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Posted on Sep 9, 2014

Mad Masquerade Halloween Party Theme

Mad Masquerade Halloween Party Theme

Here’s our Halloween party theme of the week – a Mad Masquerade Mardi Gras mashup! Sure, Mardi Gras happens in the spring, but the masks and crazy costumes associated with it make it the perfect concept to combine with Halloween.

Click here to preview the rest of our upcoming top ten Halloween party themes. Or, check out the Frightening Flicks and Ghostly White themes if you haven’t already. Read on right here for the masquerade madness!

PR_Halloween_LS (11)

Bring the look of a classy masquerade ball to your Halloween party. Guests can arrive in their finest masquerade attire, from purple jester garb to masked harlequin outfits.

Faux branches strung with cobwebs and backlit with purple lights make for the perfect backdrop.

PR_Halloween_LS (3)

Enhance the décor even more with a table full of creepy candles. Leave them unlit, or darken the rest of the room and let the candles cast some spooky shadows.

PR_Halloween_LS (8)

We used a Medusa head as the centerpiece. Just don’t look into her eyes!

PR_Halloween_LS (9)

This party look is capped off with some classic orange and black party supplies, a spider web table cover, and white-painted faux pumpkins.

As mentioned before, you can think of this theme as Mardi Gras in the middle of fall. Here’s another Halloween party look we came up with, that uses a lot of the classic Mardi Gras color palette.


The real key here is the use of masquerade masks as decorations – there’s something strangely unsettling (which is great for a Halloween party) about being stared in the face by a group of empty-eyed masks.

Plus, guests will have plenty of options if they want try on a new look in the middle of the party.


Here’s our Venetian style jester mask used as a centerpiece. For that full-on Mardi Gras look, use a black and white checkerboard-pattern table cover.


Try combining a creepy black chandelier and black shrouds with colorful paper puffs. That Phantom of the Opera mask is an important part of a great costume on its own, too.


Of course, don’t forget about the drinks (what Halloween party would be complete without them?) Click here to see some of our favorite Halloween drink recipes.


So, now you know how to dress your party and dress yourself for this Halloween theme. But, there’s just one more tip we want to share with you, in the form of Halloween makeup. YouTuber and makeup artist Bethany has been working on a Mad Masquerade look of her own (we were more than happy to help out with a couple costumes). Here’s a sneak peek of her work – Rest assured, we’ll be sharing her full video in due time.


Yeah, we’d say that qualifies as a mad masquerade.

What did you think of our Mad Masquerade Halloween party theme? What was the craziest or spookiest Halloween party you’ve ever been to? What kind of Halloween party ideas or makeup ideas should we come up with next? If you liked this post and want to see more like it, then let us know your thoughts on Facebook, and on Twitter @BuyCostumes. Be sure to check out our Pinterest boards too, where we’re always adding new sources of Halloween costume ideas and inspiration.

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