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Posted on Apr 28, 2018

Gothic Glamour/Reaper Bug Makeup Tutorial by Charlie Short

Gothic Glamour/Reaper Bug Makeup Tutorial by Charlie Short


In his most recent makeup tutorial video, PinkStylist has taken our ghostly widow costume and created something totally unique. It’s a mutated, demonic monster known as a “Reaper Bug” from the upcoming U.K. TV series, Jekyll and Hyde. Spooky! He’s also created a trailer for the show using this makeup, which you can view here.

Click here to check out the other makeup looks that Charlie has based around our costumes, if you haven’t already. Otherwise, watch his video below to learn to do this makeup for your own Halloween costume this year:



To see more of Charlie’s work, check out his YouTube channel and follow his pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Follow along with the transcript of this video:


This time, I’m dressed up as one of my own creations, however, it’s inspired by a TV series that’s coming out in the U.K. soon called Jekyll & Hyde. I’m not going to say too much about it now, because I got a video coming out in a few days that’s going to kind of explain everything that going on here.

I thought I would take one of the characters from that series and make up my own version of it… cause why not? It’s basically inspired by one of the characters that’s going to be revealed in the show, called a “Reaper Bug.” Basically, it’s a parasite that takes over your body and controls you.

So I thought, you know what, I’m going to put my spin on it as I always do, and created this glamourous, fabulous 1930s Gothic, Glamour Corpse. I’m pretty sure you’d be dying, so this is the kind of effect I’ve gone for. I know the series is going to be all about gothic glamour in 1930s London so I thought I would take that and put my spin on the character if that’s ok.

It’s always fun to do a pretty yet gory theatrical makeup, so yeah. Stay tuned for that video to come out in a few days. If you’d like to learn how to recreate this makeup stay tuned.


So as per usual, I’m going to start by blocking out both of my eyebrows. I’ll pop a link on the screen somewhere here to teach you guys how to block your eyebrows out as always, so I don’t have to recap it in this video just to make things go a bit quicker. So I’m going to block out my eyebrows and we’ll go from there.

The first thing I’m going to do after I blocked out my eyebrows is just work on my eye makeup, because when I do more glamourous-type makeups or drag queen makeups, I tends to start on the eyes just so there’s no fall out. And, it’s easier to fix if things go wrong. So I’m just going to apply some foundation which is some Snazaroo Clown White. I’m just going to apply that just in this area for now.

So with the exception of some vein work, and some contouring, I think I want to do the majority of this in Black and White, hence the white foundation is going to be completely white. I’m going to take a Makeup Forever Black Aqua Cream, and I’m going to use that to do some eyeliner.

I’m going to do a super, super thin line on top, but I don’t want the eyeliner to be the main focus if that makes sense. It’s going to be a whole lot of blending and shading around this area, so the main area is pretty much going to be the mouth and the vein work. So I’m just going to go under the eye, and just on top, and then peak the edges in and out.

There we are! So a winged eyeliner that flicks out on either side. Then I’m going to take my Sugarpill Pro Palette and I’m just going to do just a tiny bit of shading just underneath my eyes. So it’s going to be more concentrated on my eyes and then tapered outwards.

I think I want to have it quite far out, then it’s going to take the place of where bruising would be. So I’m going to take Sugarpill Pro Palette 2AM, which is this dark purple, and I’m going to lightly dust that underneath my eyes and just on my eyelids, and then fade the color up.

Just a smoky effect, so it’s darker towards the center of the eyes and just tapers out. No real shape – it’s like it’s just coming out of the eyes. So then I’m going to take a Sugarpill Black Eyeshadow which is Bulletproof and I’m going to use that just to go on the edges of the points I’ve drawn with the eyeliner. It’s going to go across for a cut crease, except I’m going to make it a little bigger, because I want the eyes to be quite big.

