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Posted on Sep 10, 2015

Evil Necromancer Makeup Tutorial by Charlie Short

Evil Necromancer Makeup Tutorial by Charlie Short


Last time, we asked our friend Charlie Short, a.k.a. PinkStylist, to create his interpretation of a Halloween makeup look for Maleficent, and he blew us away – click here to check it out if you missed it the first time around.

For this installment of Charlie’s makeup tutorial videos, he created an original Necromancer character, inspired by our Mystic Sorcerer costume. Aside from his amazing-as-always makeup work, Charlie also added pointed fake teeth, blood-red contacts, and prosthetic pieces into the mix to make a look that is seriously jaw-dropping.

He also took this makeup and costume on Omegle to scare the crap out of some strangers, in the true spirit of Halloween. Laugh at their misfortune here. To see more of Charlie’s work, check out his YouTube channel and follow his pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Follow along with the transcript of this video:

This makeup is meant to be for my interpretation of a Necromancer. So, basically a sorcerer that raises dead people to do his bidding. So he’s going to look fairly demonic looking at least. The Prosthetic that I’m actually using is from RBFX, which they make some stunning prosthetics and I thought this one would go really well for like an evil looking Necromancer. Petal through lenses, teeth, the costume and some creepy looking makeup, I think this says “Necromancer,” what do you think? Yeah, why not? So yeah, if you’d like to learn how to recreate this makeup stay tuned.So to start things off I’m going to apply a plain latex bald cap because I want this character to be bald, maybe thinning. I might do some thin hair we’ll see as this goes on. I’ll pop a link on the screen here to a tutorial where I teach you guys how to apply a bald cap. Just so I don’t have to show you guys in this video, as always to make it a bit shorter. So I’m going to apply a bald cap and we’ll go from there.So once I’ve applied my bald cap and also gone along the edge of this with three layers of liquid latex just to smooth out the edge I’m going to work on applying my prosthetics. Now I don’t tend to make a habit of using already made prosthetics. I like using my own pieces I’ve sculpted and made, but I understand people out there, not everyone can make their own pieces. So, I did a little bit of research and I found a company that makes stunning prosthetic pieces, like movie quality pieces and I just kind of fell in love. So, I got here a witch prosthetic made up of foam latex which I will just show you the edges – how amazing these pieces are.

They’re just absolutely freaking stunning pieces. This is actually from – I’ll pop the link somewhere around here. They’re actually made by They’re beautiful pieces, so I thought I’d jump in and give it a go and see what effect it gives. I’m still going to make my own pieces of course, but I thought it would be nice to use pieces that were already made just for a chance.

As I said these are made out of foam latex, so I’m going to be sticking them down with some Pro Stick or Prozade? Whichever you prefer. So I’m just going to apply that all to the back of the prosthetic and the area where I’m going to be applying it. Press it down and make sure the edges haven’t got any glue on them. They’re so fragile you would just apply the glue over the top of it and that will help it stick down and blend. Because these edges are so thin they shouldn’t really be blending. So, I’m just going to dip a cotton dab in some Pro Stick and I’m just going to apply that all in the area where I want and stick the piece down.

I’ve still got a chin to apply, but I’m going to do that after I blend all the edges of the pieces. So once you’ve done that I’m going to take another cotton dab and I’m going to soak that in some more Pro Stick and I’m just going to roll the edges down of each of these pieces. Just so the really thin edges are completely stuck down and hidden. After that I need to leave about 5 minutes just to dry so it’s completely set. Then I can do the same for the chin just apply it where I know the pieces are going to fit.

Then when that’s all dry I’m going to take some Grima’s Translucent Powder, and I’m just going to really lightly dust that over the edges just to get rid of the stickiness. So there we are. Then I’m going to start on coloring this piece; the best way to color foam latex really is really weird. Acrylic Paint or an aqualatic palette, or maybe creams. You don’t want anything to absorb into the actual paste because you’ll lose the color. So, I’m going to paint most of this with Skin Illustrator Palette, which I absolutely love. I’m going to use probably a few different ones, I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to use yet we’ll see as we go on. That’s the joy of making these up on the spot.

I don’t really like the stereotypical block green. I do want there to be a green hint to it, but I want to do a kind of zombified skin type of thing. So I’m going to do a big base of green to start off with. I’m using FX Skin Illustrator Palette, so I’m going to be using the green from that palette just to go all over my bald cap and my face, my neck and my ears. Just going to use a stipple sponge – so I’m not going to do any block color or painting on, I’m just going to stipple it on.  Then I can go in with some lighter colors and start breaking the tone up just so that it looks more translucent. All the skin on the fair palettes like alkaline palettes use like 99% of alcohol. I’m going to use isopropyl alcohol for this.

