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Posted on Oct 13, 2014

Elsa Frozen Makeup Tutorial by Elsa Rhae

Elsa Frozen Makeup Tutorial by Elsa Rhae

Yes, you read that right. Elsa Rhae with an Elsa makeup tutorial – it’s like Elsaception!

This is the fourth and final installment of YouTuber and makeup artist Elsa Rhae’s Halloween makeup tutorials for To see her others, visit the Elsa Rhae section on this blog: she’s created looks for Spider Woman, Miss Captain America, and a Peacock costume. This time, we gave Elsa one of our adult Elsa costumes on which to work her magic. Not only did she come up with an amazing tutorial for the makeup, but she went the whole nine yards with a bonus Elsa hair tutorial too. Check out the video below:

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Elsa Makeup Tutorial

To start off, Elsa began with a base of foundation and bronzer, and added some blush around the cheekbones and the tip of the nose.

A mixture of dark brown and gray provided the color of shadow used around the eyebrows, applied with an angled brush.

Elsa used a darker shade of pink lipstick on her upper lip rubbed together with a lighter shade on the bottom lip to get the perfect lip color.

For shading on the eyelids, Elsa applied some Urban Decay Primer Potion and rubbed it in with her fingertips.  To add extra levels of detail, she applied pink eye shadow into the crease of her eyelids with a fluffy brush, as well as some purple shadow the top of the lids.

With a fluffy brush, Elsa applied a peach color of shadow to the crease of the lids, and rubbed in some white eye pencil.

With a flat brush, Elsa added a pink color to her eyelids, followed by a reddish-pink color to the crease with a fluffy brush. Then, Elsa added some purple to the corners of her eye with a flat brush.

The same reddish-pink used on the eyelids is used again along the lower eyelash line, blended in with peach.

With black gel eyeliner, Elsa created a winged line on her upper eyelid and brought it down onto the lower eyelash line.

Elsa finished her eyes with a black eye pencil along the bottom, curled her eyelashes, and added black mascara.

Elsa Hair Tutorial

Elsa begins her Elsa hair style by parting her hair far over to one side and brushing it together.

A small section of hair is taken and split into three parts to form the beginning of Elsa’s braid. The front piece is taken under the middle, and then the back piece is taken under the middle.

This pattern is repeated along the entire length of the braid, but with a another small section of hair added to the front and back pieces every time each one goes under the middle.

Elsa pancakes out all of the knots in her braid, to make it look more like Elsa’s braid from the movie.

Small adhesive jewels from the craft store are stuck right onto Elsa’s braid, to get a sparkly look.

Here’s another shot of Elsa’s finished Elsa. Amazing! Shop our complete selection of Frozen costumes to get the look yourself.


About Elsa:

Elsa Rhae Pageler is a freelance video editor and producer, makeup artist, and face painter. To check out the rest of her impressive catalog of work, and get more face paint ideas, view her profiles on YouTubeFacebook, and Instagram. You can see an alternate cut of this particular makeup tutorial on her YouTube channel, along with a bunch more elaborate and amazing videos. View all of  Elsa’s makeup videos in collaboration with BuyCostumes right here.

What did you think of Elsa’s Elsa look? How are you going to be dressing up for Halloween this year? What kind of Halloween costume ideas should we come up with next? Let us know your thoughts by Tweeting us @BuyCostumes or connecting with us on Facebook! Check out our Pinterest boards too for even more Halloween costume ideas and inspiration.

 Video in this post produced by Elsa Rhae Pageler.

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