I’m going to have it go about a centimeter above my own natural crease. So just going to draw a half a moon shape, which I’ll show you where I’ve gone, and then I can blend that outwards. Because at the end of the day we want this makeup to be pretty, but obviously “infected,” and I don’t know if I want to use the word “gross,” so let’s just go with “infected glamour.” Infected with glamour.

Don’t worry about it being neat for now, because we just want that shape. I’m just going to stop the blending for a second. I think I’m just going to draw on some eyebrows with the Makeup Forever Aqua Black Cream, because I think I’m going to join the eyeshadow onto that, and I need to know exactly where I’m going to be putting my eyebrows.

So I’m going to take a super, super sharp angled brush and the Makeup Forever Aqua Cream and start tracing on the shape that I want. Before I do that eyebrow, I can see exactly where I want to go with the black eyeshadow, so I’m going to join the start of it up here then tapper up but leave a gap for the brow bone. Then it’s just the fun task of copying it identically on this side. Then let’s start making this more of a theatrical makeup.

So I’m going to take a prosthetic horn, just one of them, and this is going to kill me because I like doing everything symmetrically but I’m actually going to stick it about… there. Just to show that this persons kind of transforming. The other side is going to have a hat with a trail going down so there is no real point in having one there. And, side note, I sell these on my website. Or you can just sculpt one out of clay and then cast it in plaster and you got yourself a latex cone.

This isn’t absolutely vital, I just think it will make it look a bit demonic. So I’m just going to cut all the edges off and stick that down on my bare skin where there’s no white, obviously with some Mehron Spirit Gum and then I’m going to blend the edges out with some latex.

So I’m just going to cut all of these edges off and stick the actual horn down. So when that’s dry I’m going to take a tiny bit of Liquid Latex and a sponge and I’m just going to dab really lightly around the edge for about 4 to 5 layers just to really blend the edge to my skin.

While that’s drying I’m going to take a Skin Illustrator Palette which is basically like a alkaline faded palette. When you apply 99% alcohol to these colors, it activates them, so when you apply it, it’s really translucent and it might be quite good for veins.

So I’m going to use the 12 Years a Slave Palette and the reason I’m using that is because it’s got these gorgeous Blues, Pinks and Purples in. So I’m going to take the purple from that palette and a really, really small and stiff brush and I’m just going to do some spider like veins underneath the eyes. Obviously not too close to the eyes so basically make them like tree roots spidering off and having some leading off each other.

It doesn’t need to go too far down here but try and make it darker and thicker in the sockets of your eyes where it would be its darkest point and then have them trail out. The purple I’m going to use in this palette is the violet color so the dark purple.

Then I can take my Snazaroo Clown White again and apply it all over the rest of my face, my neck and my ears. And I’m just going to powder that with some Ben Nye Setting Powder in Super White. Then I’m going to take a M.A.C Paint Stick in Black and I’m going to use that to apply it around my mouth not as a lipstick. I’m just going to apply it quit heavily around my mouth and then blend that color out with a brush just so that it looks like a stain.

Then I’m going to take a Collection 2000 Extreme Felt Eyeliner Pen and I’m just going to start drawing some spidery lines staggering out like veins but it’s not going to be anything joining off from them so start from the inside and then just spider them out. Try not to have the lines too close to each other though and try to have the lines trail out. So it’s going to make the lips look very dry and cracking and just look like the infection is spreading out. So like that so once it’s all dry I know it’s not going to move once my lips touch each other.

I’m going to take the Sugarpill Pro Palette (2Am) again and I’m going to just tie in the affected areas here. I’m going to use the same purple, the 2Am color, and I’m just going to dust that over the top of my mouth. Not too heavily: it’s just going to give a suggestion of color. So it will be as bright as the eyes, but it’s also going to set the black cream around the mouth.

