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Posted on Sep 2, 2014

Frightening Flicks Party Theme

Frightening Flicks Party Theme

Orange Tuesday is upon us! That means it’s the official start of Halloween season 2014. To help you prepare, we’re going to be showcasing 10 different Halloween party themes right here on the BuyCostumes Ideas Blog all the way through October. Today’s theme is Frightening Flicks – a theme inspired by our very favorite classic horror films!

Visit our hub post to get a taste of all the other amazing party themes we’re going to be rocking this season. For the details on how to throw your own horror movie Halloween party, keep on reading below!


Backdrops and props are key for setting the party scene. The most important pieces we used to construct our horror movie set were some fake cobwebs and a stone wall backdrop. This transformed our ordinary living room into a creepy dungeon in no time! We also added a few skulls and a graveyard fence to get the look.


Cover your coffee table in tangles of faux straw and old fashioned candlesticks for an easy-to-achieve horror movie feel. This Chop Shop sign is great too, especially when combined with a few severed body parts! Suspend them from chains, or just scatter them around some shelves.


You can decorate your drinks and refreshments with horror labels, too. There’s just something unsettling about being reminded that “Freddy’s coming for you” every time you go to take a drink. Also, are those jars filled with weird combinations of pills, or just candy? (If they were really caffeine, at least Freddy wouldn’t be able to enter your dreams.)



Speaking of which, if you’re a fan of Freddy Krueger, you can turn your party into a real-life Nightmare on Elm Street with this street sign prop. Freddy’s gloves (complete with knife blades) make a nice touch as well.


Costumes in general are an absolute must for this theme, anyway, Freddy or not. At our party, Frankenstein costumes stole the show! The monster and his bride came out in full force, and so did plenty of other scary costumes. Jason Voorhees masks and machetes can also be used to enhance the party decorations, just like Freddy’s gloves.


Here’s another classic horror movie costumes – Count Dracula himself! With some vampire fangs and a cape, anyone can take on the role of the most famous bloodsucker in history.


Vampire fangs can also be used as name card holder or napkin rings at the snack table. While you’re at it, be sure to serve up a batch of a bloody red velvet cupcakes along with your favorite red drinks. It can be anything from punch, to a Crow’s Blood Halloween Cocktail (click to view recipe!).


Cobwebs, coffins, and eyeballs make fantastically frightening additions to the food table, too – we even brought out a hammer and wooden stake in case any real vampires decided to show up!


Here’s another fun Halloween food idea – decorate simple marshmallow pops with some red decorating gel. Let it drip down the sides of the marshmallow for a bloody effect!


One last Frightening Flick is needed to make our party complete. “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!” The Tim Burton film is one of our faves, so we decided to literally make some Beetle Juice (or, Beetlejuice Juice?). Swirly white and black candy, and white and black decorations were used to get the look of that iconic striped suit.


Are you going to be hosting a Halloween party this year? What was the best Halloween party theme you’ve ever seen? Who (or what) will you be dressing up like? Share your thoughts and party pics with us on Facebook and on Twitter @BuyCostumes! Be sure to check out all our boards on Pinterest too, where we’re always adding new sources of inspiration for Halloween costume ideas and party ideas.

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