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Posted on Aug 13, 2015

Frozen 2 Details: Everything We Know Right Now

Frozen 2 Details: Everything We Know Right Now


It’s been two years since Frozen took the world by storm in 2013, but Frozen costumes are still Halloween must haves. Frozen has even grown to the point where it’s more than a movie. It’s video games, books, Broadway musicals, and theme parks, too. Disney on Ice: Frozen also exists, even if it sounds a little redundant.


Ever since the Frozen Fever animated short premiered in theaters with Disney’s Cinderella, there were rumors about a full Frozen 2 sequel coming. So when Frozen 2 was finally confirmed in early 2015, the Internet seemed to let out a collective, “No kidding.” (Let’s be honest, plans for Frozen 2 were probably locked into place after the original’s opening weekend box office numbers came in.)

Now, more and more details about what to expect from the story in the Frozen 2 are slowly coming out. Aside from May’s “Symfrozium” in England, which discussed the franchise’s cultural impact, facts and rumors, speculations about the new movie have been everywhere on the Internet.

Here’s just about everything we know Frozen 2 so far, from fan speculations to confirmed facts from Disney itself. Are you ready to return to Arendelle?



The Creators of Frozen are Back

frozen-directors-buck-lee-del-vechoDisney Examiner

By that, we mean directors Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck, and Peter Del Vecho. To quote John Lasseter of Walt Disney Animation Studios, “When we do a sequel, it is because the filmmakers who created the original have created an idea that is so good that it’s worthy of these characters.” Good news for Frozen fans!


Anna and Elsa


Of course, Frozen wouldn’t be Frozen without on-screen (sort of) talent, either. Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell (and their lovely voices) will both be reprising their roles as Princesses Elsa and Anna, respectively, in Frozen 2. Even if you’re into heavier stuff, musically, you’re lying to yourself if you don’t like “Let it Go” just a tiny bit.


New Frozen Costumes


We might be irrationally excited about this one.

With the lack of any teasers or trailers – yet – it can’t be said for certain. But, Anna and Elsa both had fresh looks in Frozen Fever, with plenty of spring flowers in place of snowflakes. So, it’s safe to count on new designs for that reason alone. Plus, there ought to be a few differences in their real-life outfits in the upcoming Broadway musical.


Elsa’s New Role in Frozen 2

elsa-frozen-movieDisney Animation Studios

This could end up feeding into the idea of new Frozen costumes, too. According to co-director Chris Buck, “At the end, [Elsa] is just starting to feel like she can open up and have some fun again. And that personality … you will see in the next one.”

It’s also expected that the origin of Elsa’s ice powers will be explained. Whether that means Frozen 2 will be more Elsa-focused all together, we’re not sure. Either way, fun-loving Elsa is definitely better than super-serious Elsa.


Frozen 2 Might be a Disney Crossover

frozen-tangledDisney Animation Studios

One of the more popular pieces of Frozen speculation is that Flynn Rider from Tangled could appear in the Frozen franchise. The original fairy tales for Rapunzel and The Snow Queen are both set in the same time period, so it wouldn’t be too outlandish.

In fact, there’s a good chance that Flynn and Rapunzel (post-haircut) were already in the first Frozen – take a look at the left side of this shot:

flynn-rapunzel-frozenDisney Animation Studios

However, as it stands now, Elsa and Anna are the only two Disney Princesses that officially exist in the same universe.


Frozen 2 Release Date

Typically, Walt Disney Animation Studios releases about one new film per year, and their docket is already pretty stacked. Zootopia is line for 2016, followed by Moana and Giants in ’17 and ’18, respectively. That schedule doesn’t even include Pixar and other studios, either.

So, it can be expected that the Frozen 2 release date won’t be until 2018 at the earliest. Of course, Frozen is Frozen, so who knows – it could get pushed up. But, Arendelle’s homecoming looks like it might just have to wait a few years.


Are you excited for the new Frozen movie to come out? Or are you eagerly awaiting for Frozen to be over with so your daughter will stop singing “Let it Go” in the car? Either way, share your thoughts on Frozen 2 with us on Facebook and Twitter @BuyCostumes.


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