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Posted on Apr 17, 2015

7 Star Wars Costume Points of Interest for Episode 7

7 Star Wars Costume Points of Interest for Episode 7

So, in case you weren’t on the Internet yesterday, a new Star Wars trailer for Episode VII – The Force Awakens was released:

Chewie, we’re home.

The first one from last year (the one with the super sweet cross-shaped, zweihänder-like Lightsaber) was already one of the most watched and most over-analyzed teasers of all time. Still, we couldn’t be more pumped. If you didn’t already guess, we’re huge Star Wars fans, much like most other denizens of the Internet. We even made a Top 20 list of our favorite Star Wars characters, if you want to check it out (and tell us how wrong about everything we are).

Now that we’ve watched the second trailer and the first trailer about a billion times each, we’ve come with, fittingly, seven points of interest as far as new Star Wars costumes go. It’s a little bit of observation and a lot of speculation, but costumes are kind of a big deal to us.

Plus, with everyone’s favorite semi-official but not-totally-a-real-thing Star Wars appreciation day, May the Fourth be With You, coming up in just a few short weeks, it’s a perfect excuse to break out some Star Wars accessories at work or school. If there’s ever an appropriate day to wear a Jedi robe in class or defend your cubicle with a lightsaber, it’s on May 4. So, take this article as inspiration, or use some costumes that you already have.

Also, there are going to be some slight (slight) spoilers ahead. We feel like the statute of spoiler limitations is up on the first six movies, but we did do a little bit of not-in-the-trailers research, so tread carefully if you haven’t already been Googling around for Star Wars VII information yourself, and you want to be 100% surprised when the movie comes out.




We know for a fact that armies of Stormtroopers are alive and as well as ever, being that they’ve been featured pretty heavily in both trailers so far. We even see one of them, named Finn, played by John Boyega, unmasked in the two clips, which guarantees he’ll be a pretty central character. As for the Stormtroopers costumes themselves, it seems like that classic white body armor is pretty much the same as ever, with some slight differences in the helmets, but we don’t know if any new types of troopers will be introduced in Episode VII.  There are more than 60 different variants already, according to Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki, so it stands to reason that there will probably be at least a couple new looks in the new movie.




Rey is the scavenger girl seen in both trailers and another new Star Wars character, played by Daisy Ridley. Her costume seems to consist of what you’d expect for a desert-dweller, i.e. neutral-colored, simple garments. She also has a few belts around her waist at all times, apparently for tools or scavenged materials, as well as pretty serious looking staff.


Luke Skywalker


All we can see of Luke in the second trailer, presumably, is his newly installed robotic hand, patting the ever-faithful R2-D2 on the head (if R2 has a head, really). Aside from that, it looks like he’s wearing his white Jedi garb underneath a black cloak. Rumors have surfaced that Luke, in The Force Awakens, has been in hiding for some time, so we should also be able to expect some scraggly hair and bushy beard. Mark Hamill is reprising the role, so he’ll be able to rock it either way.


Han Solo and Chewbacca


When we first heard than Han and Chewie were going to make their returns, we were a little bit worried that Chewbacca might start going gray. That’s got to be way more noticeable on a Wookie than on a human. Then again, we literally couldn’t know any less about Wookie physiology, so never mind. Han, on the other hand, looks very distinguished with gray hair. It doesn’t look like Harrison Ford is going to have any massive costume changes, either, but maybe he needs to wear glasses in the Falcon now.


Poe Dameron and X-Wing Pilots


For the most part, the flight suit that’s on screen for a couple of seconds that’s worn by the new character Poe Dameron, played by Oscar Isaac, in each trailer doesn’t look too dissimilar from the original outfit worn by Luke Skywalker during the Death Star run, or even the newer version from the Clone Wars cartoon. It’s still orange, the helmet still sports all the insignia, and overall it looks like a pretty exact re-creation. We’re definitely excited to see this one is more detail in the coming months.


Darth Vader


Unlike the characters mentioned above, all that’s shown of Vader in either of the trailers is his iconic helmet; cracked, crushed, and broken. It’s pretty safe to assume that Vader himself isn’t going to appear in the film, save for a fan-appeasing flashback or two, but the new villain has already been shown off a little bit.


The Sith, Kylo Ren, seen in the second trailer is masked, but it’s a mask resembling more of a darkened face shield with chrome or metal bands. It’s not the Darth Vader costume, but it definitely looks imposing in its own right.


Leia Organa


Leia hasn’t been shown in the trailers yet, either (unless that’s her arm during the line, “My sister has it,” and barely anything is shown at that point anyways), but Carrie Fisher is playing her again. No matter what the character looks like in The Force Unleashed, we’re going to go out on a limb and say that anything resembling the Slave Leia costume is probably out of the question.


So, how excited are you for Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens? If you liked this article and want to see more like it, let us know on Twitter or Facebook, or shoot us an email.


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