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Posted on Oct 7, 2014

Mad Hatter Makeup Tutorial

Mad Hatter Makeup Tutorial

With this tutorial from professional makeup artist Shonagh Scott, you can be mad as a hatter for Halloween! Shonagh created this look to go with our Mad Hatter costumes, and we think it’s absolutely awesome. Watch the video below to get inspired.

If you want to see more of Shonagh’s makeup work, check her out on tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Follow along with the transcript of this video:

Today’s tutorial is the Johnny Depp version of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Before we get into the makeup, I’m going to do a little bit behind the scenes for you, so I’m going to show you the costume. This was sent to me from a place called The link will be in the description box, and it’s on the screen now. As you can see, it’s very authentic. This is the Disney version. This is a 5 piece outfit and the wig is attached to the hat. I gave it a bit more of a tease to get more of the Mad Hatter feel. This company has a vast repertoire of outfits, so do check them out on their website. They also got a Facebook and Twitter so also check those out.

My model today is Jack. He also modeled for me for my scary clown makeup tutorial. Now we decided to put the contact lens in before the makeup application. Jack did struggle with this a little bit. It took him about an hour, but he got there in the end. These ones are from and the colors that we’ve used for this are the Werewolf Green Contact lenses and again I’ll put the link in the description box.

Now let’s get on with the makeup. I’m using the Supracolor Palette from Kryolan this is the 24 color Palette. I’m using the white shade out of this to begin with, and I’m going all over Jack’s face using this. The Supracolor Cream product is quite thick, so I like to warm it up on the back of my hand first and work from there. I’m using the Real Techniques Buffing Brush and working that in circular motions over the entire face and down the neck and over the ears.

If you don’t have a cream product you can just use a white face paint. I’ve done a lot of research into the actual makeup that was applied to Johnny Depp, and they also use Kryolan, but they used an airbrush to apply the white. I do have the airbrush, and I am going to begin over the top of this with the airbrush, but I decided because the lighting is quite strong, just go straight in with the cream product first and that’s going to give me a better base. I am a bit of a perfectionist and I always want things to look as good as they can. I will always try and use products from my kit so that I can show you what I would normally go for. But when possible I will also try to always offer you a product that I know you can pick up locally.

I’ve applied that cream product to just the lower eyelid, as Johnny Depp’s eyes are quit light here and I’m setting that with this white eyeshadow from Sugarpill Cosmetics. Now as I mentioned I want to be as authentic as possible. I am going over this base with the airbrush and this is just going to give me a nice clean finish. The one I’m using is a matte white by Dinair and I’m working the gun in circular motions to distribute the product evenly. The reason I’m not putting the cream product up to the eyebrow bone is because we are going to be putting eyeshadow here anyway and I don’t want the product to crease in the eyelid.

I’m using a spoolie brush just to comb through Jack’s brows from moving in the airbrush, and then I’m taking this matte orange eyeshadow from Sugarpill Cosmetics called Flame Point and I’m running that on an angled brush through the brows. This is the same step they did with Johnny Depp and this is going to prevent any of the natural hairs showing through underneath the crape hair.

Moving onto eyeshadow, I’m using Electric Eel by Mac which is a nice vibrant blue. The Mad Hatter makeup changed in various shots throughout the film and the colors differ slightly. But the main one I’m going for is blue on one eye and purple on the other. Sometimes the eyeshadow didn’t go all the way across the eye, and there was a middle section left down the center. This is what I was originally going to do, but then I decided to go with the majority of the film and cover the entire eyelid in the blue and the purple. In the outer ridge I’ve taken the color from the end of the lash line to the end of the brow, and I’ve taken that all the way to the inner corner.

The research shows they used a cream liner in the makeup. I’ll be using this one called Snow by Kryolan, and I’m taking that across the mobile eyelid very close to the lash line. And this is going to create a nice white line. Upon looking at Johnny Depp’s makeup up close this isn’t a very neat line so this is ideal if you’re not very good at applying eyeliner. I’m taking the straight flat liner brush and I’m just working that right into the lash line and smudging it and not being overly neat.

For the opposite eye I’m taking this matte purple color. This is called Grimas, but it doesn’t have a number. So then I can explain: you don’t want to go too dark or too light, so something came between the pastel and dark shade will be perfect. Again take this up to the brow bone and all the way down to the mobile eyelid. Remember we are going to be enhancing the lash line with the white cream liner so I didn’t take it as far down as that. Then just take your buffing brush and just go over the seams. It’s a good idea just to stretch your skin when applying the eyeliner so you can get right in and diminish any of the pink tones because we don’t want that there.

