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Posted on Sep 18, 2014

Medieval Malice Halloween Party Theme

Medieval Malice Halloween Party Theme

Brace yourself, Halloween is coming. To properly prepare, you need to get together the best Halloween party ideas possible, and we’re your source for that! All week long, we’ve been talking about different directions you can take a Halloween party. Click here to browse through them all.

For this Halloween party, we’re going totally medieval – Renaissance style and creepy castles reminiscent of Game of Thrones were our biggest points of inspiration. Keep reading to learn more about Medieval Malice!


Our new Goth Feast party supplies definitely bring an “olde school” look to the table. These are no ordinary plates: choices include a knight’s shield, a scale mail look, a faux silver charger, and a red and wrought metalwork design.

Stack them together in different combinations to build an amazing layered look! Convenient event packs include matching plates, napkins, and plastic wine glasses. They can also be combined with your favorite solid color party supplies to build a totally customized party.


No Renaissance feast is complete without goblets for your finest ale – go for a jeweled royal look, or an evil emperor’s grail. Silver candlesticks and “gold doubloons” on the table enhance the party’s appearance even more.


Shields and swords aren’t just great as costume accessories, but they can also be used as actual party decorations. This Crusader shield and sword combination worked great on the back of chairs, and can easily be hung upon walls too. Choose the best version for your party, whether that’s a Spartan shield from 300, or a lion-slaying Gladiator shield.


Our table was heaped high, fit for a king. If you can get your hands on a table with a distressed look to it (you probably shouldn’t go ahead and distress your kitchen table as-is), then all the better.


A wreath of bird decorations from the craft store makes for a Renaissance wall-hanging that’s just creepy enough for a Halloween party.


As finishing touches to our dining room dungeon decorations, we used some cobwebs to add some spookiness to the ceiling and also hung a bunch of rusty chain props. Shackles or decapitated heads can be used to achieve the desired effect, too.

You’ll also notice that the guests adhered to the party theme in their finest Renaissance costumes:


From knights in shining armor, to the fairest maidens in the land, any Renaissance fair look can be achieved at From left to right: the ominous Dark Knight costume, the lovely Maid Marian costume, and the fierce Crusader costume. Party like it’s 1399!


Even Renaissance royalty needs to let loose and party every now and again.



Click inside the graphic below to shop these party supplies and give your Halloween bash that Game of Thrones look!


Medieval Madness

Are you going to go Medieval this Halloween? Are you already into Renaissance costumes and faires? What are you choosing for your costume this year? If you liked the party ideas in this post want to see more like them, then let us know – share your thoughts and party pics with us Facebook and on Twitter @BuyCostumes! Be sure to also check out all of our boards on Pinterest, where we’re always adding new sources of inspiration for Halloween costume ideas and party ideas.

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