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Posted on Feb 5, 2016

Maleficent Makeup Tutorial by Charlie Short

Maleficent Makeup Tutorial by Charlie Short

Makeup artist Charlie Short, also known as PinkStylist on YouTube, is known for creating awesome makeup transformations and tutorials for all sorts of characters (and for scaring the heck out of people with them on Omegle). So, we asked him to try on a couple of our favorite costumes and come up with makeup looks to match them.

Watch the video below to see Charlie’s amazing take on Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent costume from Disney’s Maleficent movie, combined with the classic “wicked witch” feel of Maleficent from the ’50s animated film.

To see more of Charlie’s work, check out his YouTube channel, PinkStylist, and follow his pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  We’ll be featuring more of Charlie’s makeup tutorial videos here, too, so stay tuned.

Follow along with the transcript of this video:

This time I’m dressed up as the cartoon version of Disney’s Maleficent. Now, of course, you can’t fault the Angelina Jolie version – absolutely stunning. But I thought I’d go for something a bit more original, a bit more unique, and follow the 1959 version from Disney – the cartoon version of Maleficent. So yeah, I hope you like my spin on it. I went for, obviously, a more drag route, because I love doing drag queens and it think it makes a really – the harshness of the character really suits my big drag persona.

As always, this makeup was requested several times in the past so I’ll flash the first few names of the people on the screen now. And the very, very, very first person to request this makeup was right here – Lauraellen81 – so thank you so much for requesting it first, but thank you to everyone who requested it. If you’d like to learn how to recreate this makeup, stay tuned.

So, the first thing I’m going to do, as always, is block out both my eyebrows, so I’ll pop a link on the screen here to the tutorial where I teach you guys how to block your eyebrows out. Just so I don’t have to recap on this video, just to make it a bit shorter really. So yeah, I’m going to block out my eyebrows and we’ll go from there. Then, I’m going to start by doing the eyes. I think I’ll do the foundation last. I usually like doing that whenever I do a big high drag makeup. I’m going to use a Wolf Hydro Colour which is their water color in number 57. It’s a beautiful green, this color, and I’m going to use that just to paint over my lids and just a bit higher than my natural eye socket line.

Okay, so, it doesn’t matter how neat this is at this stage because it’s going to be all blended out. So then I’m going to take a MAC Black Chromacake Color which, yeah, in black. Actually it’s called Black Black, which makes me laugh, and I’m going to use that to paint just around my eye socket line, but maybe about a centimeter higher. So it’s just going to be an oval shape on both sides of my eyes. The reason I’m doing the black is because I’m doing a couple other colors and then blend it all up. You usually would use, like, an eyeshadow, but because it’s going to be such a theatrical, cartoon-y look, I want to use water colors. So, I’m just going to paint on the block-y color and then we can blend it afterwards.

Then, I’m going to take another Wolf Hydro Color – this is number 78. This bright, bright purple, which is stunning. I love that. And I’m going to use that to paint again above the black, just probably quite bit over my eyebrows from the start to the end in, again, a half moon shape on both sides.

Then, I’m going to take a MAC White Chromacake color. I’m going to use that to paint not too thick just above the purple line. So, bear with me, I know it looks messy, and I know it looks very clown-like, but trust me: There’s method to my madness.

So, I’m going to take a new brush and tiny, tiny bit of water, hardly any at all. Matter is, I’m going to manipulate all these colors together, upwards. So I’m going to take the black, pull it up into the purple, then clean the brush off and do exactly the same from the purple, pulling it up into the white.  So with that it will hopefully make a really nice gradient going up. The only color I cannot touch is the actual green itself. I want it to be a very cut crease, and clean.

Then just going to take a Sugar Pill Pro Palette, which has got a really nice pink, which I think is Dolly Pop – yeah I think that’s Dolly Pop – and I’m going to use that, just on the divide line where the black starts to meet the purple just to give a bit of a warmer tone to it. Just going to brush that really lightly over the wing there and just taper it up.

Okay, so, enough of all the rough blending for now, but you get the idea. I’m going to draw on my eyebrows now, so that I can work out exactly how much shape I need for the brow bone. So the eyebrows are going to be my most favorite eyebrows ever. I love doing this particular brow. It’s a very heavy, black, cartoon-y, classic drag brow, and it’s going to be quite arched. I mean, Maleficent’s are like a point on there, but I’m going to do them slightly more angled than rather a point.

I’m going to take a super, super, super, sharp, sharp angled brush. I’m going to take my Black MAC Chromacake. I’m going to start by drawing on the base where pretty much my natural brows start, and I’m going to score it out and then glide it around. So I’m going to really lightly map it out first then color it afterwards.

Okay, so very, very harshly edged angled brows, yeah. So then I’m going to take a waterline color by MAC – this is in Black Track. So it’s called the fluid line, and I’m going to use that to paint on some incredibly thick – not too thick to where it hides most of the green.

But I’m going to be doing some quite thick winged eyeliner. This is going to go up here, so it’s going to pull the face up quite a bit. So just think “Amy Winehouse on a good day.”  I’m also going to go on the tight line – the top lash line underneath my lashes – and I’m going to go in the waterline on my bottom lash line. I’m also going to go a little bit underneath my eyes as well, but not too far.