Then onto the cheek bones – don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the horn. That’s something I’m looking forward to at the end. I’m going to take the same purple eyeshadow again – Sugarpill Pro Palette 2Am. I’m going to go straight down my cheek bones and I’m going to blend it out afterwards so you can see where I’ve gone. Then I’m just going to blend that color downwards, and I’m going to do my fun little cheek, which I usually do when I do a drag cheek bone.

I’m just going to take some of this Snazaroo Clown White and I’m going to cut underneath and then blend that color down. You’re just going to see an illusion that there’s a shadow underneath. Just makes the cheekbones look a lot bigger than they actually are.

Then I’m going to take the 12 Years a Slave Palette again by Skin Illustrator. I’m going to take that Violet color and I’m going to do some more veins this time coming out from the sides of the face, a few from the nose and quite a few on the temples. All spidery, all tree trunky towards the center of the face. So as you can see, I got it all over my face with these various different veins in different directions.

So then onto the horn. I’m going to take the M.A.C Paint Stick in Black and we’re going to apply that all over the majority of the horn leaving the base clear for now. Then doing a similar effect I did to the mouth, I’m just going to take my Collection 2000 Eyeliner pen and start doing some cracks around the horn.

Then, to give it a really gorgeous shine, I’m going to take an O.C.C Lip Tar in Tarred (Black) and I’m just going to use a small amount of that and apply it to the end, and blend it downwards just so that there’s a nice shine. It’s looking like there’s a fresh horn peeking through.

Then taking the Lip Tar again I’m just going to apply a tiny bit of that underneath one of my eyes. Not too close to my eyes – I think I’m going to have it about there, just so that it balances out the horn and everything and have it trickle down like blood. Obviously black is more demonic, so just going to apply that and just let it fall down out of its cord. I don’t really want to manipulate too much, I want it to just fall once.

So once that’s all dry and set, I’m going to work on the eyelashes. These two pairs of lashes are both from Eldora. And I’m going to use these spider lashes in H128 – so really nice spidery ones – and I’m going to put those on the bottom of my lashes and on top I’m going to use Eldora False Lashes in B151 & Duo glue. There also quite spidery but they’re a little bit thicker. They’re gorgeous.

Then I’m going to take some Black Hairspray, and it’s not absolutely vital for this look, but I like the whole “appearing out the shadows” effect that it gives, especially if I spray it around my hairline. Plus I think the wig I’m going to use is going to be black as well, so it’s going to help tie my hair in.

So I’m just going to spray obviously in a well open area around my hairline, and lightly on my skin around the sides of my face from an arm’s length distance.

Then I’m just going to paint my chest and shoulders white basically anywhere the costume’s not covering. Then I’m just going to go outside and take the black hairspray again, and I’m just going to spray down the sides of my shoulders and around the base, just so that it looks like the Blacks peaking in.

Again, don’t worry about the edges, cause the costume will cover that. Then I’m going to take the Skin Illustrator Palette 12 Years a Slave once again, and I’m going to take the violet again and I’m going to do some more veins going from the shoulders up the neck, to the face. So it’s going to peek up a little bit through the jaw line. So then all that’s left for me to do is pop in some contact lenses, my costume, my wig, my hat, and I think I’m done.

And there we go that’s the look complete. So I finished the look off by popping in two contact lenses which are zombie infected sclera lenses which are awesome. They’re from

And I popped on this gorgeous dress which is like this Gothic, Victorian gown. It’s gorgeous and I got it from, so I’ll pop that on the screen and on the description bar below it as well. It’s a shame you don’t get the full effect of it just now, so hopefully you’ll get the full effect of the dress in the photos in the introduction and such because it really is gorgeous.

I like the ruffles on it, and it’s like this fitted corset, it’s so pretty. Rather appropriately, I got the wig from I think Gothic Lily Wigs. I bought it back when I was in New York. If I can find the link for the actual website I’ll pop the link on the description bar below. I thought it went really well with the costume considering the amount of the crazy volume it has, but like really deep, dark curls I actually think it’s really pretty.


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