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Posted on Dec 4, 2015

DIY Jessica Jones Costume Tutorial

DIY Jessica Jones Costume Tutorial


Played by Krysten Ritter on Netflix’s superhero series of the same name, Jessica Jones is a superhero-turned-private investigator. Her extraordinary abilities make her one of the best at what she does, but a mind-controlling supervillain from her past by the name of Kilgrave has returned to destroy her life.



Jessica Jones doesn’t really have a single most memorable outfit in the series, but she definitely has an easily costume-able style. This also means that there’s a lot of options to choose from when picking out pieces to build a costume with.

So, here are a few quick tips that you can use to assemble a DIY Jessica Jones costume of your own, with a couple of her different looks from the show in mind.





Jessica Jones DIY Costume Pieces

These costume pieces are pretty uniform through Jessica Jones’ wardrobe, so you’ll need them for whichever of the two looks below you’re going to go for.

Fingerless gloves: Take a pair of scissors to a pair of cheap black costume gloves to make some fast fingerless gloves, just like Jessica’s. You can also, of course, do the same thing to a pair of inexpensive knit winter gloves, or simply purchase a pair of actual fingerless gloves for a look that’s a little more accurate.

Black biker style boots: Any kind of black boots that slip on, buckle, or zip up are preferable to lace-up boots for this look, but something like a pair of combat boots will work if that’s all you can find. You can even customize some black costume boots with pieces of thrifted leather belts (and a little super glue) to match Jessica’s biker boots more accurately.

Faded blue jeans: If you really want to get super detailed, use a pair of scissors or a razor blade to carefully distress and tear small holes in the front of the upper left leg.

Hair: Finally, if you’re not in the mood to alter your actual hair color, you can always wear a black wig. Trim it to the proper length, and you’re good to go.


Leather Jacket + Dark Zipper Hoodie


For this look, Just about any black leather jacket will work, if you can’t find the exact correct style. Faux leather might even be preferable, since it is far less expensive, and will look just fine for the purposes of a costume.

The navy blue  or black hooded sweatshirt can also be swapped for a gray-to-blue long-sleeved knit top, which Jessica also wears fairly frequently.

You’ll also want to get your hands on a gray knit infinity scarf for this look, though Jessica is seen with and without it in the show. But, it’s definitely a distinct accessory that will help the costume be more recognizable overall.


Light Gray Zipper Hoodie + Green/Gray Military Style Coat


Again, this style of jacket can be hard to match exactly, so finding any sort of women’s military jacket in a green or gray color should be close enough.

One thing to note is that Jessica does not combine the infinity scarf with this look, instead opting to wear the hood of her gray sweatshirt up.


Jessica Jones DIY Costume Props

As is the case with creating the actual costume, there are a few different ways to put the finishing touches on your Jessica Jones look. One way is to have a drab green messenger bag over your shoulder, which Jessica often carries.

Another thing Jessica carries often is her camera, a vital piece of equipment for any private investigator. If you have (or can borrow) a professional-looking DSLR camera, then you’re set. Just be prepared to take lots of peoples’ pictures if you’re heading to costume party or convention.

One more memorable prop from the series is Jessica’s metal travel water bottle, which she fills with whiskey. You might want to use something like Snapple instead, depending on where you’re wearing your costume to.


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