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Posted on Sep 3, 2014

How To Make Your Own Ice Bucket Challenge Costume

How To Make Your Own Ice Bucket Challenge Costume

So, if you’ve used the Internet within the last several weeks, you’ve probably seen a bunch of people pouring buckets of ice water on their heads. Not only do we love living in an age in which that is a perfectly logical sentence, but we love the purpose of it.

To raise awareness for ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, celebrities, sports figures, and people everywhere have been challenging others to take the plunge and donate to the ALS Association (up to $94 million and counting!).

One of our favorite challengers of all has been Matt Damon. As a co-founder of, he took an interesting twist on things to avoid using clean drinking water:

Matt does make a good point about wasting water – we’re not saying we’re not fans of the Challenge because of it (far from it!), but we get that it might not be such a great idea if you live in an area with summer droughts.

Jason Samenow, Weather Editor at the Washington Post, actually decided to figure out just how much water was being used by the Ice Bucket Challenge, too. He estimated that, assuming an average of four gallons per bucket, more than five million gallons have been consumed for the challenge in the U.S.

Or, half an inch of rain over 300 acres of land. (That article is also a couple weeks old already, so round up!)

All of this is part of the reason why we decided to come up with this DIY Ice Bucket Challenge costume! Turn yourself into the biggest trend of 2014 for Halloween this year. You can always donate to the ALSA without needing to soak yourself.


Here’s everything you’ll need to create this quick and easy costume idea:


The tinsel chandelier is made of three rings, but we’ll only be using the middle one for this project. Disconnect it from the rest of the decoration. Using your tape, affix the ring along the rim of the ice bucket, so that it will look like spilling water when the bucket is held upside-down. (If Scotch tape just isn’t holding for you, you can also use a bead of hot glue applied to ice bucket instead.)

Then, print out the word “ICE” for your bucket, along with a custom hashtag. Cut and tape to the outside of the bucket. You can use our free Ice Bucket Challenge printable (click here to view and download it), or create your own.


To simulate ice cubes, we used silver balloons. Inflate a few balloons to a small size – roughly the size of your fist or slightly smaller than that will work – and knot them. Tie the balloons to strands of tinsel from the chandelier so that they’ll hang at varying heights.

That’s all there is to it!


If you really want to go the extra mile, though, try adding a handle. Modify an old umbrella or get crafty with some PVC (think masquerade masks, only instead it would be a masquerade ice bucket). Tweet us with whatever you come up with!


Now that’s we call a frozen costume! Take note: this is pretty much the only time shorts and a plain white tee should ever be acceptable as a Halloween costume. For added effect, you could even wear a bathing suit with this costume prop. Just do us a favor and refrain from going full Kathy Griffin (you never go full Kathy Griffin).

Have you taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? What are your thoughts on DIY costumes like this ice bucket costume? What kind of costume ideas should we come up with next? Share with us on Facebook and on Twitter @BuyCostumes, and check out our boards on Pinterest for even more great Halloween costume ideas!

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