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Posted on Sep 19, 2014

Elsa Frozen Makeup Tutorial

Elsa Frozen Makeup Tutorial

This makeup tutorial from our friend Bethany shows how you can really enhance your Frozen costume. If you want to look like Elsa this Halloween, this is how to to do it!

More of Bethany’s makeup tutorials can be found in our makeup ideas section, and you can view the rest of her work on her YouTube channel and Instagram. Shop Frozen costumes here.

Follow along with the transcript for this video:

Hey everyone, in this tutorial I will show you how to recreate this Elsa from Frozen makeup look. The costume I’m wearing in this video is from it’s their Elsa Adult costume. I had to edit my eye color in these pictures because I can’t wear contacts. My eyelid twitches; I see floaters because I’m not getting enough sleep. Good news is I have a sleep study coming up really soon. So with that being said let’s begin the tutorial.

So the first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to use an eyeshadow base and apply that all over your eye. I’m using Nyx Jumbo Pencil in cottage cheese and applied it to my eye and then blended it out. This is going to help your eyeshadows really stand out and also help the eyeshadow last longer, which is perfect for Halloween.

And now I will apply a purple eyeshadow onto my eyelid and blend it up toward the crease and the eyeshadows I’m using for this look right now are from my 120 eyeshadow palette from BH Cosmetics. I’m applying a very shimmery burgundy eyeshadow onto the purple shadow and then I blend it directly into the crease and just blend it up a little bit toward the brow bone and then I’m going to go ahead and apply an orange eyeshadow it’s kind of like an orange burnt eyeshadow right above the burgundy shadow and then I blend that out toward the brow bone. And this is like the perfect color for the Elsa look sometimes it looks a little bit reddish in the movie but I think it’s more like an orange shadow.

As my brow bone highlight I just use a very shimmery champagne color. It’s nice to have a mixture of matte and shimmery shadows. Now I’m applying plenty of mascara to my top and bottom lashes and especially my bottom lashes because I’m going to apply fake eyelashes which are probably going to overtake the mascara anyway up there so on the lower lashes I just applied a lot of mascara you want a lot there.

Now I line my lash line with a black gel liner. A black gel liner isn’t as harsh as black liquid eyeliner, so I go ahead and just apply that gel liner. Then I apply a little bit of it very close to the lower lash line because I want that to be a little bit smoked out, but I just use the gel liner to do that. You can use black eyeshadow if you want, or even an eyeliner pencil. Now I’m going to apply the fake eyelashes. I applied two sets of Ardell false lashes, so it’s like you apply one fake eyelash and then another on top of it. Then I go back with the gel liner and just draw on some lower lashes on the outer corner because Elsa has very long upper and lower lashes.

Now apply a white or nude eyeliner to the water line, and it’s going to help your eyes appear bigger. It looks so nice, especially for an Elsa look. Now I’m going to go ahead and apply a foundation about four shades lighter than my skin tone. It’s like three or four shades lighter, and I just apply that to the areas that you want to highlight on the face.  So, on the apples of the cheeks, towards the cheekbone, toward the nose a little bit, on my forehead, and on my chin.

Then I go ahead and blend in a foundation that is about one or two shades lighter than my natural skin tone. I didn’t want to go all pale on the entire face, because – let’s face it – my features and my face don’t look right with this type of skin color. I have such dark eyes and then very ethnic features so it didn’t look right. So I wasn’t going to go too pale because it just looked funny. You want to do the look so that it suits you. If I had that pale skin everywhere, it would look crazy, and you want to make sure you blend it down your neck if you’re doing this because you don’t want your neck to be a totally different color then your face.

To get my eyebrows to look a little bit more like Elsa’s eyebrows, I used an eyeshadow that was similar to her eyebrow color and just filled in my brows. Now I’m going to apply a Rosie Pink Blush onto the apples of my cheek and you want to blend that blush up toward the top of your cheekbones and lightly dust it across the bridge of your nose. And this is going to give you that frostbitten cold look and then I even use a little bit of a red eyeshadow, very little and applied it to just the bottom portion of the apple of my cheek to really give that effect of like “Ohh brrrr I’m so cold, I’m Frozen!” Hah, get it?

Use a concealer about a shade darker than your natural skin tone to paint on freckles. You’re going to paint them on your cheekbones and across the bridge of your nose, and you don’t want to apply too many, because Elsa doesn’t have as many freckles as Anna. But she does have freckles.

Now I’m going to use NYX Fuchsia Lip Liner to outline and fill in my lips. You don’t want to press too hard with this lip liner, because the color will be too intense. Then I go ahead and use Nyx Lip Butter. It’s one of their red lip butters and I just apply it onto the lips, and then blend it out with my finger to make the lip color a little more like Elsa’s lip color.

That is it! Please give the video a thumbs up if you liked it, or if I taught you anything. Giving a video a thumbs up on YouTube helps the video do better so I work hard on my tutorials and it’s very much so appreciated. Make sure you check out my tutorial yesterday that’s inspired by Anna from Frozen and a big thank you to who provided all the costumes for all the tutorials this week. So I will see you guys really soon with another look. Take care, bye!


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