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Posted on Oct 19, 2018

Join the Saturday Halloween Movement!

Join the Saturday Halloween Movement!

The celebration of Halloween has so much to offer. Between parties, carnivals and of course trick-or-treating, it can be difficult to figure out exactly how you and your family should use your Halloween time. This is compounded on the years when October 31st happens to fall on a Sunday through Thursday. With kids getting out of school around 4pm, parents working until the evening, dinner, and costume preparation, many families are left to squeeze their entire Halloween into an impossibly tight two or three hours, so that the kids can still be in bed at a proper time for school the next day. This, along with the safety issues included in night-time trick-or-treating, has prompted a petition to set Halloween permanently as the last Saturday of October, instead of wherever October 31st might land on the calendar.

Setting convenience aside for a second, there are 3,800 Halloween related injuries each year. This number could be greatly reduced if Halloween celebrations and trick-or-treating was a possibility during daylight hours. All too often, kids are sent out trick-or-treating without a flashlight or proper reflective material on their costumes. Whether just an oversight, or the result of a child not wanting to compromise their perfect costume with such trappings as a flashlight, parents would breathe a bit easier knowing that their child is more visible and identifiable while they are enjoying their Halloween fun.

Also, parents will be more likely to step out and enjoy trick-or-treating with their children if they are not already in a time crunch to prepare the next day before bedtime. Halloween has tremendous potential for family bonding, and a permanent reassignment to a Saturday would take strides in promoting this.

In fact, the entire occasion becomes even more social than it already is when your Halloween always falls on the weekend. Your Halloween parties can go later, or you can attend a late-night screening of your favorite horror movie, because you don’t have to worry about working the next day on three hours sleep. For a holiday that is specifically engineered to be fun, it almost seems unfair that the majority of our Halloweens are spent in a forced and frantic scramble. What good is a tradition if no one has the time to enjoy it?

That’s why it’s important that you sign the petition. With just a couple mouse clicks and keyboard presses, we can let it be known that we want to take full advantage of our Halloween, instead of having it marginalized into our everyday grind. Frankly, the stresses of time-constraints and safety are counterproductive to the very spirit (pun intended) of the celebration itself. It may be strange, initially, to think that Halloween might not be on the 31st, but ask yourself: Is it any stranger than a T-Rex and Wonder Woman knocking on your door for peanut butter cups?

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