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Posted on May 20, 2017

Edward Scissorhands Makeup Tutorial by Charlie Short

Edward Scissorhands Makeup Tutorial by Charlie Short


Our friend and makeup artist Charlie Short, known as PinkStylist on YouTube, is back with another amazing makeup look. This time, he’s recreated Johnny Depp’s appearance from the Tim Burton movie, Edward Scissorhands.

Click here to check out the other makeup looks that Charlie has based around our costumes, if you haven’t already. Otherwise, watch the video below to learn how to create your own Edward Scissorhands makeup:



To see more of Charlie’s work, check out his YouTube channel and follow his pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Follow along with the transcript of this video:

This time, I’m dressed up as Edward Scissorhands. Now, some of you guys out there might recognize that I have done this makeup before in the past, like I did my Mad Hatter Tutorial. But I decided to revisit it because it’s been a few years. I’ve done it completely different to how I did it before, using different techniques, different products and just new things that I’ve learned. I think it looks completely different than when I did it the first time so I’m definitely happy with the way this one came out. It was actually requested on my Mad Hatter video so I thought I would revisit this one. So yeah if you would like to learn how to recreate this makeup stay tuned.

So as per usual I’m going to block out both of my eyebrows so I’ll pop a link on the screen somewhere here just to teach you guys how to block your eyebrows out, so I don’t have to recap it in this video, because it makes the video go a little bit quicker. So I’m going to block out my eyebrows and we shall go from there.

So for the foundation I’m going to be using the Kryolan TV Paint Stick this is in 1W which is their lightest shade aside from white. Cause his skin is quite pale, it’s not exactly white-white. But it is very pale so this is the closest color I’m going to get to it.

So I’m going to apply that all over my face and then blend it out with a Kabuki Brush. Then I’m going to powder that with some Ben Nye Setting Powder in Super White. A good word of thumb when you’re doing something like this, when the foundation is quite heavy, is to apply the powder, let it sit or “cook” as what we’d say for a few minutes, and then brush it off just so that it’s completely sunk in so that it will stay in place longer.

You might be wondering why I’ve done my foundation not applied like the scars like I’ve used in my video last time. The reason for that is I got a lot of comments from people asking how to use Scar Wax because it can be tricky and they can’t get it to stick down etc. So what I’m going to do is this time I’m going to do it completely different to the way I did it before.

I’m actually going to just paint the scars on. Even in the film they would have used Scar Wax but as I said it can be tricky if you’re not used to it. So to make this a little more universal for you guys out there I’m going to paint the scars on. Having said that I’m going to do that after I’ve done the eyes though cause I’m dying to do that bit.

So for the eyes I’m going to use a Light Brown Eyeshadow to get this really sad expression but I’m only going to go around the eye I’m not going to go around the actual eyelid. So you don’t have to use this particular palette I’m going to be using because it is limited edition. This is the Sugar Pill Edward Scissorhands Palette I’m using. I’m actually anxious to get my hands on this; it took me forever. Like I kind of have to use it, it’s kind of like fate isn’t it, Edward Scissorhands and such.

But because its limited edition I’ll tell you the colors you can get similar to this if you can’t get a hold of the palette. But I’m going to be using Castle in the Sky which is this gorgeous browny, plum color. You can get a similar color from MAC I believe which is Fashion Fix I believe it’s a very similar color, but there are obviously other shades out there that have that kind of brown. But yeah that’s the one I’m using I kind of have to its fate.

So I’m using a fairly Fluffy Brush for this cause it’s got to be really smoky so it has like a shadow rather than the actual eyeshadow. So it’s going to be in a high shape here and it’s going to sweep down, kind of giving a hood effect eye on the side here, and give a sad expression. Really make sure when you get to the peaks here, you brush the color upwards so there’s no like abrupt stop.

Then I’m going to bring that color around underneath the eye and then connect this side. Still giving a winded eye socket shape, don’t go too close to your eye because we need that side of the eye to be clear of any color other than the foundation obviously. So try and keep in mind you can see it does need to connect but try a little lighter around this side, but deeper here which is where the bone would stop so it’s not going to be as darker here.