Next we’re taking some of the purple we’ve already put on the eye and we are going to mix it with this pink shade called Dollipop and this is by Sugarpill Cosmetics. We’re going to pull that color down from underneath the lower lashes we don’t go any further than the socket bone of the eye which you could feel if you use your finger. Then we’re going to take a small blending brush and we’re just going to buff away the bottom half of that eyeshadow until it blends to nothing.

In the film sometimes Johnny Depp is wearing a red shadow under one and a pinky shade underneath the other, but it’s not always that noticeable, so for these we are just going to use that same color under both eyes. And another benefit to using a cream product as a base is that eyeshadows blend over it really easily so I’m just using a concealer brush just to go over the edges and make sure its just blended nice and evenly, but again you don’t need to be too neat. If you’re doing it on yourself look up and get right underneath your lower lashes and work that color right up towards that inner color of your eye. Then just go over on the top of that with your blending brush. Now I believe they airbrushed the pink contour that was on Johnny Depp’s face for the Mad Hatter makeup, but as most of you won’t have access to an airbrush I’ve decided just to use eyeshadow for this. So we’ve taken the same pink and purple mix and we place a little bit of that to the inner corner of the eye. Then taking a clean fluffy blending brush we’re going to direct that pigment from the inner corner down the bridge of the nose and stopping where the base of the nostril is.

The Mad Hatter makeup has tiny white eyelashes underneath his eyes, and they’re not neat so don’t worry about being neat. I’m using a white liquid liner. To do this, I’m placing the tip underneath Jack’s lower lashes and just dragging it down to a point. Try not to be too symmetrical with them. They need to be a bit sporadic. Let’s start from the outer corner and work your way two-thirds around those lower lashes.

On Johnny Depp I applied a white mascara. I’m just taking the same liquid liner and applying that to Jack’s top lashes just coat on the top and underneath. The Mad Hatter makeup also includes the pinky, purple color contour at the sides of his forehead. So we’re going to do this in a C-shape. I’m working up and down, backwards and forwards, creating a nice gradient using the same colors we used earlier for underneath the lower lashes. This same color is also in placed down the cheekbones on the Mad Hatter.

We’re placing this in a slight diagonal line from the middle of Jack’s cheek and then down towards his mouth, and then we’re using our concealer brush just to blend this in and soften it so it looks more like a shadow but obviously a pink one. If you use white face paint as your base, that’s not a problem. You can work the same pink eyeshadow over the top and then just work in circular motion with a blending brush and you’ll get a nice soft gradient.

On the lips I’m using the pink and purple from the Supracolor Palette. I’m going to mix these two together and this is going to match the contour we put in place which is the same as the Mad Hatter makeup on Johnny Depp. If you can get any large visuals of the Mad Hatter makeup you’ll see up close that the lips aren’t perfect. So don’t worry about being too neat with them but just enhance the cupids bow a little bit.

I bought the authentic Disney Mad Hatter Eyebrows, but they were just too bushy so I cut them up. I’m using Duo Glue to stick them to Jacks eyebrows. I have correct removers Duo Glue so just make sure you do before you start sticking it all in your hair. Now the Mad Hatter brow is very sporadically at the front small wispy hairs and then it swoops out and elongates off the side of the face at the outer edge. I worked all the way along the brow hair manipulating it as it was drying. Then to just get rid of the glue, and make them blend in a little bit more with Jack’s eyebrows, I used some of that orange matte eyeshadow and worked that in between the crepe hair.

You can either take some of the wig in the back and cut a little bit of it off of your eyebrows, or you can buy pre-glued Mad Hatter eyebrows, but again they can be a little bit on the bushy side. One of the things that fascinates me about the Mad Hatter makeup is Johnny Depp’s bulbous eyes but this is something they’ve done in post-production so for this video I’ve did the same thing. I enlarged Jacks eyes to look bulbously to really resemble the Johnny Depp Mad Hatter makeup. So now you can see I’m just finishing up the eyebrows and I’ve got quite a good shape going on here then I complete the upper eyebrow I applied a small amount of black tooth enamel down the center of the teeth. Got Jack into his costume and the look really comes together.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed my Mad Hatter Makeup look for Halloween please give it a thumbs up if you have. If you’ve got any questions please leave them in the description bar or you can contact me on my Facebook page or my Instagram or the links will be in the description bar. Don’t forget if you’re interested in buying the costume or the contact lenses I’ve put both the company links in the description bar and you can contact them and they will be able to help you out. If you haven’t done already please subscribe, if you’ve missed any of my previously tutorials you can click any of these three here and they can link you to any of those videos but also to other videos. And remember you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram thanks for watching.


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