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Posted on Nov 11, 2015

How To Make Your Own Fallout-inspired Jumpsuit Costume

How To Make Your Own Fallout-inspired Jumpsuit Costume


Fallout 4 is the latest installment in Bethesda’s series of post-apocalyptic RPGs. As the follow-up to Fallout: New Vegas in 2010, it’s been one of the most anticipated games in recent memory, and gamers everywhere finally got to experience it for the first time this week.



As more and more hours are logged, the verdicts from gaming websites as well as independent streamers and reviewers are exceedingly positive. Polygon, Game Informer, and IGN – just to name a few – have all scored Fallout 4 at or above a 9/10.

The game itself is set in the year 2287, about 210 years after the nuclear war that has destroyed the Fallout world has taken place. The playable protagonist (either Nate or Nora, depending on the player’s decision during character creation) emerges from their fallout vault, Vault 111, as the sole survivor of an event that has killed the vault’s other residents.


Fallout 4’s Sole Survivors, Nate and Nora. Images © Bethesda Softworks.

For ideas on how to create a quick and easy vault jumpsuit, keep on reading for our DIY Fallout-inspired costume guide.






DIY Vault Jumpsuit Ideas

A set of blue work coveralls is the perfect base to starting making your own Fallout costume. Typically, a lot of jumpsuits and coveralls like this are meant to be unisex. Women’s cut versions are available, but are a little bit harder to find. You might have to make some DIY adjustments and alterations if you’re looking to make a women’s vault jumpsuit, or if you just want a more form-fitting Fallout costume.

Then, re-create the iconic yellow trim of the vault jumpsuit with some yellow tape. Place a few strips of tape around the collar, belt, and front zipper (consult Google images if necessary, and make sure that you don’t actually cover up the zipper). Yellow tape can also be used to make the vault number on the back of the jumpsuit.

Belts, Boots, Straps, and Pouches

Brown costume boots are easy enough to come by. You can find a pair of boots at the thrift store and scuff them up with sandpaper to make them look old and distressed. Leather belts can be aged in the same way, and you’ll need quite a few for a DIY Fallout cosplay.

Make your own leg holsters by measuring the belts around your leg and cutting to length. To avoid bothering with buckles, you can hot glue or superglue some Velcro into place to serve as the actual fastener, and glue a buckle on top for decoration.

Old camera cases and electronics cases work well as DIY ammo pouches. Attach them to your homemade holsters and straps with glue or Velcro as well.

Costume Weapons

There’s a huge amount of different weapons and arms in the Fallout games. Nerf guns and other toy weapons serve the purpose of a quick costume just fine, though.

Pip-Boy Gauntlet

For a special edition of Fallout 4, Bethesda did actually make a replica Pip-Boy Gauntlet into which a smartphone can be inserted. A Fallout companion app on the phone allows its wearer to mimic the Pip-Boy’s in-game function and appearance, as well as provide extra gameplay data.

Unfortunately, these sold out almost as quickly as they were announced (with good reason), so you’ll have to scrounge eBay and Craigslist if you want your own. You can still use the Pip-Boy companion app, though.



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  1. I love this DIY tutorial so much and thank you but i’m a little unclear about how to make the holster. Can you explain a little clearer or more detailed on how to make it. Thank you so much

    • For a holster, just get a cheap holster off of amazon for $10, and for the pip boy, Halloween shops sell a licensed replica for $25, and to put your phone inside wouldn’t take too much modding.

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