Just imagine a bruised eye, so it needs to be dark here, fade out. Then just to outline the area underneath the eye a little bit I’m going to use the peachy, orangey color from this palette which is called Suburbia (I love the names of these colors) which I believe is kind of similar to the MAC eyeshadow Early Bird. Yeah so it’s just this really nice peach color it’s just something to draw the attention to the eyes.

So I’m just going to brush that with a small but firm Fluffy Brush and I’m just going to go underneath my eye. And just going to take a newer really fluffy brush and lightly apply that color onto my eyelid so not as think as underneath my eye but you still want it to be that noticeable different shade.

Then onto the fabulous, oh so famous cheekbones so very masculine across and then down. No matter what makeup he’s in they always accentuate that it’s excellent. So I’m going to use the same Castle in the Hill Shadow, which again is similar to the Fashion Mix by MAC. I’m just going to apply that in a block of color going across and down and then I can blend that color outwards leaving the cheekbone area completely clear.

Then taper that color outwards, trying to leave this point here to be the darkest, cause that’s where the cheeks will be the hollowest. So the rest of this looks like a shadow, just blend all this outwards. Yeah so you’ll see the darkest points there, it just looks like you’re sucking your cheeks in.

Then the keloid scars, so the biggest trademark of this look other than the eyes. So for this look instead of using wax, which you absolutely can do, it just means you have to apply it before you do your foundation: apply spirit gum, then the wax, take the edges off and then seal it.

But instead of that I’m going to take the same Castle in the Hill Shadow just to keep everything with same shadows I’ve got going on here so the colors don’t stand out too much. So the idea is to take two parallel lines going straight down, and then fade the tops and bottoms out leaving the inside completely clear.

That will make it look like a raised surface. I’ll tell you what I mean, I’ll do one and the rest of it will be exactly the same just in different places. So from what I can tell the most prominent one is pretty much here so it starts on this part of the eye and then goes down to the middle of the lip.

The idea then is to take that same Castle in the Hill eyeshadow, the dark brown, and we’ll do one line going down, taper off either side and then do one small gap in between next to it. Then just taper that color away from the middle so the harshest lines on the center is darkest there.

Then take a new brush a lip brush does work really well with this and this foundation again the Paint Stick. I’m just going to use that for the highlight and go straight down the middle of this piece. So yeah one keloid raised scar so that’s probably one of the biggest ones I’m going to do. The rest are going to be quite thin, as long as there’s a noticeable gap in the middle.

So I’m going to do there’s probably about 10 to 12 of these cuts I think. So I’m going to time lapse through this doing exactly the same as I did there in the various different places he has them on his face. So there we are I hope I got it all in the right place but it seems to be about 16 actually from what I can gather here. I thought it was about 12 for some reason ignore that so yeah there we are.

For the lips I’m going to use one of my most favorite lipsticks ever. I think I say this every time I use it but it’s a Revlon number 477 Black Cherry, it’s gorgeous. It’s a very, very, very dark purple, very gorgeous color. So I’m going to apply that just to the middle of my lips very small lip shape nothing major. Once I apply that I’m just going to taper it outwards. So it kind of looks like a bee sting, but the whole lip does eventually get covered, but it’s more concentrated in the middle. Ok so just keep the color concentrated in the center and then blend out.

So then all that’s really left to do is pop in my contacts lenses, my wig, my costume and I think I’m done. And there we go that’s the look complete. So I finished the look off by popping in two contact lenses which are just regular black contact lenses that I got from I’ll pop the link in the description bar below and on the screen here.

This beautiful costume I am so happy with. It’s such an improvement of my last costume I used for Edward Scissorhands a few years ago, because that one had like foam scissors and was all made with like fabric. This one is actually made with like proper PVC type of material with actual plastic scissors rather than foam scissors so yay. The buckle and everything I’m so happy with it, so yeah. That’s my Edward Scissorhands tutorial I really hope you guys enjoyed it.


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