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Posted on Jul 17, 2014

Day to Night Pirate Look

Day to Night Pirate Look

Avast, matey! Halloween may be a ways off, but it’s not too early to start preparing. Plus, there are always plenty of reasons for a pirate costume – aside from pirate festivals and Ren Faires happening all year round, International Talk Like a Pirate Day is in September.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at one of our favorite sexy pirate costumes, and showing you how you can rock it for any occasion, from the workplace to the party place. Keep reading to see our tips!

If you work in an office, you’ll probably agree that a morning cup of Starbucks (or two) is every bit as valuable as a chest full of buried treasure, and our Sexy Swashbuckler Adult Costume can help you play that pirate role around your co-workers.

To tone down this costume a just little bit from 9 to 5, combine the short skirt that’s included in the package with a longer and fuller black petticoat. The layered and lacy look is a little more sensible, but every bit as piratey! Adding black tights and simple black heels keep this costume sassy without being overly sexy.

This cute draw string bag is a stylish way to carry your gold doubloons and period-accurate smartphone around the office. Use it as a clutch, or loop the strings through a belt to keep your hands free for plundering the break room. The pouch itself is polyester fabric, textured for a more aged look, with a skull and crossbones patch on the front. Small golden medallions affixed around the top of the bag are the finishing touch!

If you’re all set to clock out and leave the cubicle for the club, here are some quick costume mods that are easy to execute and take you from office-appropriate to “ARRR”-rated! Sexy red lipstick does wonders for any saucy pirate wench, and for more makeup ideas, just take your pick from our selection of costume makeup kits! No pirate would be complete without gold hoop earrings, either – try leaving just one in for that gold standard pirate look.

Ditch those tights in favor of some black fishnet stockings, and swap your shoes with a pair of alluring knee-high heeled boots. The buckles are just for decoration, but they look fabulous! We’ve also gone for a shorter white lace petticoat in place of the black – it’s more revealing, and more risqué.

Here’s another pirate purse alternative that’s sure to garner plenty of positive reactions while you’re out on the town. Hang this treasure chest with skull-and-bones clasp from the included gold chain and keep all your pirate booty safe!


Are you planning on swashing some buckles at a pirate festival or costume party anytime soon?
What do you think of our “daytime vs. nighttime” pirate costume tips? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter @BuyCostumes – we love to hear feedback and we love to see photos (that’s how we know how to make our costumes even better)! Be sure to check out our Pinterest boards too, for even more awesome costume ideas.




  1. The costume is adorable but wouldn’t look the same if you didn’t have such darling looking model. Kudos for such a cute and well done photo shoot.

  2. Very nice! I just brought this costume and was wondering how I can pull it off at work. This is perfect! and the model looks like perfection with the makeup too. Looking forward to imitating this look!

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