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Posted on Jul 11, 2014

5 Ways to Have More Fun at Mud Runs

5 Ways to Have More Fun at Mud Runs

Mud run obstacle courses like Tough Mudder, Hell Run, and Warrior Dash are an ever-growing trend, and for a good reason: everyone loves a challenge!

Not only are competition and fitness the name of the game at these events, but so are camaraderie and fun. Group obstacles appeal to experts as well as casuals, and costumes are often welcomed if not outright encouraged. If you’re looking to get into the fun run scene, and make your dash even more delightful, check out BuyCostumes’ selection of mud run costumes. Keep on reading for the photos!

Run for your life!

Well, maybe that’s not necessary in the literal sense, but plenty of these fun run events are zombie themed, and this zombie cop fits right in. Lots of zombie runs allow for anyone to volunteer for the roles of the zombies, chasing other racers and tearing flags from belts. Zombie costumes and makeup are must haves for that, but a little fake blood and ripped old clothes works just as well.


Make your own mashed-up look.

Many of these obstacle race courses are heavily military inspired. Some of the more hardcore ones even borrow directly from army-style setups, so it might make sense to reflect that a little bit with camo jackets and gear, and gas masks. Just don’t be afraid to add in some humorous appeal with bunny ears (placed sideways for added effect) and tutus!

Dress silly, but dress smartly.

We’ve heard of fried chicken, but that’s just ridiculous (Yes, we did take that photo for the sole purpose of making that pun. Thanks for asking!). Seriously though, if your obstacle course features open flames or other particularly dangerous pitfalls, you’ll want to stick to costumes that end waist-high, just like that.

Not only is the extra mobility preferred, but you don’t want to catch your costume on anything, especially on fire. Other low-profile items like boas will keep you from getting snagged on wire crawls and tire steps.


Mask your fears, and your face.

Full head masks are great for these obstacle courses, because they help keep the mud out of your eyes and face – think of them as “mud run fashion goggles.” This alien mask does the job, and looks cool, too.

The Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume pictured here is inflatable – with a built-in battery-powered fan, it keeps its puffy and pudgy form. It might lose some air as you run, but at least your spirit will stay inflated!


Accessorize everything.

Mud run accessories in general are easy to add on to your race gear. They’re a lot less restrictive or cumbersome than running in a full costumes, but they’re every bit as awesome. Simple things like silly hats and animal noses transform any old t-shirt and pants into a great mud run costume, and costume wings will have you flying through the course with ease.


So, are you up for a mud run? What’s your favorite silly costume of all time? If you liked this post and want to see more like it, share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter @BuyCostumes! Be sure to check out our Pinterest boards too, for even more awesome costume ideas.


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