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Posted on Aug 20, 2014

Decorating With Skeletons

Decorating With Skeletons

Today, we’re showing off tips and tricks that you can use to decorate with skeletons, skulls, and spider webs this Halloween. There’s no place like home – especially a haunted home!

Our life-size skeleton prop is a great start for getting together your Halloween decorations. He’s totally posable, which makes him easy to adapt into décor of all sorts.


Click here to view our video tutorial on how to set up a posable skeleton prop outside. Making sure he’s assembled correctly and stably positioned is the top priority – you can create the most amazing display of Halloween decoration ever, but the illusion falls apart if things start to fall out of place!

Here’s our skeleton friend set up with a creepy indoor theme! Old-looking, leather-bound books make great props, and they can also double as weights to keep fake spiderwebs stretched taut and in place. The more you pull, the better they look! Another quick tip for DIY decorating: a little baby powder can make everything look dingy, dusty, and even more spooky.

If you really want to cast a gloomy atmosphere over your bone room, set up a few blue or purple-tinted lights, or use a black floodlight blub in your lamps. Creepy Halloween candles are always another way to go to create ominous lighting levels.

Not every Halloween scene you’re looking to create will call for full size skeletons. Sometimes, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. With the help of skulls and other fake bones, it’s easy to turn a boring backyard into a ghastly graveyard in minutes.

Tombstones really help to set the mood too, and you can even set up a realistic graveyard fence and get some fog to roll in on your party.

Credit: Cookies and Cups

Credit: Cookies and Cups

Finally, here’s something we found that’s a little more fun and friendly, but still every bit as Halloween – edible DIY skeleton cupcake toppers! Credit goes to Cookies and Cups for the photo, and you can find more pictures and the full how-tos on their site, here. Here are the basics if you’re more of a “learn by doing” type:

  • Flatten some marshmallow by pressing them with your hands to form the skulls. Add facial features with a food coloring marker.
  • Skewer a few yogurt-covered pretzels with a lollipop stick to form the skeleton’s ribcage. Space them out with blobs of frosting in between.
  • Top off the stick with your marshmallow head, and use a few pretzel halves for the arms.
  • Insert your skeletons into your cupcakes! Decorating with orange and black nonpareils is a great look.

Are you already preparing your Halloween celebrations for this year? What are your favorite ways to go about haunting your house? What kind of decorating ideas should we come up with next? Let us know your thoughts and share your Halloween party pics with us on Facebook and on Twitter @BuyCostumes! Check out our Pinterest boards too, for even more decoration inspiration and Halloween costume ideas.

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