Okay, so that’s the wing I’m going for. So really, really high up like a divine wing, yeah. So just going to do the other eye, okay, so that’s all done for now. I’m going to be applying some massive false lashes, but I’ll do that towards the end after I apply the foundation, I think. Just to make the eyes really pop last and … yeah, just sounds a bit forward to me.

I’m going to take the same green I used on my eyelids. I’m going to apply that all over my face: not my neck and not my ears, because I’m going to be coloring my neck black, and my ears are going to be covered by a cowl so just my face for now.

Then, I’m going to work on the contouring. So, this is going to be quite harsh contouring, which is probably the wrong word to use for this look, because the whole thing is pretty much harsh. I’m going to be using a MAC Chromacake in Landscape Green. I love this color. It’s a few shades darker than the foundation.

I’m going to use that to do some incredibly harsh drag contouring, which I love doing.  If you wanted to do a more subtle contour, which sounds weird with this makeup, but if you wanted to, just use a couple shades lighter and be more delicate with it. But I’m going to apply harsh. So just going to go down the sides of my nose, around my head, temples and my cheek bones, and then I’ll show you where I’ve gone just so I can blend it afterwards.

Then I’m going to take some of the black water color by MAC, the Chromacake, and I’m going to use that just to score underneath the cheekbones, so it doesn’t have to be neat at all. It’s just got to be the introduction of color so I can blend it in afterwards. Then I’m going to take a fluffy brush  a firm fluffy brush. Now, I don’t usually– I’m not in the habit of usually saying the specific brushes, but this is a MAC 130 brush.

These are quite expensive, but they’re quite handy, so yeah, just a firm, firm brush.  So if you got one of these this would probably be ideal for this. But the idea is to make it a tiny, tiny, tiny bit damp, and then I can just manipulate this color by going in circle motions all the way along the side of the base, all the way along, and that will just give me a nice, harsh gradient from the bottom upwards.

So, it just fades up to here. It doesn’t really matter too much about this area, because I’m going to do some white there, but the same with the nose: in circular motions outwards, and the same for the head up here. Circular motions downwards. It will just buffer the color in really well.

Then, before I blend it in too much, I’m just going to take the white water color again by MAC. I’m just going to start highlighting the areas I want to be more prominent, more down along the nose, the forehead, and the cheekbones. Then I’ll take a new fluffy brush and just blend the edges of the white.  I’m just going to add a bit of the highlight underneath the cheekbone as well, just to really cut it.

Okay, so I made it very rounded, very drag . So, then, I’m going to work on the lips. So, to start off with, I’m going to start tracing on the shape I want with a Collection 2000 Eyeliner or lip liner pencil in black, and it’s going to make a very, very full bottom lip. A very sharp cupid’s bow. So, I want this to be very big, very theatrical, very evil looking.

So, I wasn’t getting big lips. So yeah, then I’m going to take a lip tar by OCC. If you ever only buy one lip tar in the world, buy this one. This is NSFW: not safe for work. It’s bright red, beautiful, beautiful lipstick and this is going to look stunning on this. You only need a little tiny bit, but this tiny bit is going to a long way, and hopefully the bright red should go beautifully with this green. I’m going to take that and I’m going to fill up the inside space on my lips.

So, fill them up, so then I can take the black water color again and go down the sides of my cheeks, here under my jaw, and then I’m going to paint the rest of my neck. I’m not going to paint my ears because the cowl covers it, but I’m going to reshape my face a tiny little bit. So I’m going to make my face a little more narrower, and I’m going to have it go in here a little bit, just to make the chin look a tiny bit pointy. Then we start getting away because this part’s going to be black, so it should make the bits of my face I want to hide disappear into the black.

So, there we are! Sorry about me being naked in that, it’s just easier with my top off, because I’m going to put my costume top on over that.  So, then, I’m going to apply some false eyelashes while this is drying. The lashes I’ve got are gorgeous. I’m going to be using Aldora lashes, so I’m going to be using these on the top and these on the bottom. Really nice big fluttery lashes. So, I’m just going to go apply them off camera and I’m going to be using Duo Glue because that’s my favorite glue to use for these and we’ll see what it looks like.

Okay so after I’ve applied my false lashes, I use Nyx Skinny mascara in black, and this is actually really freaking good. It’s a really, really, really thin wand look. I was actually really worried about using it because of how thin it is. But it’s actually really good for getting close to the weft and bonding your own lashes to these false lashes. So now that I’ve done that I’m going to pop in my contact lenses, pop on my costume and I shall see what we’ve got.

And there we go – so that’s the look complete. So, to finish the look off, popping in two Sclera contact lenses which are from They’re really cool lenses. They’re like UV lenses; they’re like sort of see-through around the iris, so it makes the eyes look a bit demonic. So, I thought I’d try and make the eyes as similar to the cartoon version as possible, so hence the bright yellow.

And I popped on a beautiful costume, which comes with this amazingly beautiful headdress, which comes from I’ll pop the link in the description bar below, and yes, so I really hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. I really hope you guys enjoyed my take on the cartoon version of Maleficent.

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