Okay, so if you notice, I left my eyes clear and a few other areas are a bit patchy. Just so I can start filling in those different tones in there. So then I’m going to take the Prime Yellow from the same FX Illustrator Palette and just going to start stippling that mainly around the middle of the face. Just a few of the blotchy areas on the outside edge; again with a stipple sponge, just dipping the color on.

Then once I got this yellowy green tone going on I’m going to take a Grima’s Cream in 1007 and I’m going to use a Fluffy Brush, but a firm Fluffy Brush to start stippling this all over the makeup. So I still want to apply it sporadically, but I still want it to be fairly heavy. Now you might be wondering why I’d apply a cream over this as I will lose a lot of translucency – don’t worry about that. The reason I’m doing that is because I want that to be the primary skin tone. But I want this green to appear through sporadically you’ll see as I go along. Just trust me.

Okay so you can start seeing this shade that I’m after. It needs to be as if once it was skin tone and it’s starting to transform into this horrible green. Think “jaundice for witches.” So then I’m going to start darkening up some areas like around the eyes. Not the actual eyes I don’t want to use any alcohol on my eyes that would be stupid. But I want to use it around the mouth area and just around underneath the cheekbone areas on both sides.  I’m going to stipple on some more Skin Illustrator Palette. This time I’m going to use an American Horror Story Palette, which has this really gorgeous dark, dark green. It’s actually called Darth Moss which makes me laugh. So we use that again with a brush and I’m just going to dab it around the mouth and under the cheekbones.

Then I’m going to take a Grima’s Black Cream in 101. So I’m just going to apply that all over my eyelid really, really lightly underneath my eye and then I’m going to take a new brush and just blend that out. Just giving this a really cool arched shape and then taking my new brush and just blend that color outwards. Really blend out fast so there’s no edge, it just looks really sunken in the dark. Then taking the same black cream again, I’m going to start tracing on all of these wrinkles I’ve already been sculpted into the face just to really emphasis them. So don’t make it too dark but whenever you go with the folds try to taper the wrinkle out so just delicately sweep it out. So you don’t want any abrupt starts or edges you just want it to be a shadow.

Then I’m going to take that Darth Moss color again on an actual paint brush. The reason I’m using a paint brush is because it’s really, really stiff and firm and I can apply a lot a lot of the alcohol to it. Dip it in the palette and just flick it all over the face in random patches. Mainly towards the middle of the face and then outwards just to add some more textures and broken capillaries; just to break up the texture a bit more.

Then I’m going to do the same thing again with the FX Palette with the black from that Palette. I’m going to apply a lot of the color and just stipple it just around the eye area and I think the nostrils as well will look quit cool, maybe the mouth. Doing this with a littler brush maybe a little easier with the smaller areas.

Now I’m just going to use the Burnt Orange from that Palette and I’m just going to color in the little mold that’s built into this piece. Then while this is all drying I’m going to start on the hair. So I’ve got some really, really thin crepe hair here which I’ve already started to straighten with some steam. So the idea is to cut the top so it’s fairly straight and pull it down to start staggering it because it’s going to look a bit more sporadic to look a tiny bit more natural. And then the idea is to take some Spirit Gum or some Pro Stick and I’m only going to do hair for this area here. There’ going to be hardly any of it I mean that’s probably going to be the most I’m going to have in thickness. And I’m going to spray it in hairspray to make it look a bit yucky later on. So I’m going to do a line of Pro Stick apply the hair, press my finger down and then pull away so that it gets a bit thinner. So I’m going to do two rows actually so the second row will be slightly off center it’s like a brick pattern so it looks a bit more sporadic. So I’m just going to do that.

Okay and I also started to pull that hair across a bit as the glue was drying. Just to add a really rough come over affect you know what I mean. YEAH so now that I’ve got that I’m going to take a mixture of Black Hairspray and White Hairspray and really lightly and eventually it narrows down regardless I have to do this and really, really lightly dust the hair so it’s nice and grey. Okay so it’s really flat really weathered hair YEAH. Then I’m going to take a MAC Black Fluid Line in Black Track and I’m going to use that on the waterline on both of my eyes just to get rid of any tinted pink. So then all that’s left for me to do is pop in my contact lenses and my costume and I think I’m done. And there we go so that’s the look complete. So I finished the look off by popping in some Fake Teeth which I got from Charles Fox in London. Put in some contact lenses which are called Crayzo which you can get from I popped the link on the screen here. The costume which is this amazingly called like sorceress type costume. I got from I put that on the screen as well. And YEAH so that’s the tutorial I really hope you guys enjoyed this. I hope you guys like my take on the Necromancer. Definitely check out and obvious because they are amazing. If you like this tutorial please make sure to do the usual write comments, subscribe. Please share it because it super, super helps me out and YEAH. So until next time bye guys.


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