadows to get the most color payoff.

Then, I am taking a dark plum eye shadow, on a small dense crease brush, and I’m just taking this plum eye shadow and building up the color into my crease. I’m also kind of following the line I place with that black eye shadow, and just dragging this plum eye shadow up above the black, kind of in the shape of a really dramatic cat eye.

You just want to keep blending that purple eye shadow into the crease of your eye. I’m also taking it slightly into the inner corner of my eye as well.

The key to this look is you just want to keep building up the color, and going in and blending it out. As you can see here, I’m going in with a fluffy clean blending brush, and just blending out that plum eye shadow that I just placed down. So you just want to keep going back and forth, building up the intensity that you prefer for this look.

Then, I’m going back in with that pencil brush and that matte black eyeshadow, and just building up that black eye shadow intensity a little bit more, because I felt like I lost a little bit of the intensity after blending out all of the plum eye shadow.

Then just remove the tape and you’ll see that you’re left with a super clean edge to your eyeshadow – this is a huge lifesaver.

Then, I’m just applying some under-eye concealer to get rid of some of that fallout from all of the dark eye shadows, and just blending that out with my beauty blender.

Then I’m applying some super dramatic eyelashes, and these are from Nyx Cosmetics, and then I also decided to pop in some creepy white contacts. These are from

Then just go in and apply some coal black eyeliner to your water line. Go back in with that matte black eyeshadow and just drag that along the lower lash line while smoking it out just a little bit.

Then I am taking a black gel eyeliner and I am just dragging this out from the inner corner of my tear duct. (I’m sorry this kind of hard to see, but I had to get so close to my mirror to do this, so hopefully you guys can see what I’m doing here.) I’m just dragging it out from my tear duct, into the corner to form a point, and going back to fill that little area in.

Then I’m just applying some mascara to my lower lashes. Then, I’m going in with a grey shadow and using this to contour my face. I thought that using a grey eye shadow would give kind of a creepy, dead look to my skin, so we’re just going in and contouring with some grey eye shadow.

Then I’m taking a red lip liner, and just using this to line my lips and fill them in. Then, I’m topping off the red lip liner with some black lipstick, because I like the look of a red liner with some black lipstick over the top of it.

That is going to complete this dark angel makeup tutorial! Now, onto my costume. This costume is from, and this is one of the more elaborate costumes that they have on their site. This is a dark angel costume, and it is super detailed and elaborate. As you can see here, in the bodice it has this wing detail and it has these really detailed wings on the back of the costume. They actually detach from the costume. And, it has this really cute and flowy skirt on the bottom of the costume.

If you guys are on the lookout to purchase a costume online for Halloween, they have a ton of great costumes on this site.


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